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  1. I noticed that the double sound is bare feet on the ground so i took my boots off to see if it makes a difference. Maybe its because the sounds are the same that it is less noticeable, or is it making the boot noise AND the barefoot noise comes after so removing boots cancels one of them? Maybe its a placebo... does taking your shoes off sort the problem for you??
  2. I couldn't sign in to xbox live with my X....
  3. Silencefarkin

    Opinions wanted: leaning left/right

    Leaning is definitely something that you want to get good at. Bottom paddles for me!
  4. What makes you say that? Miramar on PC was better optimized than Erangel from the word go. I got better FPS on miramar every time before 1.0 dropped. Now its pretty consistent across the board.
  5. Works fine when im on the left stick, but if i autorun (swim) and try to freelook behind me, i start swimming backwards.
  6. Silencefarkin

    An unfortunate trend

    My grandmother was from Glasgow originally - i love a good thick accent haha
  7. I like short. I find i over correct a little too much with the long stick.
  8. Silencefarkin

    An unfortunate trend

    Purple burglar alarm. That is all.
  9. Silencefarkin

    I think this game is dying ..

    You read a chapter of twilight today?
  10. Silencefarkin

    Fix blue circle of death

    That is the whole point of it - to kill you faster than you can med which prevents people camping outside the zone. If you thought the car meta was annoying, try being in the last couple of circles with 3-4 players left and being the only person in the zone while the rest of the medkit bandits snipe from the outside. Was a fucking pain in the early days... The circle is doing its job.
  11. Silencefarkin

    I just found this out so I'll share

    The right trigger makes the stick thing go bang bang.
  12. Oh i definitely could have, i just didn't have the time as my windows laptop had shit itself. Had been looking into macs for 4k editing for a while and i had moved to console for my gaming for years. Never again will i buy another mac -it does what it does well, but has no versatility. Also, the 4k display i wanted plus a gtx1080 (I dont like to fuck around) would have alone cost around $3K AUD at the time. I compromised and now i regret it. We live, we learn.
  13. Yeah mate.. was around $4k AUD once i up specced the ram and put in a 2tb fusion drive. Bought it for editing videos and whatnot (the 5k retina display is fucken awesome), then PUBG came out and my inability to game like a boss made me sad. What really shits me is that the sales guy at apple told me he had no idea when the new one was coming out - it dropped a month after i bought mine, and it shits on my mac in almost every way. Asshole.
  14. Im running an early 2017 27' 5k imac i5 3.3ghz with 16gb ram and radeon r9 m395 2gb graphics, windows through bootcamp. I have no idea if its capable of supporting vr but im guessing no chance. I really wish i had just built a beast of a PC..
  15. Silencefarkin

    Fight Club

    I like it!