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  1. TYRELL zx

    PGI xbox

    we need PGI formats also for XBOX I would love it! :>
  2. Interesting.. Because a while ago I have read that PUBG Corp had declared this issue "solved". Any news on this???
  3. GUYS UR AMAZING! MANY MANY THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT!!! First I am gonna try out the 50% setting.. if I am happy with it I guess I'll keep that! Kind regs
  4. Hey PUBG Team! We have now another ingame stats reset and the game hub stats are still not updated. To remind you: The stats were tracked ingame after the first miramar patch, but were not reflected in the Xbox Game Hub. I still miss around 20 wins in Squad Games. The Game Hub is mainly used to compare your PUBG stats with friends etc. An update on this matter would be very much appreciated! Many thanks! TYRELL
  5. TYRELL zx

    Youtuber Cheating

    cheating on a closed system with no accessibility to run unproofed software. you definitively know what you are talking of.. thumbs up! SECOND: Throwing names and accusing people of cheating in a PUBLIC FORUM is so far I know against forum and game rules in 99.9% of the forums on this planet. ggZ
  6. TYRELL zx

    Test Server: M24 and SLR

    I dont agree with you on the 5.56 AR topic: These weapons were the ultimate go to weapons. Why an DMR when you could use Scar or the M4 with 8x? Why an SMG when you would win easily every CQC with M4 or Scar? They did great with reducing their effectiveness. The other topic I quite see the same is the M24 & SLR: These weapons should spawn a bit more often IMO. I guess an increase of about 25-30% would be OK.
  7. Hey Guys! Does someone have an idea how to adjust the settings, so that you can drive full throttle (boost) with the trigger stop on the Elite Controller on the "Short Position"? I have adjusted LT and RT to 0-81% currently, but still it doestn give me the 100% boost with the usual "long" setting. Kind regards & many thanks TYRELL
  8. TYRELL zx

    Game Hub Stats - still not updated

    Hmm.. okay I get it that you can get annoyed by us "stats nerds", but at the same time its also not so cool by the forum team to close a big ongoing discussion and declare it as "solved". Nothing is solved. I dont want to trashtalk anyone or anybodys efforts, my intention is just to bring this topic back to the attention of the devs. I guess I miss around 25-30 duo & squad wins and perhaps 150-180 kills at the moment. All the ingame tracked stats after the miramar update bug are currently not reflected; 1-2 weeks ago they again started to be tracked.
  9. TYRELL zx

    event pass

    i still dont understand what this pass should represent..?? ???
  10. My Game Hub stats have still not been updated! Is there any ETA on this matter? Many thanks & kind regards Tyrell