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  1. Adhardaway7

    Razor wolverine anyone got it

    Was thinking about getting a new controller but decided to wait for the new elite controller to come out next month
  2. Adhardaway7

    qbz nerf?

    Like a fus ro dah type shout? Lol
  3. Adhardaway7

    Pubg mobile WTAF!!

    Maybe it’s just today but I find myself agreeing with a lot of your comments on posts lol
  4. If you’re gonna stop playing then just stop. No need to announce it.
  5. Adhardaway7

    DMR madness...what’s your fav DMR?

    Rush a crate and get me a mk14 👍 that things amazing. Slap a red dot on it and it’s a monster on full auto and melts people at range with any scope
  6. Adhardaway7

    AFK Hunters

    I was honestly thinking the same lol
  7. Adhardaway7

    One Week of 1.0

    PUBG Corp 👍🏿
  8. Adhardaway7

    How many hours do you play daily?

    During the week I might get like 2 or 3 games in each day but when the weekend comes I try and play as much as I can probably getting like 6 or 7 good games in
  9. Adhardaway7

    Achievement chime

    Because PUBG is so quiet you have to max out your volume to hear things
  10. Adhardaway7

    event pass

    Seen a couple guys on mixer who are already at level 30. Maybe they paid their way there lol
  11. Adhardaway7


    I love all the loot! It makes hot drops so much more fun. Of course just about anywhere is a hotspot in this map lol. It’s great!!!!
  12. Adhardaway7

    Level 30 Sanhok Pass

    Yeah probably not going to get it. I enjoy the game for the fights
  13. Adhardaway7

    Level 30 Sanhok Pass

    So is it worth buying the event pass if you only play a couple hours a day and there’s a daily limit?
  14. Adhardaway7

    camper or predator

    No seeing through things. You don’t have to hide behind a rock or tree if you’re perfectly camouflaged for your surroundings like lions are. They take cover in grass or something remaining unseen and pounce at an opportune time
  15. Adhardaway7

    camper or predator

    Lions definitely spy on their prey from cover. That’s why they’re that brown color so they blend with their cover while watching the prey and preparing to strike. that fur is much more effective than a ghillie snaking through the grass 😂