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  1. RobPhoboS

    PTS right stick controller bug?

    Nobody else got that?! (will do the vid tomorrow, no time unfortunately this evening) One X + ssd
  2. I just ran 3 games on the PTS, and both times my right thumb stick after 3-4 mins becomes near unresponsive. (I'll film a video shortly). This hasn't happened before. 1x Miramar 2x Eren Obviously I tried adjustment my settings to no avail. The controller is wired but obviously this is a bug because it starts out totally fine. (mods, please can you move this to the correct forum, sorry!)
  3. RobPhoboS


    Do you understand how the servers work ?
  4. You don't need it on. Just hit xbox button and press X (iirc). Set your recording clips to 45 seconds in HD or something like that. Zero excuse for this tbh, as it can really help all of us especially the devs.
  5. RobPhoboS

    [Practice shooting] Small map + Bots

    Did you even BOTHER reading what I wrote ? I didn't request a shooting range ffs. You had to come along and ruin it didn't you. Thanks.
  6. I like it but yeah sometimes get caught out with the immediate stopping of movement. Just need to use the right stick for sprinting in the direction you want to go. Looking forward to the PTS this weekend !
  7. Doesn't happen to me with movement speed increased. Granted, it did when it was lower.
  8. I got a solo dinner last night (2nd game with hotfix), granted it wasn't my greatest fight but hey, dinner is dinner.
  9. RobPhoboS

    Dislike the analog control

    It's great ! Adjust your settings until happy (unless you're one of those that never are). Don’t forget to take a snap of your current settings in-case you goof it totally
  10. RobPhoboS

    30 FPS

    That's for the PC though (yes, I know it mentioned xbox too)
  11. RobPhoboS

    [Practice shooting] Small map + Bots

    Having played the mobile version as well for the last few days, I really dig the shooting range they have on that. TBH the mob version is bloody incredible considering what it's running on !
  12. RobPhoboS

    ATV added

    Change your thread title man - click baiting git ! 😟
  13. Holy cow - no complaining !!! Is there much difference from the previous one to this one ? I've seen people saying they increased their movement sensitivity up to 100. My one has gone between 5-50 (on 50 now pre this hotfix).
  14. RobPhoboS

    Picking up loot

    Yup, I hate that wasted animation cycle on swiping at nothing ! Extremely frustrating, although it seems to be less frequently now. I usually use the start menu if a bunch of things are there, definitely quicker.