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  1. Adhardaway7

    One X on test server

    So drop the modem/router combo and get a standalone modem and use a separate wireless router for the wifi?
  2. Adhardaway7

    Please. Upgrade. The rendering.

    I've got an x and if having low res textures for 30 seconds in the beginning of the game makes it to where my buds on og Xboxes can effectively drop hot with me then im all for it. Gameplay>cosmetic details
  3. Adhardaway7

    One X on test server

    I live in a small town and am limited on the performance of internet available. I maybe get around 20 to 30 Mbps. When my weak equipment wants to act up I get rubber banding on the pts(haven't had lag or rubber band on live in a while) but when it's working smoothly and my wife isn't on Netflix the game runs great for me. Live or pts. Im on the one x and the only thing bad happening to me on the pts is the textures taking a little longer to load but my buildings and loot are all loaded before I touch the ground.
  4. Adhardaway7

    Added recoil to ARs

    This is a great idea to make the vector a little more viable if you can't find a ext mag
  5. Adhardaway7

    Tired of dying bc there are no vehicles🙄

    Yes! Learn the map and the spawns and on Miramar I always drop and find a car before looting anywhere unless it's a hot drop like pecado or hacienda but those usually land in the first couple circles anyway
  6. Adhardaway7

    Running/Jumping Firearm Accuracy

    To the circle we must go young Padawan
  7. What he said ∆∆∆ I had my deadzones both on 5 and my reticle would drift. Moved em back to 10 which is what the default is I think and it's all better
  8. Adhardaway7

    Dissapearing weapon and items glitch

    Had something similar happen in the same spot. Dropped quick and picked up a m16 but my guy didn't equip it until I either dropped it and picked it back up or picked up another weapon and it popped up on my back. Weird. Happened a couple times but it was on the live server
  9. Adhardaway7

    Car event - suggestion

    Yes!! The one in the middle of the ocean. Maybe they can spawn a awm with a 15x on it lol
  10. Adhardaway7


    I just jump and touch the car and it quits idleing
  11. Adhardaway7

    Game Volume

    It seems a little quieter with the super loud noises. The plane, cars, and gunfighting no longer drown out my teammates and I am still hearing footsteps just fine and no issue locating nearby enemies
  12. Adhardaway7

    Game Volume

    I'll be home in about an hour and a half so I'll be testing it out soon
  13. Adhardaway7

    Still Should add proximity chat.

    There's offensive people in every gaming community and what I see here resembles what Ive seen in every other competitive game I've ever played especially shooters. You're right though, nobody should be getting that worked up over a game but it definitely isn't exclusive to PUBG
  14. Adhardaway7

    When you buy a crate......

    Just got that blue Mandarin jacket. It's pretty slick lol. I don't think it does anything but I'll buy one then dashboard and restart the game then open the crate. I've gotten more rare items since I started doing it but it's probably all in my head. Someone else on the forums here said thats what they were doing so I just started trying it. It seems to work but like I said it's probably just in my head as im sure it's all just random
  15. Adhardaway7

    Game Volume

    I noticed the game was quieter. Didn't get much gameplay in on the pts yet though so I haven't been able to test out how well I hear footsteps