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  1. I still get wins and top 10’s..do you?

    I feel the same way with the game being very inconsistent from one match to the next. One game its fine and if I die its my own fault, then I'll play a game where I can't hit shit and the bullets hitting me don't all register until I'm behind cover. I assume lag with my internet but maybe it is FPS drops making the hits register late. Obviously dying this way is very frustrating, but I've lately had more issues with the game crashing, even on the X. It's literally at least once a play session, if I'm playing squads it seems like every other game a team mate or I am crashing. To answer the OP, I do still get top 10 from time to time but can't seem to secure wins very easily. I think some people do complain way too much but I've also had many issues that leave me pretty salty as well. For the sake of loving this game I really hope BlueHole pulls through with an awesome 9th Patch that leaves everybody a little happier.
  2. How often do you crash out if games

    At least once a night my game will crash using the X... The OG would crash multiple times. I completely understand it’s a game preview, but my Xbox has dashboarded more times playing PUBG over the last month then it has since I got the Xbone on Its release day..
  3. Clubs on Xbox

    I’ll be joining when I get home. Tired of Team Killers as well and don’t have any friends who play PUBG.
  4. Bug or bad aim?

    I feel like they should realistically hit the rock, when you started shooting part of it was still in your sights. The barrel of the gun is probably 3-6 inches lower then the sights. Sucks, but it makes sense in my mind. Of course, thats not saying I haven't fallen victim to to this either lol.
  5. Dear Everyone Playing Today

    I guess they should have let you camp in peace, how dare they play to win in the same game you were playing in.
  6. Gun drift?!

    Is your dead zone at 0? Mine did that and I turned it up to 1. Now it’s fine. Stick drift has been a problem with worn controllers for a long time.
  7. Opinions on my potato aim

    Just doesn’t make sense lol. If I’m being shot out in the open like that I usually don’t even get a chance to turn and run haha.
  8. Opinions on my potato aim

    Yea in hindsight I realize my mistake, but I still hit that dude or at least blood sprayed three times in that clip and he tanked it. One of them had to be a head shot. Also, I meant to add that the reason I turned my DVR back on is because I had a dude eat three headshots from a Kar98 last night with a level 2 helmet. Blood spray and the only part of his body showing was his head, wish I had proof of that one.
  9. Here's a clip of the squads match I was in today. My AIM is pretty bad I know and I should have put it on single fire but am I seeing things or did the second guy tank two head shots and a body shot from a scar?! I put rounds with blood spatter into both them further back then the DVR recorded, and my team mate put rounds into them after this that I didn't have a view of. I moved positions and was downed with two hits from an M16.... Story of my life in this game when it comes to gun fights. Again, I know my aim is atrocious, but I don't know what to do when the only practice I can get is a fight like this that never turns in my favor. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/DadliestGamer/video/44429704
  10. Vehicle performance issues

    I can understand the dacia being a turd, but the dune buggy should rip around like the motor cycle does. I avoid them both like the plague though unless its my only option. Especially since they increased damage from small bumps, it seems to be the worst in those two vehicle.
  11. Lv1 helmet blocks 5.56?

    Like I said, I'll be turning my DVR back on because of instances like this. I guess its only speculation as of right now, but I definitely saw blood spray and only his head was popping out, I don't know what else to think about the situation.
  12. Lv1 helmet blocks 5.56?

    I understand your frustration. I'm going to be turning my DVR back on after last night when I had shot this dude three times in the head with a Kar98. Saw the blood spray and the only thing I could see was his head so what else could I be hitting?! I do understand that between shots he was probably healing but come on, three shots to the dome with a level 2 helmet and nothing... I'm not a big complainer, but between the crashing and crap experience i've been having with the gun play. I may just put this down for good soon.
  13. Slippers

    A pair of pink bunny slippers, or the whole outfit from the “Christmas Story”... Your completely silent is the benefit but you can be seen a mile away lol.
  14. Well not to make excuses, but I think my internet is garbage as well lol... I was doing speed test and barely get 5mbps download and 1 upload... Its been fine on other games but on PUBG the lag can be terrible....
  15. I play on a 1ms Ben Q 27" monitor and still get my ass handed to me lol.