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  1. Dadliestgamer

    New modes

    Hopefully custom games give us many options to play games the way we want to without having to make Blue hole work on new specific modes for us. I'd rather see them work on known issues, as well as adding more guns, maps ect ect. Maybe evolve the custom games into the ability to make 4v4 matches in small area's. It may not be what everyone want's but if you have a group to fill up the custom game then have at it.
  2. Dadliestgamer

    achievements work?

    Achievements have to be verified through Microsoft servers before they pop. It may take a few days to get the thousands of tags sorted out on top of all the other achievements. This is also why the Xbox One has the "Done Unlocking" problem for achievements which takes sometimes months to sort out. The fact that achievements are unlocking when fulfilling a requirement just means you sort of pushed it through. They would have unlocked eventually even without doing anything. I've had the same issue with Master Chief Collection. I would meet the requirements and it would just sit there for days not unlocking. Sometimes I could redo the requirements and get it to pop, or I'd just wait and it would when it felt like it lol.
  3. Dadliestgamer

    Syncing data for PUBG...

    Its not just PUBG for me, Day z, MCC, and other game pass games are giving me the same message.... Stayed home from work for nothing now if its not resolved soon.
  4. Dadliestgamer

    Guessing Achievements

    I want harder ones then those on the steam list. Although, some people on the Achievement forums have been crying over that same list lol
  5. Dadliestgamer

    Hate messages after a kill on the rise

    I haven’t gotten hate mail in forever, probably because I’m not that good lol. The only memorable time was taking a dude out who survived a pretty hot drop at prison and came out fully geared. I was obsessed with dropping log town at the time and left there will only level one gear and a VSS. After a potato fest I got the kill and all the loot lol. He messaged me for a few days about “how I was trash” “my k/d was terrible” ect ect... oh well, feels bad man.