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  1. King Galahad

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Been disconnected from host 5 times so far tonight. Happening more than I am getting to play.
  2. King Galahad

    Mods, Please Explain This

    Until they region lock or at least introduce ping based matchmaking, bs like this will occasionally happen.
  3. King Galahad

    Mods, Please Explain This

    Looked like he was an out of region player with some significant lag. He was probably experiencing the same lag in your movements, but because you were basically standing still while he was moving he was able to get a lucky headshot on you. Your health ticked away in parts (albeit fairly fast as the client information caught up to the server information) so I would surmise he hit you with a few bullets from his point of view, ending with a shot to the head to finish you.
  4. King Galahad

    Xbox one X = rx 480

    A lot of those other games have custom game engines as well.
  5. King Galahad

    Are you happy with the game?

    Currently, no.
  6. I won't be going over to cod, and not because of anything pubg related but simply due to the fact they ruined the cod series. The last cod that I truly enjoyed was black ops 2. They went stupid with that series and then tried to swing things back with ww2 and failed miserably. Now it's going into the future again. 1. Bullet drop off is an awesome concept and one of the things I enjoy about pubg. 2. I do like the maps of pubg. Well except erangel. Ever since they released mirimar and lowered the loot table for erangel, I can hardly stand playing that map anymore. 3. As for realistic weapons, that ship sailed awhile ago for the sake of "balance". The real m4 has nowhere near the recoil they added to it. If weapons were realistic, you wouldn't be able to put a 4x or 6x on an ump and use it as a sniper. The effective range is much lower in real life than it is here. Personally I love the concept of pubg and found it to be quite a fun game. With the last couple updates though I haven't had as much fun playing it and as such, I have switched over to other games.
  7. King Galahad

    I need a developer to explain this to me.

    You do realise that he's just a moderator for the forums and doesn't actually work on the game?
  8. King Galahad

    Xbox - 1.0 Release Feedback topic

    Happened to me on my third game today. I hadn't backed out of any games either. Played each one.
  9. King Galahad

    Xbox - 1.0 Release Feedback topic

    It says that issue occurs because of cancelling after match making starts. The only time we cancelled after matchmaking started was when one of us would get this error, so it started from nowhere, and then having to leave lobbies to join back up with our group it would perpetuate. Seems to me there is more to it than just that, as the first time I got it I hadn't cancelled any matchmaking.
  10. King Galahad

    Xbox - 1.0 Release Feedback topic

    You must only play 1-2 games a day. Lol. I played around 6-8 games on Saturday and had that probably 3 times at least. Combined with the "lost connection to Xbox live" error. It was a frustrating set of games.
  11. King Galahad

    Xbox - 1.0 Release Feedback topic

    The fact this is considered a full release game shows just what a sad state the gaming industry is in. To consider a game filled with this many bugs to be "full release" is ridiculous. It advertises as Xbox one X enhanced, but so far the only enhancement I can see is that you will lose up close and personal battles. This has to be the worst performing xbox one x enhanced title out there. Funny how the other games I play that have xbox one x enhancements make the game play better, this game instead chooses to handicap Xbox one X players. Prior to the introduction of the predictive rendering, my buildings and weapons were always loaded before I hit the ground. Then they introduced the predictive rendering, and all of a sudden OG xbox players were able to pick up guns that hadn't rendered for me yet, never mind the play doh buildings. I played three matches. Was lighting people up on the first match in solo, then ended up in a CQB and was wasted. The frame drops were ridiculous. That match was on mirimar even though I had selected the "mini royale" mode. Good news from that match, 8 kills. Bad news, died in a battle that I should have won. Up close with an ump, aimed right at the guy, and yet I got melted with a scar and the guy had virtually no damage. Second match in duos on Sanhok. knock one member of a duo, get shot by his partner, who was around a corner (I didn't see him come around the corner on my screen until after I was knocked). Luckily for me my partner was able to take him out. Then after running to zone my teammate gets knocked, and in the ensuing CQB, I get wasted even though I had a silenced ump right in the guys face. Third battle, I land, run into a building, and there is a guy already in there (no doors had been opened) and I get shot immediately (after a nice frame rate drop stopping me from effectively running) All in all, I'm very disappointed in this game. Which is sad, as I love the concept of the game and had tons of fun playing it before they wrecked it for One X players. They can't even use the excuse that it is a Preview Title anymore. They have no excuse for the sad state this game is in.
  12. It would have been nice if they actually fixed this PRIOR to full release of the game. Imho this game was nowhere near ready for full release with all the bugs it currently has.
  13. King Galahad

    A little clarificiation on the rendering issue..

    The weird thing is, I never had any rendering issues with the Xbox one x until they started using pbsl. Prior to the introduction of their pbsl, everything rendered long before I landed
  14. King Galahad

    OP SMGs

    Same here. I find the 556 guns almost useless now compared to having smg's/dmr's. Combos I like are the ump with either an slr, akm or vss. The handiest part of the ump/vss combo is only having to carry one ammo which is already a super common ammo.