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  1. bf2416

    Ability to mark enemies

    Respectfully, no. That would basically be like directional damage indicators and I'm not about that.
  2. bf2416

    Ability to mark mini map

    But seriously, if there was an option for me to zoom on the full map and have myself be constantly in the center, that would be next level.
  3. bf2416

    Stuck in fences

    I've gotten stuck in fences twice in four games just from trying to crouch walk underneath. The fences that have the bottom portion cut out.
  4. I don't want to listen to COD crybabies moan about how good/bad my hacks are. If you want tactics, use discord or voice chat IMO.
  5. bf2416

    Live game?

    Normal for me. playing duos though.
  6. <rant> First off, you both are acting like children. Second, why be a jerk on the forums? They're allowed to enjoy the game. Third, quit getting annoyed by fortnite players. IT"S VIDEO GAMES. </rant>
  7. bf2416

    Network lag detected

    Same issue. 3:13 in squads and similar spot in solo, didn't think to check.
  8. bf2416

    Miramar - test - squad only

    Restart the client
  9. bf2416

    TPP Only Test Servers

    It is what it is. They probably just want to condense the player group so they can stress test the map.
  10. bf2416

    Cry babies

    Also, this is the reason we really don't need prox chat, IMHO.
  11. bf2416

    Cry babies

    The only time I get mad at camping is when people do it super early. Trust me, I've watched a staircase after getting nothing but a pistol on the drop, but when people get a DP or shotgun or something to that effect and just watch doors, it annoys me. I get it, but that game surely must not be very fulfilling to play.
  12. And one more thread turns into a shouting match. I love this place.
  13. I just want more weapons and attachments. I think if you want people using a wider range of weapons later into the game, bring us better weapons. There are a lot of cool shotguns in the world, and same with SMGs. Benelli and Kel-Tec shotguns are sweet, and weapons like MP5 and P90 (although that would require the 5.70 caliber) would be awesome for SMGs.
  14. bf2416

    Guy out of the map

    Not gonna lie, that's a new one.