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  1. Heard a rumor they’re extending it another week? Not sure if it’s true but I’m hoping so
  2. It’s called a kill feed. It’s in almost every FPS nowadays ??Unless there’s something in PUBG detective that I don’t know about
  3. Adhardaway7

    Found a UAZ on Sanhok (vehicle mission)

    Gonna be honest here. i got my pan kill on an afk ?
  4. Adhardaway7

    Razor wolverine anyone got it

    Was thinking about getting a new controller but decided to wait for the new elite controller to come out next month
  5. Adhardaway7

    qbz nerf?

    Like a fus ro dah type shout? Lol
  6. Adhardaway7

    Pubg mobile WTAF!!

    Maybe it’s just today but I find myself agreeing with a lot of your comments on posts lol
  7. If you’re gonna stop playing then just stop. No need to announce it.
  8. Adhardaway7

    DMR madness...what’s your fav DMR?

    Rush a crate and get me a mk14 ? that things amazing. Slap a red dot on it and it’s a monster on full auto and melts people at range with any scope
  9. Adhardaway7

    AFK Hunters

    I was honestly thinking the same lol
  10. Adhardaway7

    One Week of 1.0

    PUBG Corp ??
  11. Adhardaway7

    How many hours do you play daily?

    During the week I might get like 2 or 3 games in each day but when the weekend comes I try and play as much as I can probably getting like 6 or 7 good games in
  12. Adhardaway7

    Achievement chime

    Because PUBG is so quiet you have to max out your volume to hear things
  13. Adhardaway7

    event pass

    Seen a couple guys on mixer who are already at level 30. Maybe they paid their way there lol
  14. Adhardaway7


    I love all the loot! It makes hot drops so much more fun. Of course just about anywhere is a hotspot in this map lol. It’s great!!!!
  15. Adhardaway7

    Level 30 Sanhok Pass

    Yeah probably not going to get it. I enjoy the game for the fights