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  1. I think that when (please let it be 'when' rather than 'if') they fix the left-stick's clunky 8-point + 'full speed' strafe that this will be resolved. It does seem pretty dumb that if you're not perfectly lined-up then you will jump up and down at the window, when in reality you'd dive straight through. Much like it's a bit silly that when you're running for your life, you have to stop to open a door with the handle rather than kick/charge through it. And how you have to put your gun away to punch out a window (or shoot it out), rather than knock it out with the gun butt. And how you shoot the wall/railing/window frame right in front of you even though it would be virtually impossible to do in reality. There's a lot of things actually.
  2. Do you.....

    I found two AFK players in one game recently, in the middle of a game too, not AFK parachuters. I went into a room, picked up loot, turned round and he was standing there in the corner. I nearly pooped and then I killed him with a shogun, I felt no remorse, he had no decent loot so I was just annoyed with him more than anything. The second one was standing outside a house, facing one of those tiny sheds, I UMPed the **** out of him. No remorse, only joy at his delicious meds and ammo.
  3. Do you.....

    I usually panic, accidentally pick up a tshirt as I mash my pad, stun myself and then fall over the balcony to my death
  4. What you all getting from crates?

    I've got less different items than you but just as many duplicates. And nothing even remotely interesting. I don't think it would be unfair to say that this game has the most boring and least rewarding 'loot unlocks' that's ever been in a game.
  5. It is time to address kbm....

    They could still make up the bulk of the top 10,000 players on the leaderboards with those numbers. And I doubt they would tell if there was a big chunk of M&K users, say 5%, knowing the biblical carnage that would cause. I don't think that either of my statements above are true by the way, just playing devils advocate. Having seen what my duo buddy can do with a controller, which both inspires and depresses me, I have no reason to suspect I've been killed by any M&K players so far.
  6. Lack of community info on forums

    Every time I find some interesting info on here, I text my duo buddy straight away... His reply is virtually always "yeah mate, I read it on Twitter this morning". I refuse to use Twitter because that's where the Kardashians live.
  7. Update #11

    The ghost footsteps are mad, I think it's starting to take it's toll on my heart. I don't hear it very often in solo but in squads I hear it loads of times every game (think it might be ghosts of my squad). But it might just be related to where on the map, haven't been able to work it out yet.
  8. Movement Need's Improving!

    I haven't, I added it up wrong I do play squads but most of my wins are solo.
  9. Movement Need's Improving!

    So what, I have 40 wins in 3 days, it's irrelevant, I'm not making excuses for poor performance. I also struggle with the lurching movement mechanics, the aiming, the frame rate dips, the repeated crashes AND THE INPUT LAG. Maybe you're just not sensitive to it, maybe you're not noticing it because your monitor isn't 10ms. Pretty much everyone else can feel it, why would we even bother to make up 'input lag' as an excuse, there are plenty of other things we can blame for our deaths if we wanted. That you can say it "was pretty hard to notice when it was at it's worst" is a strong indicator of the above. It was so noticeable that it was ridiculous, although it was somewhat masked by the myriad other problems with combat like the frame rate. Like I said before, every game has input lag, it can never be 'fixed' but only improved. The difference is that PUBG's is higher than it should be and higher than pretty much every other shooter we have. Thank you. And that was only two days ago.
  10. Movement Need's Improving!

    Because in response to my post you said "I think people just like to make stuff up just to complain". I'm not offended but I do think you're not much of a gamer if you can't even tell how bad the input lag is. It's not a lie, loads of people comment on the input lag. Every time there's an aiming thread people comment on it. By making out that the input lag is 'fixed' you're doing the opposite of helping with the game's development, you're basically telling the developers that they don't need to improve it and it can stay as it is. You might not be able to tell how high it is but you shouldn't say that people that can see/feel it are lying. How about this... I've got loads of chicken dinners, think I'm at 40+ now, the movement/aiming is perfectly good for me to excel at PUBG. You must be lying or making excuses that it's clunky and if you're having problems then you just need to git gud. But I didn't say that because I'm not an idiot and I want the game to be improved further.
  11. Yes, although not all of them have surge protection. The things that you can plug 4 things into when you only have 1 spare wall socket basically.
  12. Yeah, house wiring is copper anyway, like ethernet cables and the phone lines for ADSL/VDSL. Before I got all drill-happy and cabled everything myself I used to use home-plugs over the house wiring, it made a huge difference compared to playing over wifi. They were only about £20 I think, I didn't bother with the ones that boost wifi or 'pair' with the router or any of that stuff. I just got the basic plugs that take one ethernet and do nothing else. They say you should plug directly into a wall socket and not to use them with trailing sockets / extension leads but I'm pretty sure that's just because they can cause interruptions rather than it being an issue from a safety perspective or anything else. I had no option but to plug into extension leads though and I never had a single problem with them.
  13. looking for longterm pubg friend

    As long as you don't shoot at every shadow (giving away position) then you're welcome to play with us. What region are you in?
  14. nade blast area

    Hard to tell where the grenade ended up going when you look at how you launched that enemy. I bet he crapped himself real good there I had one yesterday where someone threw a grenade into a room with me, I ran out the front door and turned the corner to rush the enemy, it blew up inside the building and it still killed me outside (and round the corner).