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  1. Looking for more new members who will be active in the Discord when they're looking for games. We don't require you to have a certain number of wins to play with us like so many in the LFGs do. Girls are welcome as we have several already in the group. Join the Discord Chat in the link => and use your Xbox Gamertag as your name - LowT PUBG - https://discord.gg/8sjwwFQ
  2. TerriOhNoes

    Looking for women players on pubg

    Wacky Jacky did a video about this and proved that the hit box is the same on both characters. I hate asking guys to play with me too. I have 41 wins but terrible KD because it's my first shooter and I spent the first 500 games learning how to shoot and aim. I didn't know what soft aiming was for the first week of playing. I was hip firing every time. I've definitely improved but I know I'm not on most of their levels with their decade of practice.
  3. TerriOhNoes

    Looking for women players on pubg

    Tell her to add me if she wants. GT is TerriOhNoes.