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  1. If you press start and instantly press rb you switch to fpp in the inventory menu insteat of Switching from loot on the ground to backpack you switch to fpp view.... this only happens if you are fast enought. happen to me a lot today. i try to do a video today. also i still have the bug that he sometimes permanently scroll up in inventory menu I think that happens if i still move slightly or turn and open inventory?! If i press rt he scrolls up.....
  2. Anilman

    Xbox One X rendering now slower?

    Yes it is slower But it is ok know on pts the rendering was sooooooooo bad everything is rendered before i touch the ground pre patch after jumping out everything rendered. also erangel rendering is better then mirmar dunno why
  3. Anilman

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    Reinstall the game this helps a lot. it did help with texture rendering and perfomance. i did play 6matches?! xbox one x 4k hdr internal ssd so far 30fps all the time 1 time i had fps drops but this has gone after moving away from loot?! i still have the looting bug... i try to pick something up try to scroll down but it doesent work because he instantly scrolls up.... this bug has been months old... So far im happy with the perfomance the pts was worse overall this live update helped a lot in perfomance. i did find a telporting player at final circle he telport 3m stay still 3 m stay still 3m im dead..... i recorded it.... also on spectating him he did telport slightly......
  4. Anilman


    I did a chicken dinner today and the vehicle started the engine again after the last kill how to fix that also on live server i have sound bugs Something like the dead i startet to loot player is moving sound or healing up. and also bullet hit sound but there was nothing to see lol
  5. Anilman

    Block servers in each region

    I didnt play fpp because of fps drops the current live update is good enought for fpp but now i cant play it
  6. Anilman

    No ping lock ever plz

    I had a bad ping player every time i shot at him i was 100% sure i hit him and 0.2sec maybe he hide behind a tree so it didnt hit him for some reason. no blood splatter on players with bad ping also i shoot someone with awm on his head(he was moving sowly instead of blood i saw dust coming out of his head............. Ping lock 150ms all eu player on na have ping ~120ms so everything above should not be able to play on this server.
  7. Anilman

    PTS vs Live

    Xbox one s players Both maps fast rendering. xbox one x player with SSD!!!! Erangel perfomance ok but worse then live Mirmar unplayable fps drop permanently if you try to turn xbox one x 4k hdr internal ssd(inside xbox) Rendering rating 1 playdoh (1km range) 2 building visible as building but less detail 3 building all deatils low res 4 everything rendered live server mirmar spawning in plane city inside 1km circle stage 1 above city stage 2 Directly after jumping out stage 3 before you land or seconds after stage 4 pts server mirmar spawning in plane city inside 1km circle stage 1 above city stage 1 Directly after jumping out stage 1 before you land or seconds after stage 2 30 seconds after landing stage 3 1-10minutes after landing stage 4 my lvl 2 helmet didnt render for 10minutes for me
  8. Anilman

    (video) luckiest kill of my life

    Nice one as i did jump throug a window on pts i couldn’t shoot.... With ump9.... i was angry and i pressed rt 3 times (3rd time it start shooting but to late.....)
  9. Anilman

    Lag spikes

    Wifi gaming = lag youre ping will jump because wifi teleporting players have ping from 30-300 thats why they teleport.
  10. Anilman

    Pubg skills

    Slr is very strong you only need 1 headshot + 1 bodyshot it doesent matter where and he is dead. i did kill few player with 1 bullet because they healed up(75% live) and headshot = kill it is a much better sks and it is like a mk14 but less recoil and less damage sks vs slr vs mk14 i prefer slr the mk14 has full auto but the recoil fully kittet is to high....
  11. My last match today was vs a mnk player i was looking on his stats and he is very bad Aim is better yes but if youre skill is bad i never had issues to play against real pc players(controller on pc without aim assist) just play with controller and find the perfect settings for you. if you patatoe aim always then a mnk wont help you.
  12. Anilman

    AR Nerf: Yay or Nay

    ON Pts i didnt use 556 ar anymore recoil was shit reloading ........ omg damage nerf i don’t care I used always ump9 And 2nd weapon for mid to far slr akm m24 The akm is better then m4 now
  13. Anilman

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    You need to update the pts to play it over 11gb so you can reinstall the game. dont update because with a updated pts the game running much worse. after reinstall it is definitely better but still bad on xbox one x with ssd
  14. Anilman

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    Guys write down youre hardware pls what i have read here so far mirmar = Orange xbox one and one s better rendering?! xbox one x worst rendering ever(with ssd). one one s good fps?! one x worse fps For me it is 100% unplayable!!!!!!!!!!! i have hughe fps drops in a firefight. And mirmar fps always bad. errangel it feels much better but the rendering omg....... i have never seen a game with a ssd rendering sooooo bad really it is impossible that a game takes minutes to render a tiny texture DONT RELEASE THIS PTS TO LIVE!!!!!!!!
  15. Anilman

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    Xbox one x hdr 4k ssd wired connection EU I did reinstall on mirmar fps drops are insane 3x more fps drop i cant have a good firefight without fps drop. textures doesent loading even 10 minutes after match start!!!!!!!!!! i had lvl2 helmet and it didnt render Plane takes 20seconds till its rendered on live server plane fully rendered in 5sec buildings live server are done loading before i touch the ground on errangel fps is much better also rendering dunno why. on my side fps worse on errangel and much mornon mirmar texture rendering it is like xbox one hdd wtf