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  1. I noticed that the double sound is bare feet on the ground so i took my boots off to see if it makes a difference. Maybe its because the sounds are the same that it is less noticeable, or is it making the boot noise AND the barefoot noise comes after so removing boots cancels one of them? Maybe its a placebo... does taking your shoes off sort the problem for you??
  2. Hitting people with a vehicle

    I got winged by a uaz last night and was left with about 25hp... managed to kill the driver when he came back for another go at it. Go me!
  3. I couldn't sign in to xbox live with my X....
  4. Opinions wanted: leaning left/right

    Leaning is definitely something that you want to get good at. Bottom paddles for me!
  5. What makes you say that? Miramar on PC was better optimized than Erangel from the word go. I got better FPS on miramar every time before 1.0 dropped. Now its pretty consistent across the board.
  6. Works fine when im on the left stick, but if i autorun (swim) and try to freelook behind me, i start swimming backwards.
  7. 2 FPS...lol.

    Maybe on the day 1 build when parachuting.. thats the only time ive come close to single digit fps.
  8. 2 FPS...lol.

    This The game is choppy at times, especially inside houses with people around. No doubt about it. I used to get 25fps on my PC (imac) in the early days. Now i get constant 70. Let the devs to their job. I remember when they optimized buildings on PC - made a HUGE difference to fps in built up areas. Remember, at this stage of the PC build there was no vaulting, and no breakable windows or anything like that to cause issues either... Patience is a lost quality these days.
  9. 2 FPS...lol.

    You guys slaughtered the devs on the forums after update 7 and 8. Not enough new content Cars are fucked Vaulting broke I cant aim cuz im shit and wont admit it Cars are still fucked Vaulting is fixed but you shouldn't have broken it in the first place Input lag is fixed but we forgot that Not enough new content More more MORE Can you blame the devs for not wanting to fuck patch 9 up? Cant be an easy task, considering they are no doubt trying to cram in enough content to keep all you whining little sooks happy. I guarantee that the loudest anti blueballs voices never played early PC builds. At least we HAD vaulting at launch to even get broken... took 9 months to even get it on PC for fucks sake. Stop being a bunch of entitled arseholes.
  10. 2 FPS...lol.

    I reckon you would tell people that you survived an avalanche if your ice cube tray fell out of the freezer when you opened the door.
  11. An unfortunate trend

    My grandmother was from Glasgow originally - i love a good thick accent haha
  12. Fortnite is much more playable and more supported!

    Fpp would mean they would have to get rid of bloom in favour of decent recoil/damage dropoff.. That would make it awesome.
  13. Fortnite is much more playable and more supported!

    Yep thats bullshit right there 🤣
  14. I like short. I find i over correct a little too much with the long stick.
  15. Fortnite is much more playable and more supported!

    Fortnite runs like melted butter with the 3.0 patch at 60fps on the one X - there is zero doubt that the game plays beautifully. I quite like the look of the game now that they have fleshed out the island a bit more. Im shit at building so i won't go there, but it's an interesting mechanic and im sure ill "git gud" if i put more time in, especially with the building tweaks in the latest patch. But it has bloom ballistics which turns me right off. I can have my crosshairs not move from an enemy's face, yet still miss 6 out of 4 shots due to bad RNG while i can be one shotted with a revolver from the other side of the map due to good RNG on their part. After playing pubg and working my arse off to improve my aiming, this bloom ballistics mechanic is what sends me back to pubg every time. I go back to fortnite for something a bit different with challenges and shit to complete to mix things up even more, but when i want satisfaction with my kills and to not die by total bullshit RNG its straight back over to this side of the fence. At the moment PUBG plays like a block of butter straight from the freezer - its a challenge to gwt what you want out of it, then when you do it rips holes in your toast. Leave it out for a bit... let it melt... it will smooth out!