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  1. ColonicBoom

    Add loot to big maps

    My squad don't really play much anymore because of the loot (or lack of it) on the big maps. They all think that Sanhok is more suited to Solo/Duos and I agree. We much prefer to play 4-Man, which really suits Erangel and Miramar, but we find the loot levels so boring that we just don't even bother loading the game anymore. We haven't tried this latest update yet and we have high hopes (but very little confidence). If they haven't changed anything then we'll just ignore PUBG again until the next update. I've no faith left in these devs anymore. I think they've ruined PUBG with terrible decisions, a complete lack of common sense and a total disregard of the opinions of the playerbase.
  2. ColonicBoom

    An (actual) Review of BO4 and PUBG

    They've fixed BO4? Has there been an update today?
  3. ColonicBoom

    An (actual) Review of BO4 and PUBG

    You're forgetting that the latest update on BO4 completely wrecked it. The performance in regular multiplayer is worse than PUBG, people are teleporting about in all over the place. And there's a slowdown / stutter / skipping / frame rate issue in the middle of gunfights, the amount of it is completely unpredictable and virtually every CQC gunfight is terrible now. Last time I played 4-Man in Blackout, all the skipping made it unplayable, so much worse than the beta. I'm not even sure they've acknowledged the problem but I don't know a single person that's not seeing it. At least I have RDR2 to play though.
  4. ColonicBoom

    Anyone else scared of playing Solo?

    Or chasing after your teammates because they're so bad at communicating that they don't tell you they're moving up the hill / to the next set / across the river / over the road /etc. That annoys the s*** out of me.
  5. ColonicBoom

    Smack in the face

    Why do I need to provide numbers? Where were yours? My guess isn't ridiculous, especially compared to yours. It's obvious common sense. Of the people that buy a game or receive it as a gift, maybe 75% (at best) play regularly, that's probably optimistic. That's because a lot of people are 'casuals' or have other stuff to do, so they never come close to playing what I'd consider regularly anyway. Basically those players can't ever count towards 'regularly playing' stats as they only get a few hours per week on their console so they're simply not in a lobby very often. Some people will hate a game (any game) and abandon it immediately, more will give it a few weeks or a month and then finally give up and decide they can't get on with it. With PUBG the amount that quit early is probably higher because it's 'difficult' compared to a lot of games, which will also kill off the real 'casuals' much quicker. More and more people will quit over time for the same reasons, lack of personal progress with the game, lack of time available, a perceived lack of progress by the devs, frustration with the game, etc. The game is nearly a year old so the majority of people have probably reduced their time on PUBG. Exactly the same as they would with any game that they've been playing for a year. People just get bored, that's all there is too it. Take CoD WW2 as an example, I severely cut my hours on it after a month or so because I thought it was a bit s*** and not much fun, after maybe 3 months I'd have a quick few games once or twice a week, after 6 months I didn't even know where I'd put the disk. I put 10x the hours into PUBG in half the time I played CoD WW2. On top of that, BO4 has just released and now Red Dead Redemption 2. It doesn't matter that they're nothing like PUBG, they still take up the 'game time' of players meaning a lot of players have reduced their PUBG hours simply to make time for them. But Blackout is somewhat like PUBG, same ballpark at least, which potentially hurts PUBG even more. RDR2 is spectacular, it's ridiculously immersive and it's relaxing to play. And PUBG still feels clunky, is still missing some basic polish, still has plenty of irritating bugs and problems. Basically, the total amount of hours getting put into PUBG, by the players, is drastically reduced from the game's peak. I've got nothing against PUBG, I'm not even criticising it, it's just (very) basic logical common sense that should be obvious to everyone. I can give you a rough personal example too if you need it. At the peak (based on my own friends list), we would have people joining the party to see if there was space for them to join the squad... There were probably 10 people averaging 3+(ish) hours a day on PUBG - putting in 200+ hrs per week between them. I've only noticed 1 of them playing it at all in the last week or so. I know that person has been mostly just playing BO4 because I've been playing BO4 with them. 5-10% is probably a fair estimate of the amount of players/hours, compared to whenever the peak was.
  6. ColonicBoom

    Smack in the face

    I'd be amazed if anywhere near 50% of players that bought the game are playing it regularly at the moment. 10% at a push, more likely about 5%.
  7. ColonicBoom

    Volume Suggestion

    Yes, I agree that the volume is quieter. I wasn't having a dig at your setup, chill your inferiority complex. I was adding information to the thread so that the devs have more information because that's how we get resolutions to problems.
  8. ColonicBoom

    Volume Suggestion

    Are the people that have this problem connecting their audio through their controllers? I use a Mixamp Pro TR connected to Xbox over optical and USB (for the mic), with Philips Fidelio X2s and a ModMic connected to the MixAmp with a splitter (nothing plugs into the controller). I can only turn the mixamp a bit past halfway before it's too loud. PUBG is a bit quieter than other games but maybe only 10-15%. The biggest volume problem I have is that Xbox sounds, like boot up and achievements, are loud as f***. That's always the case but PUBG's slightly lower volume makes it worse.
  9. ColonicBoom

    Game recommend??

