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  1. Okay, so far when I try to join a Oceania Duo FPP lobby I can find a team mate in the menu. Cannot join a game though. If i start my own party and join Duo FPP with a friend I find a game, but there are only ever about 20 people in the match so it will never start. Wassup with that? I'd rather not change region just to play FPP considering the amount of other issues, I don't also want to deal with lag. Cheers
  2. The leaderboards are a joke
  3. yeah iv had the issue too where you shoot someone then they die a second after. Not so much since the latest update though. I think its lag
  4. I thought that was how it was suppose to work.
  5. Xbox version is utterly broken

    No, in comparison to the previous build its much more satisfying. Idk why your having so such a bad time with hit reg, but so far for me the hit reg is much better post patch.
  6. I dont get it.....

    Maybe it was minimal for the one x, but its a lot better on the one
  7. cheating

    Only cheating iv come across so far is people teaming in solo matches. As soon as I find out some dudes are teaming I make it my personal goal to kill their asses even if it costs me the match.
  8. Super unlucky dude, I can't say I crash that frequently and I'm just on the original xbox one. Have you disabled broadcast and capture? helps a little.
  9. Xbox version is utterly broken

    Thats a shame, I'm only playing on the original xbox one and iv noticed a big improvement in hit reg since the latest update. Feels so much cleaner and satisfying to get a kill now. Though yes there still are may things wrong with the game, it is in game preview for a reason.
  10. FPP Oceania servers

    Well considering they missed a whole bunch of stuff in the patch notes no.
  11. FPP Oceania servers

    That would make more sense since I can find a bunch of different team mates in queue, but no matches
  12. Yeah i saw the jet ski last night. I also feel like it’s a whole lot easier to hit headshots now aswell. Iv gotten quite a few so far and most of the time I die now is from a headshot. Makes driving cars way more dangerous
  13. Yeah I can agree that the footsteps sounds are out. Kinda sounds like I’m hearing double, same thing happened when I reloaded gun aswell, heard double
  14. Yeah iv noticed this too. Also things like water dripping and so on. Little things, but none the less good changes
  15. Can’t find a single FPP solo match. Can find a team mate in FPP duos, but cannot find a match. And cannot find a team or a match for FPP squads. Can only find matches in third person which sucks