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  1. Dadliestgamer

    PUBG will not start

    I'm on the X as well. Although I think I may have solved the problem. An IT buddy I play with suggested to use the google public DNS, so I set it to manually in my network settings and haven't had the issue the past two days. Hopefully I won't again.
  2. Dadliestgamer

    PUBG will not start

    Is there no solutions for this problem? I've been able to log on once in the past 5 days. Edit: today I tried for about 20 minutes of trying to load the game, it freezing, quitting it and trying again before it finally let me on. I can tolerate the glitchyness and other bull with this game, but now I can't even get the damn game to load!!
  3. Dadliestgamer

    PUBG will not start

    This started for me as well this past week. I haven't been able to get PUBG past this screen all day today. Usually I can and will be able to get a few games in before getting kicked back to it. Hopefully bumping this thread up can get us a solution.