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  1. caprichromis

    Such a shame

    Maybe they anticipated the snow map release, this could be a great combo.
  2. caprichromis

    Solo NA FPP is dead...

    Duo FPP EU dead since update 15 or something... Squad FPP pretty empty since 1.0... Less people on last PTS and now NA FPP... These guys are shooting on their own foots... reacting like seek turtles... too slow!! Sad.
  3. caprichromis

    Is the PTS closed? Cannot find matches.

    What are we testing on this PTS? Miramar... make sense. The new cosmetics and boutique... really? 2 new guns and 2 new vehicles... sad. What about new matchmaking system? Region lock system? Performance system? Lobby corrections? New graphics options? Correction of bugs since day one like the 15x scope maybe? A new movement and vaulting system? And maybe sounds options let's be crazy.... NOTHING or less interesting to test. No wonder that nobody is going on this PTS. Pfff really.
  4. caprichromis

    Omfg really

    Not only myself but even my console is suffering playing this mess... My close friends have noticed too that the fan's are going crazy running this PS2 looking game. That's happend only with PUBG, my console is quiet with all other games. Why? No idea.
  5. caprichromis

    Type B to Type A

    My setup is a little weird... Use A jump/vault upper left paddle, Run upper right paddle and inventory/vicinities lower left paddle (so my right fingers don't have to go in the center middle on the start button).
  6. caprichromis

    Type B to Type A

    Type A from day 1. Personally find it better to hold breath, over the shoulder aim. I use my middlefinger on the paddles on elite.
  7. caprichromis

    Update Live Server?

    Graphics without downgrade I presume... It's look pretty cleaner and sharper.
  8. caprichromis

    Update Live Server?

    They annonce a " butter smooth experience after 1.0" too... #trust_no_one
  9. caprichromis

    I doubt BO4 will kill PUBG

    Not totally, Instead waiting 3-5 mins to find a match, we will have to wait 10-15 mins to have a half full lobby... sad.
  10. caprichromis

    Update Live Server?

    Frankly I'm not
  11. Yeah BO4 is a fresh breath. I was playing PUBG every day, and I must admit the game makes me angry and frustrated. Suffering from numerous bugs, it was a struggling every single session. I think most people want to have fun playing video games, which was no more the case for me. I couldn’t support the way this team managed the project, adding poor shit instead of focusing on the main performance issues... They prioritized to adding content on a broken or poor optimized base. PUBG for hardcore players? Really? Let me laugh!!! At this state, the gunfights turned into a potato random lucky mess, sliding between the matchmaking errors, lags, FPS drops, rendering issues and poor graphics... Great hardcore players’game! But! The other game suffer from issues too, let’s be honest, the BR squad mode is laggy as shit! The loot system/inventory is a joke! etc.. etc... I have a lot of fun on the multiplayer (7 years break on COD), and the zombie mode is dope. I think, PUBG remains THE battle royale, no other game can replace this game. But sometimes, changes are needed, take some break is beneficial. It makes me think of the huge potential of PUBG, sadly wasted by this poor management.
  12. caprichromis

    New blue zone

    Yeah, moving out from bluezone with a vehicle is almost a kamikaze move... you can't see the obstacles trough.
  13. caprichromis

    Pts new stuff

    I agree with you. Beside a little bit of latancy (EU player here), I don't have these movements issues. It feels more responsive and smoother. The graphics are way better than the live server (downgrade on the X? ). Overall better and a little smoother.
  14. caprichromis

    PTS drift

    Yo guys, do use aim acceleration? I don't have these movements issues, AA set on 1. And for me feels more responsive and smoother as the live server. Beside the latancy (EU player), the game runs and looks better as the live server. Btw thanks for this fresh breath on the PTS.
  15. caprichromis

    PTS drift

    not even surprised... the same old things over and over...