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  1. Dadliestgamer

    PUBG will not start

    I'm on the X as well. Although I think I may have solved the problem. An IT buddy I play with suggested to use the google public DNS, so I set it to manually in my network settings and haven't had the issue the past two days. Hopefully I won't again.
  2. Dadliestgamer

    PUBG won't Start!

    Thanks for the reply’s. I’ve done everything listed above, hard reset, unplugged and left it for hours, deleted it twice now/reinstalled to my external and internal. I’ve tried different gamer tags. I should mention that the most resent round of The test server wouldn’t connect all weekend for me as well... Today, main game, I got maybe 4 games in. each one kicked me back to a frozen title screen. Quitting and restarting got the game to work until it just stopped again and I gave up trying after 1/2 hour.
  3. Dadliestgamer

    PUBG won't Start!

    Just as the title says, when I try to start the game it loads up until the screen that is suppose to say "Connecting". Here is just freezes and doesn't let me go any further. No matter how long it sits there it doesn't load, i've reinstalled the game, hard reset multiple times and nothing works. This started around Wednesday and have randomly been able to get PUBG to work since, sometimes only playing a few games before getting kicked back to this screen instead of the lobby. Any suggestions on whats going on and how I can fix it?
  4. Dadliestgamer

    PUBG will not start

    Is there no solutions for this problem? I've been able to log on once in the past 5 days. Edit: today I tried for about 20 minutes of trying to load the game, it freezing, quitting it and trying again before it finally let me on. I can tolerate the glitchyness and other bull with this game, but now I can't even get the damn game to load!!
  5. Dadliestgamer

    PUBG will not start

    This started for me as well this past week. I haven't been able to get PUBG past this screen all day today. Usually I can and will be able to get a few games in before getting kicked back to it. Hopefully bumping this thread up can get us a solution.
  6. Dadliestgamer

    Network lag detected

    I can't seem to get past the first minute of a match without network lag kicking me to the menu...
  7. Dadliestgamer

    Connection Timeout

    same here
  8. Dadliestgamer

    Images of bush/grass hiders

    On my OG box a couple patch’s ago, no SSD, if I was standing on the church in Pachinki looking warehouse side. It would render maybe 1/3 of the field of grass, on the one X it will load up to the hill just about... it was a noticeable difference for me.
  9. Dadliestgamer

    Free weekend joke

    First match of the day I got kicked to dashboard during the plane ride, then had some of the works lag ever with a final circle in george.
  10. Dadliestgamer

    Has anybody els noticed this?

    I haven’t seen rubber banding in weeks, last night I had a few games where It came back a few times. All during the early game.
  11. I don't want to be one of those patch haters, but after this most recent one i'm getting to the end of what I can tolerate. For the most part I really enjoy PUBG flaws and all, but with the crashing once in every 5 games for me, network lag and dysnc have gotten terrible this past week, I just don't know if bunghole can fix this game entirely. Sure things will probably get more stable and enjoyable but seeing as it still crashes on PC, I don't have much faith in it being completely fixed. Also, I don't know what it is but after a patch I just do terrible for the first few days lol, its almost like I need to relearn how to play the game. But like everyone else, i'm going to keep playing lol.
  12. Dadliestgamer

    Horrible network lag

    I normally don't get network lag, but since the update its constant. Gaming on the X... Nothing but terrible games for me, hit detection, dysnc, lag, crashing... All there worse then before.
  13. Dadliestgamer

    Inventory bug crash

    Yea I’ve been waiting to do a fresh install once the new patch drops.... Crashing has got to be the single worst problem I experience regularly, but it still crashes on PC so who knows if it’ll ever be completely fixed. Thanks for the advice though.
  14. Dadliestgamer

    Inventory bug crash

    Im constantly crashing on the Xbone X, probably once every 4-5 games but never when opening the inventory.
  15. Dadliestgamer

    Hip shot dot? Cheating?

    Just like everyone else has been saying, a simple strip of scotch tape and a red sharpie dot is all you need instead of spending money on that. This is how I went through all the campaigns of MCC on LASO....