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  1. bf2416

    Please fix the crate system

    I really want to see prizes for winning. You show that you have enough skill to win, you get a special winner's crate with items only available in that crate. Or even as rewards for game related objectives (number of kills, headshots, frag kills, etc.)
  2. bf2416

    Monetizing PUBG

    I didn't know I spoke such fluent french. I surprise myself sometimes. But yeah, I think PUBG needs to disclose more info about drop rates before paid crates are included.
  3. bf2416

    Kill ratio now?

    Loot needs to be more available, point blank. There shouldn't be a complex (four houses +) on the map that you can't at least get a helmet, bag, vest, and weapon outside a handgun.
  4. bf2416

    Monetizing PUBG

    As exciting as this is, I think we still have some time until they're introduced. The keys to open weapon skins crates aren't available yet and I doubt they will for another month or so. I am excited though!
  5. bf2416

    Monetizing PUBG

    I'm waiting for weapon skins, personally. Both free commons and paid rares.
  6. bf2416

    Kill ratio now?

    Trust me, any KDR can be rescued. Maybe two and a half months ago I was around .5 and now I'm close to .8. Not lighting up the killfeed at the moment, and I really think scope sens is a big reason why. Scopes on ARs definitely make you feel the increased recoil characteristics.
  7. bf2416

    Team Killer Symbol

    I think this would work only in the lobby. If you're a brave enough person to queue for random teammates (braver than I), the icon could appear and you'd be able to refuse to play with that player. Once you get into the plane, you're committed to playing at that point. Interesting concept for sure.
  8. bf2416

    remove leaning from left stick click

    I also want lean taken off the sticks, but more because it gets difficult to control aim and movement while trying to lean. Having to center the stick in order to lean keeps people from making the small adjustments necessary to win gun fights. Moving lean to the bumpers and then "hold breath" to the left stick might work, but the best solution honestly seems like an elite controller, so that's great.
  9. bf2416

    New Mirimar look

    I'm gonna be irate if this actually happens haha
  10. I have AA off and I haven't had an issue with turning speed. It might even be faster compared to live servers.
  11. bf2416

    New Mirimar look

    It's literally like a bad spray tan.
  12. bf2416

    PTS is back!!!

    It looks like the big weapon balance patch and recent throwables patch from pc are rolled into one! Big changes on the horizon!
  13. I just experienced the most unreal moment. My normal duos partner and I dropped mansion with a few other squads, looted quickly, and I got a kill before being wrecked by his teammate. I start spectating my friend, and he gets killed by one of our mutual XBox friends! Has anybody else experienced this phenomenon?
  14. bf2416

    UMP 9

    You think it's overpowered on XBox? You should take a look at PC.
  15. bf2416

    Winchester Rifle

    It's definitely not bad, it's a difficult weapon to use. Being a lever action makes it slow and the inability to put optics on makes you use the iron-sights. On the flipside, it has the second best stopping power of a world spawn behind the Kar98, so if you can figure it out, it's a handy tool.