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  1. How in the heck does hitting somebody with a UAZ not kill them? Going near top speed even?
  2. Doppler Effect?

    I like it. Definitely some tweaking needed when the plane is far away, but I like it.
  3. I could've sworn I heard some doppler effect on the air drop plane after the update, but can't find a mention in the patch notes. Am I crazy? I knew it was supposedly on PC test servers but wasn't expecting it on xbox.
  4. Honestly, I'd just be happy with having the scopes at the top of the inventory. I already use the d-pad for meds and boosts so moving them under the scopes and sights in inventory wouldn't be a big deal.
  5. Your ideal loadout!

    Primary: M16A4 with supp. (comp for team games), EXQD mag, red dot, and ideally a spare 4x Seconday: SKS with supp. (again, comp for team games), vert. grip, EXQD mag, cheek pad, 8x Pistol: please... Melee: Pan. You'll find me at the Emeril Lagasse school of cooking Throwable: Load me up with frags I love the M16A4 on burst with a red dot for cqc. Tap shoot that sucker and loot the bodies. M4 is a solid second option, kinda flip flop depending on the day. If I didn't aim like I was playing on a microwave, I'd pick the m24 over sks especially when you consider the sound of a suppressed M24.
  6. It's time to lighten up the forums a little bit, so let's figure out the funniest moment. From gameplay oddities to teammates doing the darnedest things, and everywhere in between. I've run into a lot of funky stuff, but the all time best moment is when my duos partner jumped out of a UAZ yelling "I gotta poop! I can't do it!"
  7. Helmet/Vest/Bag icon missing

    Whenever I switch helmet, bag, or vest, the icon disappears above my health. Two out of the three will be there, but the most recently changed is invisible.
  8. I don't play a lot with randoms, but I like the idea of a counter kill button. Some maroons would still push through that but it wouldn't be without consequence. In addition, a stat in the lobby that shows the amount of times a random teammate has been counter killed could further cut down. Not sure exactly how that would be implemented, though.
  9. Accomodate Smaller Displays?

    Second. It never hurts to check the tv settings. I had that issue and messing with the tv menus solved the problem entirely.
  10. You should be able to switch the control option in the settings menu. Layout A, I think?