    Hungry Hippos. It's ridiculous, those hippos are crazy hungry for balls.
  10. I think you're probably right, that would make sense. They reduced the amount of spawn points and spawn items, along with removing the clothes (which I'm very happy about). That's the problem for me. My squad don't even want to play the bigger maps anymore so I don't get to enjoy them unless I play Solo and for me 4-Man Squad is really where the fun is. I don't want to exclusively play Sanhok either though so we've reached the point where we don't really bother playing much anymore. It's a shame because I felt like we were starting to see some progress in the game (and we made a pretty decent squad, with a 16% win rate). I'm not sure they ever said they had changed it, aside from announcing the removal of clothes. @headspawn my suggestion, should the devs ever decide to look into this... Extend the RNG aspect of the loot. Make the actual amount of loot (across the maps) and the loot spread, vary game to game. Some games can have low loot levels, some games can have high loot levels, some fall between the two. Some games can have fewer sniper rifles, some games can have fewer meds, some games can have more. True RNG and a crazy amount of possibilities. If they did this on all maps then I think it would really benefit the variety of the game and then it caters to all types of players, the loot lovers (like myself) and the minimalist survivalists. Apologies for getting agitated at you before. It's probably obvious by now that this loot situation gets me pissy, I really think it's hurting the game and it's 100% avoidable.
  11. ColonicBoom

    finding long range scopes

    @Keano1981 I don't remember where the thread is but here's the image from my uploads... I posted this originally to illustrate that if there are batches of duplicate items spawning at places, then that means there are places that they aren't spawning when they should be spread properly. If my squad drops one side of Mylta Power (like in this image) and an enemy squad drops the other side, one squad gets it all. Unfortunately they got all the guns so the helmets didn't do us much good.
  12. Exactly. And it didn't need to be. That's why I (and everyone in my squad) find it less fun than it used to be. I want to sweat for kills, not sweat for 'shopping' empty rooms.
  13. I just assumed you wanted to disprove my point because you said "Name the places. I'll go drop there and get loot." which sounds very much like you plan to drop there to disprove what I said. Level of enjoyment is the reason for the complaint, meaning that it doesn't matter whether you find loot or not. What matters is that we find it less enjoyable because we remember when the loot was much better and we didn't have to spend so long doing it. Basically all I'm saying is there is less loot than there used to be and my squad finds it less fun. If I said 'no loot' then I over exaggerated. These are some places that you used to virtually always be able to drop at, where everyone in a 4-Man Squad would leave well-equipped, but now I wouldn't bother risking: Mansion, Farm, Prison, Gatka, Hospital, Ruins, Stalber, Shooting Range, Ferry Pier, Farmlands, Gatka Trenches, etc. Any of the smaller unnamed sets of buildings like the beach west of Gatka, compounds North of Ferry Pier, 'big green' by Shelter, set of 4 North East of 'Ridge Complex', set South West of School, these all used to be pretty reliably good. Now your squad would be very lucky to all leave with a decent gun, a red dot, level 1 armour and a first aid. To be honest, it doesn't matter where you drop, it's pretty obvious everywhere. Even at the 'hop drops'. There's less loot literally everywhere. Military, Lipovka, Primorsk, School, Nova. And some places that used to be hotdrops aren't at all anymore. Remember Shelter used to be crazy, loads used to drop there because it had great loot, it used to be absolutely filled with ARs, Snipers, scopes, armour, meds, now it isn't.
  14. ColonicBoom

    finding long range scopes

    Yes absolutely, I posted some evidence of it a while ago. I've seen it with all sorts of duplicates (not necessarily right on top of each other but sometimes), especially 3x level 2 helmets in the same building or even the same room. I've seen it with Med Kits quite often, usually 2 on top of each other, sometimes even 2 on top of each other in 2 adjacent buildings (so 4 Med Kits). We've seen it loads of times with the Kar98 too (sometimes as many as 5 at the same place), 10+ AR Extended Quickdraws between 5 houses at Georgopol, 7 4x scopes, etc. We've seen all of the ARs on the 'small side' (of the road) at Rozhok before too. We looted the whole place, there was nothing much on the 'big side' of Rozhok but 4 ARs were in the few buildings on the 'small side'. You can guess what the response was when I posted about it... "That's what RNG means, derp derp nurgh". Very few people in here seem willing to accept that the loot algorithm needs work.
  15. Ok, drop at Mansion with a 4-Man Squad 25 times. Let me know how good that loot is, when compared to the 250+ drops that I made there between preview's launch and 3 months ago. Screenshots of the wonderful loadouts of all for of your squad would be helpful. How will you disprove the reduced level of enjoyment for my friends and me based on the loot you find?