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  1. LaurelMan

    Host Closed Connection..?

    Yea I highly doubt that. If that was true they'd run alot smoother than they do.
  2. No not really. When the company that makes the console comes out and says emulators for mouse and keyboard are a cheating device and not authorized than yea it's cheating.
  3. LaurelMan

    Pubg mobile won't install on Android

    Xbox forum. Please leave thanks.
  4. LaurelMan

    Just stop

    So they haven't messed with RNG other than taking clothing out. They have changed the gun play. The hitbox hasn't changed. The netcode is still trash that's why you think the hitbox has changed. The have not fixed the FPS so that also makes the hitbox feel off.
  5. LaurelMan

    Chicken Dinner Question!?

    Nah getting about 2-3 a day out of 10 games now that I have found my groove.
  6. LaurelMan

    Host Closed Connection..?

    Yup have happened alot since the game came out. Don't understand why they can't wait until the game is finished with that round. Got robbed of a chicken dinner last night.
  7. LaurelMan

    hit registration/bullet latency

    That's the netcode. It's bad and they are trying to fix it but they haven't gotten far. Yes after the latest patch it has gotten worse. The tick rate of the servers seems to be horrible.
  8. LaurelMan


    So the spam is back. It's back so bad my phone asked me to translate the forum page from Chinese to English. Come on Mods you going to do your job? Oh wait they only warn people.
  9. LaurelMan

    Struggling to kill people

    Yea it's crazy. You could try to show the Devs but who knows if they even look at it. They reply on the weirdest "bugs".
  10. LaurelMan

    Struggling to kill people

    They haven't changed the damage yet. I believe it's a server side issue. I've seen it and it's happened to me a few times today. Not auto either. Single fire tapping with splatter. It's frustrating.
  11. LaurelMan

    How did he know I was here???

    The gun on your back could have been sticking out of the wall for him to see when he rolled up. Have seen that happen on stream on the PC side. Also it would not have been hard to see you if you moved, gotten to cover, taken the kill shot in that amount of time.
  12. LaurelMan

    How did he know I was here???

    He seen you when you moved if you hadn't moved he might not have seen you. Also I've been killed by little COD ppl like you before so I check all angles like that.
  13. LaurelMan

    Keep getting EX;HTTPREQUEST

    Have 2 mates getting it a few times tonight as well.
  14. LaurelMan

    Xbox test servers

    We will have to check twitter and Reddit first than maybe a week later someone will post it on the forum. But definitely down for a test server!!
  15. Wow! Just wow. I'm done. Moving on.