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    cannot play on test servers?

    There is nothing for testing on the testserver therfore they have been shot down. That easy
  2. boby3104

    I would like weekly patches

    Absolutely no. I want quality patches /updates no 7 days quickly stuff. 7 days for a developer are nothing. Some times not even 1 year
  3. Did you forgot to ready the Roadmap? Pgi has nothing to do with it. It's a tournament nothing else. The Roadmap ist clear and set for 2018 announced back in February /march. Google It and you now the upcoming changes till 31/12/18. So don't complain if you just fucked up
  4. They also made some significant changes to the sound a couple of months ago and they not even mentioned it in the patch notes. So I'm pretty sure there will come some upgrade to the sound system
  5. OH and you're a pubg Corp. developer?
  6. boby3104

    Does PUBG have Matchmaking?

    https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/1687045485858884730 It's already active
  7. boby3104

    Does PUBG have Matchmaking?

    False they already changed their mind and confirmed that mmr will introduced soon for sanhok too . Edit: it's already active https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/1687045485858884730
  8. 4 Points that brings the game to his own death 1) Dsync 2) missing Region Lock 3)Lack of Client/Performance 4)Cheating If they dont get this under control. over and out.
  9. I was stop reading at " I have a gt730"
  10. boby3104

    Voice Chat Broken 1/09/18

    voice chat bug is back since YESTERDAY -.- i can not talk with guys but i hear them. unbelievable.
  11. boby3104

    Voice Chat Broken 1/09/18

    i dont know wtf happened but since TONIGHT the issue is gone. anyone can confirm?
  12. boby3104

    Mouse Lag

    VSYNC always brings Input lag with itself. if u wanna reduce the lag u need to turn off vsync
  13. boby3104

    Voice Chat Broken 1/09/18

    otherwise go twitter "pubg help"
  14. boby3104

    Voice Chat Broken 1/09/18

    good news @xvizzip in the latest "bug list" from bluehole they finally confirmed that they are working on a fix for the voice chat issue
  15. boby3104

    Voice Chat Broken 1/09/18

    Glad to hear that this works for you but i am having a telekom speedport hybrid and there is no option like ALG SIP. anything else i can change in my router?