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  1. Dead Muppet

    Increase cross hair brightness

    Seriously needs doing - lost it a lot on Miramar
  2. Dead Muppet

    Anyone got in a game yet?

    well i heard foot steps before the lost connection time out...
  3. Dead Muppet

    Patch 15 broken

    they are doing my scotch issue no favors whatsoever - going to claim my rehab on their dime
  4. Dead Muppet

    Anyone got in a game yet?

    i was referring to the update
  5. Dead Muppet

    Patch 15 broken

    thank god for scotch...
  6. Tried 40+ times...no luck
  7. Dead Muppet

    Patch 15 broken

    Soooo PUBG...
  8. Dead Muppet

    Patch 15 broken

    well theres 3 of us ready...instant top 10
  9. Dead Muppet

    9.18gb update?×4

  10. Dead Muppet

    9.18gb update?×4

    Well downloaded and ....lost connection to host...
  11. Dead Muppet

    9.18gb update?×4

    why is it 1gb less????
  12. Dead Muppet


    1 in 4? lucky you, 5 games last night personally crashed in 3 of them, squad mates crashed in 4 of the 5.
  13. Dead Muppet

    Thank you Bluehole for the new update!

    I have XBX1X with SSD - 1 Gig wired internet and it still does this for me too, not every game but 3 out of the 4 I played last night. But luckily I black screened in the other 3 🤪
  14. Dead Muppet

    Further extended test server

    Urgh - why didnt I stay home?!?!
  15. Dead Muppet

    Least Favorite Chicken

    I savior all chicken.