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  1. Dead Muppet

    No PTS This Weekend

    I would be less shocked if I grew a 3rd arm
  2. Dead Muppet

    Please nerf the vector

    Yep, not exactly a noob cannon is it? Now the M249 on the other hand ...luckily it's crate only.
  3. Dead Muppet

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    Or a modded controller....
  4. Dead Muppet

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    Yeah my Ak down any scope looks nothing like that.... I mean it barely moves up at all
  5. Dead Muppet

    Feedback - Recoil pattern

    Guns don't kill people, people kill people
  6. Dead Muppet

    SSD questions

    4TB seagate
  7. Dead Muppet

    Holy Christ

    Only thing i see here is how terrible that player was
  8. Dead Muppet

    Rank 1 Solo, My Settings.

    What type of controller are you using?
  9. Dead Muppet

    Please Re-Color Compass

    about time...
  10. Dead Muppet

    Putting Team Killers on Blast

    Totally agree with this, but what if you have videos that are 100% clear violations of team killing rule? where do you send them?
  11. Dead Muppet

    Mad at those teamkillers!!

    And how are they being punished?
  12. Dead Muppet

    4th random

    3 man squad time, no TKers
  13. I agree you shouldn't be able to do while off roading but on a road...
  14. Couldn't agree more, The idea I can't drink a redbull or shoot up some opiates as a passenger is dumb.
  15. Dead Muppet

    New map idea.

    They could potentially make this map work and load correctly - never know tho it could be quite thw stretch for them