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  1. May the initial drop it wasn't too bad, but the more time passed, the worse it became. It was at that point I remembered why I don't do these events much. If the frame drops weren't so bad on the one x, I would have a lot more fun with these kind of events.
  2. King Galahad

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    It seems like the frame rate reduction in CQC has been getting worse. On initial release it wasn't too bad, but it got bad again with update 2 and now with this update, not only have I been getting more frame rate stutters when in CQC but the sound also goes wonky sometimes
  3. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/king-galahad/video/63319822 not even entirely sure what happened there.
  4. King Galahad

    No thirst initiative

    The funniest message I ever received was from someone I thirsted. I was in a house with my team mate. He came in, knocked her and immediately went for the thirst rather than engage me first. I end up knocking him and because he thirsted my team mate, I thirsted him. Almost got his two team mates that rushed in after too. While in the battle my team mate gets an Xbox live message from him, saying to tell me I'm childish for thirsting him. I thought it was the most hilariously ironic thing ever. He thirsted her first yet I'm childish for thirsting him. I still laugh over that one.
  5. King Galahad

    Add loot to big maps

    My friends and I have nicknamed the big maps, NoLootEngel and NoRenderMar
  6. There are lots of other games that do have higher fps on the one x than the og. That's part of what being Xbox one x enhanced is about. This is so far is the only game I know that actually holds the one x back and hinders it. When mirimar released, I never had any problems with it rendering. Then pubg introduced their rendering optimization and all of a sudden buildings were still play doh when I landed with guns etc taking forever to load in. They limited performance for the x just so the og was the same.
  7. King Galahad

    PUBG Dev says they can’t fix game lol

    There are lots of developers that also struggle with this engine. Another game I play is on unreal engine (ark survival evolved) and they had tons of trouble with the engine. Overall it is a garbage engine, but it is the only engine most small studios can use or afford to use. If only pubg could get a proprietary engine from one of the big studios, then we might get a game worthy of the concept of pubg. Sadly, it will never live up to its potential with unreal.
  8. King Galahad

    39 people matches?

    I played some solo tpp on the pts yesterday. Took some time to find a match but I did find matches. I found if it was taking over 30 seconds to find a match, to just cancel and start looking again. When I did that it would almost immediately find a match.
  9. King Galahad


    You would almost think this game was still in game preview with all these issues and not actually full release? Funny thing is, they introduced the error with the full release as it wasn't a big issue prior to the full release (the build of which never got tested on the pts prior to release)
  10. The truly sad thing is that rendering on the Xbox One X is actually worse now than it was a few patches back in preview. When they introduced their new "predictive rendering", it severely hampered rendering with the One Xs. When Mirimar first came out, I could land at any building and it would be fully rendered and I could actually see the loot as I was landing. Now, half the time when I land, the buildings are still clay, and the loot doesn't appear until a good few seconds later. I just got killed in a recent game because the loot hadn't rendered for me as I was running over it, but it did render for the guy behind me
  11. King Galahad

    1080p Pool on X

    Where is the "pool"?
  12. King Galahad

    Look at this desync nonesense

    He's right, if you watch it in slow motion, it completely misses the guy as he backed up as the shot went past him. Missed him by a matter of inches though
  13. King Galahad

    Sanhok Forty-Fivers [Oct 4-7] Feedback Topic

    The event says that it is able to disable auto team making to allow play as a 1 2 or 3 man squad, I have looked everywhere and found no option to do so
  14. closed my game, launched the game, joined my friends on the event. Got lost connection to host error. I had literally done nothing other than join the event mode with my friends after the game had launched
  15. King Galahad

    Does the game really run that poorly?

    Personally, I find the desync, as well as the constant errors of lost connection to host to be ridiculous for a "full release" game