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  1. RobPhoboS

    How to report team killing?

    The option after you've killed them doesn't make it clear if I've reported a stupid twat for tk or not. How do I know it's sent?
  2. I think out of 7-10 games I played on the weekend, I must have had the MK14 about 50-60% of the time My comments to my mates was pretty much expletive after expletive ? As soon as that 8x was on it, I loved it.
  3. I really enjoyed it - just my own criticism here: MK14 - Either bigger mag, or 4x scope. I found it infuriating to use unless I found an 8x for it. I think it's because I really can't stand the 2x anyway, something doesn’t seem right to me with that thing, same as the holo. Other than that, I really enjoy having soo many different things to try out now !
  4. RobPhoboS

    Please Re-Color Compass

    Please sort this out, simple fix!
  5. I loved this mode once we saw how to add friends (and had some full 10 player low-T squads), can't wait for more and the variations that will come. (the initial plane ride seems a bit pointless being THAT long most of the time). I love reading the moaners
  6. RobPhoboS

    War Mode

    At least we could nab the 8x for it. I guess a 3x or a 4x (ideally) would have been great. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next one will be, has there been a hint about it yet ?
  7. RobPhoboS

    War Mode

    When I first played it, I didn't like it much. Then I played with friends, and a full 10 man squad. Damn it was great fun !!! I wish the timer was about 15/16 mins, just a little more than 12 I think some of the combo of weapons and things weren't quite right (ie 2x scopes heh mk14) but otherwise I'm very much looking forward to the next ones !
  8. I notice a lot of drop outs for various reasons, perhaps a team balancing mode may be worth a try?
  9. RobPhoboS

    Third person or first NOT BOTH

    This is retarded.
  10. 'I'm okay with things as they are' What do you mean exactly ? It sounds like you are inferring that everything is perfect. (I for one appreciate the new modes/maps but want fixes and FPS + Sound improvements on the One X).
  11. RobPhoboS

    Can we have simple YES or NO answer?

    As I said much earlier in the thread, and because this forum seems soo extremely sensitive - I did say out of curiosity, not a criticism to anyone that does want it. I kind of understand what you mean, although it sounds more like its for shits and giggles rather than anything 'important' ? I guess it seems a bit pointless to myself as I use Party Chat, and when it's solo I'd rather not hear people anyway (and nor would they want to hear what I'm saying ). Obviously I get it could be toggled on/off but there are some more basic things that require attention (imho).
  12. RobPhoboS

    Can we have simple YES or NO answer?

    You didn't answer my question, why do you want it exactly ?
  13. RobPhoboS

    Razor wolverine anyone got it

    See, it's always worth getting these things from somewhere that you can return it. For me it's great, I wanted wired, aside from not quite the same amount of editing as the Elite. Now with the KF on it after all of these months it feels even better. I'd be curious as to what the different BB stick tensions are like but I don't want to pull this expensive little git apart! (yet)
  14. RobPhoboS

    Razor wolverine anyone got it

    Just to say, on one of the spare thumbsticks, I shaved it down so I could put my old Kontrol Freaks extension stick on it. Worked perfectly, worth doing if you prefer this kind of thing.
  15. One X SSD Wired connection (fkn fast) 55" 4K TV (not OLED) Only a couple of VERY short hot drops yesterday ! I didn't notice any lag/frame drops this time, I had experienced quite a lot of frame drops in the previous ver. Yes it doesn't look quite as good but you don't really notice that when in a 'situation' I should get a few hours on it tonight for a bit more feedback.