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  1. ColonicBoom

    Purple Blood- Color Blind mode

    I'm the opposite, I want coloured blood because I find it hard to see but I don't want to change anything else 🤣
  2. I can't believe how backwards my country is. I need to move wherever you are.
  3. ColonicBoom

    PUBG Got it!

    You didn't offend. Sorry. I was trying to watch Netflix and my TV kept rebooting itself every 2 minutes, I was fully hair-triggered and twitching with rage 🤣
  4. ColonicBoom

    Issue with sound cutting out completely

    HTRF ? I've realised it doesn't happen anywhere near as much on PTS, I've played all night and I didn't notice it once. I was playing Solo for a change though. On live servers it happens all the time though. Nah, it's definitely nothing wrong at your end.
  5. I played for several hours yesterday and several hours this evening and I've seen dynamic weather a grand total of... No times so far.
  6. ColonicBoom

    How to fix Aim Acceleration

    Definitely. It's ridiculous. Not only does it cause unnecessary acceleration, it also means that all of our precise movement is crammed into the first half of the stick push (and then there's the dead zone on top). It completely wastes half of our potential precision on the sticks. And as we're using controllers (most of us anyway) that's something we could really do with. It's probably the strangest decision with control mechanics that I've ever seen in a game. 90% would suit me fine but your slider idea is perfect 😍
  7. ColonicBoom

    Going Nowhere Quickly

    Have they said that's what is causing it? I've only had the 'no accelerator' bug once but I always have things plugged into my USBs, charge cable, MixAmp, etc.
  8. ColonicBoom

    Loot on Erengal

    Everywhere. The loot has been reduced everywhere on Erangel. There used to be tons more loot spread about. It's not nearly as bad in Solo by the way, I usually play Duo/Squad and the loot on Erangel is woeful. My squad are all off this evening so I've been playing Solo and the loot is much better (not like it used to be but adequate). Even if they don't want to buff it for Solo, they really need to buff it for Duo/Squad because it's much less fun than it used to be. And less fun doesn't make for more players, it just makes for bored players. Exactly. Prison and Mansion aren't worth bothering with anymore. Neither are the other random one-off compounds, like the big green roof building by shelter (used to guarantee a Solo/Duo would get decent stuff and then could go and troll the people coming out of Shelter), Ruins, Gatka, Farm, they all used to be worth trying too. To be honest, in Squads, nowehere on Erangel is guaranteed to be worth dropping at now. I only really bother dropping at central places now, when I don't get decent loot at least I don't have far to go for the circle and the enemies. I much prefer Erangel as a map, I find Miramar a bit depressing in comparison. Yes, the loot is random but that's not the point. The reduction in loot on Erangel was drastic, it's very rare that you can't get kitted out on Miramar (any compound or even a warehouse will usually do the job) but looting on Erangel is painful. You have to loot 10x the amount to get half the stuff compared to Miramar. Loot should remain random but it needs to be random within a specified min/max based on the place. There shouldn't be any large compound (like Mylta Power), that takes the full first 5 minutes to loot, that is so lacking in loot that you can't get a squad decently well equipped. It's not that we're using the randomised variable to determine our enjoyment, it's determining our enjoyment for us. If we find looting has become a boring chore on Erangel then there's nothing we can do to make it more fun, even the hot-drops have gotten boring most of the time now, half the time it's determined for you if your building is empty and the enemy's building isn't (unless they're a terrible shot).
  9. ColonicBoom

    Loot on Erengal

    It changed with the same patch that buffed the loot (guns+scopes+vehicles) on Miramar. I noticed immediately that Erangel was heavily nerfed (and I've been complaining ever since 😫) That update removed about 50% of the actual loot spawns that there were before that patch. So it's not just the amount of 'quality' loot, it's a reduction in places that all loot spawns. If you've been playing for a long time, you'll remember that pretty much every room would have an item inside, now at least half of them don't (almost empty houses). You can see it specific building types too, cafes and warehouses used to be virtually guaranteed to contain a gun, med, armour, backpack. Now you might find a pack of bandages and a pistol. Yeah, I think it's made it boring too. I dropped at school, killed the only enemy and looted the whole place to myself, I would have expected 10x the loot that was there. Dropped at Mansion tonight. I looted the L-shape (all 3 floors) and I got a shotgun. My buddy looted the Mansion and got an Uzi. That can't be right. Military base, the biggest building, got a Vector and bandages, no attachments or boosts. Dropped at Mylta Power (the large compound with the cooling towers), looted the whole place to myself, got an M16, red dot, 60 rounds. I left plenty of low tier guns because I kept thinking that I'd find the prime loot next building, I didn't. Dropped at Pochinki, my squad killed 3 full squads, looted them and looted the whole place. Two of us left with an Uzi + Shotgun, one left with an AKM + Shotgun. The loot at the 'lootiest' places is now worse than it used to be when you'd drop at a random set of 4 yellow shacks.
  10. ColonicBoom

    Purple Blood- Color Blind mode

    Yeah, I like it. I'd like to see the blood colour as an option independent of colour-blind settings though.
  11. ColonicBoom

    Issue with sound cutting out completely

    Often. Several times in every game I think. Playing Duo tonight, we noticed that it was happening at the same time for both of us - maybe that's helpful for the PUBG team to know. Report it as a bug if you haven't already, then they can ignore it without acknowledgement.
  12. ColonicBoom

    PUBG Got it!

    Hardly rich. The TV was I was gaming on was 6 years old, I'd had it repaired twice rather than replace it. Congratulations on your top 100 though, when is your medal being presented?
  13. ColonicBoom

    PUBG Got it!

    I only bought it because I was playing on a relatively old, high input lag TV. When I upgraded to X1X I thought I should probably upgrade the screen. I didn't even realise how bad the input lag was on my TV, the difference was jaw-dropping.
  14. Yeah, in our squad we call it "shaking like a s***ing dog" 🤣
  15. ColonicBoom

    PUBG Got it!

    I did 😎 Mostly because my Duo buddy is a beast though, I just got in the backpack and went along for the ride. There are some good 4k monitors, mine has only 10ms input lag and 1ms response time. Not too pricey either, was £400 I think.