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  1. Anilman

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Server perf is very bad this time the difference between my and other players position is far to big. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/anilman/video/62804832 i thought first it is a vss. but then i saw no damage and i know it was the guy i killed there.... sound is still a problem after release of pubg(early acces) the sound was fine for footsteps. I hear steps at ~60m know it is only ~15m and if its raining and there is someone close to me running sometimes there is not even a footstep sound.. if someone is breaking window glasses you can her them only at ~30m at early acces days you can hear them up to ~100m weapons loading time is to late,i touch the ground then it is loading. at early acces weapons where loaded 50-100m before i touched the ground..(this is server side loaded not hdd/ssd!!!) game Performance i see no diffrence to last patch....
  2. Jea im very salty if this happens but the zone is more a kill stealer then a player yesterday someone jumped out the window i shot him with ump full Auto he instantly just lie on the ground me:?????wtf no kill or knocked????? i look at kill history zone knocked player xy ..........
  3. This picture shows what i mean Xbox only supports BOT also it depends on youre ssd/hdd and ssd/hdd enclosure how well it perform. Nvme ssd is waste of money NOW but wait for the next gen xbox. maybe the xbox next have usb-c Id say next xbox have sata 3 internal. so external will still better. btw xbox one x OS is on a flash inside the xbox. so a ssd internal doesent help for boot time.
  4. The theoretical speed is 640mb/s maybe but the REAL speed is ~225mb/s (it depends on youre hardware) if you plug in a m2 ssd with a usb 3.1gen 2 with uas support you will only have ~225mb/s not 600mb/s..... the xbox doesent support the UAS Protocol only BOT protocol The same ssd like samsung 850evo external vs internal the internal wins In every game on the new map me and my brother are loaded in first in star wars battlefront Me and my bro load in same time. 5 or more seconds later player with external ssd years later hdd
  5. Guys... usb 3.0 = usb 3.1 Gen 1 real speed with ssd ~225mb/ s usb3.0/3.1g1 with uas(not supported on xbox!!!) 425mb/s sata 2 ~275mb/s usb 3.1 gen 2 is faster ~425mb/ s(i dunno right now) without uas with uas 725mb/s a internal ssd inside xbox is faster then external ssd external nvme with usb 3.1 gen 2 port is bottlenecked to 225mb/s. we need to wait for the xbox one 2020 for usb 3.1 gen 2
  6. Most of these settings take much perfomance with low impact. motion blur lol i turn it off on every game even if i have only 30% gpu usage DoF also why unsharpen everthing in a 4k game... The cpu bottlenecks because bad optimized game. the next console will have zen 1/2 cpu then we dont have any problems anymore to achieve 60fps stable!
  7. Anilman

    Any funny/lucky kills?

    Skip to 1min(starts at 1:13) https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/anilman/video/60138058 i was like ok thx for that free kill
  8. Anilman

    Xbox One X FPS Fix for when?

    1: his tv is not in game mode and uses Motion-Interpolation = high inputlag 2: you dont know how fps drops look like 3: you are lying choose one of them. if you spawn sometimes you have 30fps but if you are on the plane and/or landed you will never see 30fps the whole match
  9. Anilman

    Xbox - 1.0 Release Feedback topic

    I did play with 0.9 so perfomance is better with 1.0? i did 2 matches on new map 15-25fps mirmar smooth fps little bit worse rendering. I hope the perfomance is better with 1.0 i will fresh instal pubg after work. sanhok was uplayable for me
  10. Ak headshot instakill no helmet is max 160meters. above that you dont die!!!!! so this must be a glitch. i saw it 2 times since release player is running in the air open field i knocked him go to the big house 50 m away and there he was knocked by me. killed his teammate and he died. It is rare but it can happen.
  11. Anilman

    camper or predator

    Lions have fpp only i can play on tpp so my prey can‘t see me before i chase him. XD I try to search campers and kill them.
  12. Anilman

    Crash is back?

    Yesterday on duo my teammate with og the game crashed he was aiming +leaning(left) and moving and disconnected. after he rejoined the game his body animation was wrong... on my screen he was alway leaning left and aiming slow moving animation but he was running that looked weird i didnt record that. but it fixed istelf after i told him to lean left or right few times.
  13. Anilman

    Miramar - rendering

    I did many hotdrops today so i guess its only for hdd users not ssd users. ~15 players hot drop and still everything rendered before parachute opened
  14. Xbox + hdd = bad rendering xbox + ssd = fast rendering i have no issues with a ssd.
  15. Bad fps lol i had no fps drop exept 1 time Someone throw a smoke at 500meters and i had ~20fps but overall much better fps(but lets wait few days) reinstall the game helps and check if you have the game on the ssd!