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  1. King Galahad

    Getting rage mail because of this patch

    I love when I get messages from someone salty that they died
  2. King Galahad

    Xbox One X rendering now slower?

    It was something they did on the test server to help loading on the og and S xbox. It seems to have messed up rendering for the one x though
  3. King Galahad

    One X on test server

    Pubg has to be the only "enhanced for Xbox one x" game that actually plays worse on the one x than on the og Xbox.
  4. Strange, everyone I play with prefers miramar.
  5. King Galahad

    Recoil buff on 556 guns

    Actually, this section is for giving feedback. There is another forum section for reporting bugs. They are literally asking for feedback in this section and that is what the op supplied.
  6. King Galahad

    Ump needs to be nerfed

    That's what happens when you rely on burts
  7. King Galahad

    About "Xbox Community Weekly Post (July 1st Week)"

    They haven't. all they said here was they would push out patches as quickly as possible.
  8. King Galahad

    is the auto win glitch back?

    Andy was wrong. Even pubg admits that it gives the teleported player the win.
  9. King Galahad

    Hate Miramar

    Presently I prefer to play mirimar simply for the loot. On mirimar I seem to be able to find better weapons and ammo. It doesn't matter where I go on erangel lately, there is hardly enough loot and definitely not quality loot
  10. King Galahad

    Toxic messages.

    I have had a couple: First one, I was battling it out with a guy in solos in a stairway. He kept tossing nades and I kept running back up the stairs. He hadn't cooked them at all so it was easy. Finish him off, and he calls me a cheater because his grenades didn't kill me. Second one, there were two of us remaining in my squad. We are camped out in one of those crappy yellow buildings. We don't dare go outside as we can hear shots all around us with this one name on the kill feed wasting people with a crate gun. Then all of a sudden our building gets rushed. My team mate exchanges fire with the crate gun guy and he knocks and thirsts her right away. I'm able to knock him, so I finish him off. The rest of his team rushes in. I knock another one while the third one in kills me while reloading. Now here is the funny part. The crate gun kid didn't even message me. No, he messaged my team mate. Told her that I was childish for thirsting him. Which is ironic considering he had just done the same thing to her.
  11. For some reason after using a grenade, when switching back to gun it will always go to your primary weapon (the top slot), so whichever gun you want to use most should be up in the top slot.
  12. King Galahad

    Weapon Load Times

    I have the same issue. I have an Xbox one x and I have seen people picking up guns that are invisible to me. It seems like guns load before buildings for the og xboxes while buildings load before guns for the Xbox one x. So while they have no buildings, they can still see all the guns
  13. King Galahad

    Before you rant about new patch....

    For most games like this, that is what happens when you update. The update overwrites any of the code for the game that got changed. It is also how the game can increase in size as some extraneous code sometimes gets left behind.
  14. King Galahad

    PUBG for ps4?

    Since Sony doesn't allow pre-release games, you will have to wait until they finish the xbox version and have it ready for release. Either that or you could get an xbox.
  15. King Galahad

    Xbox One X downgraded???

    Same here. I moved my game back to the internal drive because of this.