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  1. Looking for women players on pubg

    Wacky Jacky did a video about this and proved that the hit box is the same on both characters. I hate asking guys to play with me too. I have 41 wins but terrible KD because it's my first shooter and I spent the first 500 games learning how to shoot and aim. I didn't know what soft aiming was for the first week of playing. I was hip firing every time. I've definitely improved but I know I'm not on most of their levels with their decade of practice.
  2. Looking for women players on pubg

    Tell her to add me if she wants. GT is TerriOhNoes.
  3. Running around the city with no weapons out was the same as picking up the AK in your other video and not loading it. Poor decision making and not being ready for a fight.
  4. Loading into matches suck after patch 9

    It's become an issue when I'm playing squad because we take turns picking drops, and one of us that loads may pick a place where the plane starts only to realize one person didn't jump and they tell us they haven't loaded in yet. So we have to make a habit of making sure everyone is loaded in or always jump at the end of the flight path.
  5. I have an Xbox One X and I still crash at least twice a night so that's not really a solution. Some people just seem to be luckier than others with crashes.
  6. Can’t even ready up!!

    I've been playing 3-6 hours a day since launch with parties and never had this issue. No one can ready up if one person hasn't went back to the lobby yet. Are you sure the issue isn't that you have one slow person who regularly forgets to click B and just sits on their ending screen instead?