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  1. Reward crates.

    Yup trash system.
  2. Reward crates.

    I buy 4 a week, after that it's all just a waste of BP.
  3. 1911 OP? UP?

    Nope 1911 has always been the highest damage pistol in the game. 3 shots is right no armour, 5-6 shots is also right if you are hitting the limbs. Also I'm not counting the revolver in the with the pistols.
  4. I was in the Navy. I'm used to really slow internet. Hahaha. I deleted the game Friday night I was so pissed off at the game. I'll try it again after the next update. I wish I could go hardwired. Upstairs and router is down.
  5. Best headset

    I use Turtle Beach 420x+ I like them but I want change over to the HyperX Cloud X made for the Xbox.
  6. Anyone else hate bridge campers?

    When you fight them it is. That is if they are setup right
  7. Anyone else hate bridge campers?

    Nope. It's a good challenge or free loot!
  8. Epic games. 41 published games, been around since 1991. Bluehole corp. 2 published games been around since 2007. Hmm I wonder who will do better? Move on please if you like it so much. Stop flooding the forum with crap posts. Thanks.
  9. Asia

    Bro I feel you!! I normally start matchmaking than you make coffee, poop(wash hands), make breakfast, make a smoothie than come back because it might be in a game.
  10. Screenshot your best loadout

    Yea it was nice. 4 air drops in a row. 3 of them AWM's hence the 60 rounds of 300 mag. I dropped them about 50 meters away from the drop and took them ammo so no one could use it other than me! Hehehe. But on a side note. Aug is a trash ass gun for anything over 150 meters and not with a silencer.
  11. I quit for a few days. I got so pissed I deleted the game. I haven't even turned on my Xbox.
  12. I quit Friday night deleted the game and haven't touched it since. I will re-download it when the patch come out. This will give me time to relax and break from the game. OC servers are the worst in this game and most games so when I play on those I get reckt. Even most Aussie's don't even like OC servers. Well the ones I play with anyways. I play on Asia severs I get high kill games no problem as these are my normal servers but again not alot play on these so it's hard to get into games. Also Xbox is not big in Asia at all. NA severs are smooth 98% of the time and I have no issues playing in those. I think it's due to the fact that this is most of the player base for Xbox. EU servers are super easy and no challenge to play on.
  13. Try unstalling the game and reinstalling it. That has helped on alot of the issues I had. Dysnc is a huge issue and sounds like you are getting alot of it. Are you on WiFi? Are you playing on a different regions servers? I ask this because I'm on WiFi/play on different regions servers (due to none available for me in mine) and get the same issues that you are talking about. For the most part when I slow down and hit more headshots it takes alot less to down/kill in duo/squads.
  14. So I do not think you are hitting your shots. Because it's some 6 to kill anyone with any level armour, less if they don't have a lvl 3 helm. Aim for headshots and you will see a drastic improvement to your game. I have 40+wins with squads 17 of those being 1 man squad wins so I'm just not seeing it. Also Fortnite might have a few better things but still is to cartoon for me. No one is stopping you from playing that game instead. And again this is game preview of a game based off a mod of another game. Fortnite has been in development for 6 years!