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  1. ColonicBoom

    What type of map would you like to see?

    yeah, i like this too. and this. moonlit and rolling blackouts would be awesome. They could solve most potential problems on a map of highrise buildings by unbarring the windows and providing awnings (or trash bins) to drop onto/into to mitigate the fall damage. Or they could just leave it so asses get bitten if you make the wrong call. Either way it could work.
  2. ColonicBoom

    XBOX Last patch

    I think you need to read more carefully before you quote someone. I don't need to do any research, I have two SSDs already (because I'm not poor). When I buy another, it will be for storage when I buy those three games (at least those three) later this year. I never said anything about it speeding up rendering, frame rate or input lag, I didn't mention them at all. If I thought for a second that it would fix all of those issues then I'd already be using one of my SSDs for PUBG but I'm not.
  3. ColonicBoom

    What type of map would you like to see?

    And a shopping mall map. Mannequins would provide much confusion.
  4. ColonicBoom

    What type of map would you like to see?

    So basically it's a total rip-off of your idea 🤣 But the 'theme park' theme would stop people complaining that "seasons/weather can't be different on different parts of the map, it makes no sense", because in a theme park it does make sense. They could get as creative as they like with it, we could have a Wild West, SciFi, Chinatown, Itchy & Scratchy Land, all on one map. Or it could just go traditional themepark. Hell, it could be dynamic and you don't even know which parts of the park you will get until you land.
  5. ColonicBoom

    What type of map would you like to see?

    Sounds cool. A sectioned map immediately makes me think of a theme park, a big one with different 'worlds' as you go from area to area. I wouldn't mind seeing that either.
  6. The frame rate will almost definitely improve after you clear the cache... But only because you'll be in a different lobby, on a different server, with 99 different people all on different parts of the map, doing different things. As soon as you hit another 'busy' situation, that causes the frame rate to drop, it will drop again just like before. Like @Balloonknot said, it's not the solution to the frame rate problem. We just have to wait on the devs to improve the stability of the frame rate. Saying that, clearing the cache every so often is still a good idea.
  7. ColonicBoom

    Ssd questions

    SanDisk SD and Compact Flash cards are rock solid, a lot of pro photographers use them in their cameras. I'd assume SanDisk SSDs are just as reliable but I don't know. I have the Samsung T3 500gb (T5 maybe?), it's in the higher price bracket for a reason. It's great.
  8. ColonicBoom

    XBOX Last patch

    I'll definitely be buying a new SSD when I get RDR2, BF5, BO4. But I'm not buying it now just for PUBG.
  9. I just meant that on Xbox the M24 is crate only at the moment. But I wouldn't be surprised if the drop rates are different because we're so far behind the PC with everything else.
  10. ColonicBoom

    What makes you most frustrated?

    100% this. It annoys me more than anything. Not just the ones that make the vehicle explode but any invisible texture bump that stops the vehicle and causes damage. In a 4-Man Squad, if you're lucky, it's only a slight waste of time and 4 wasted energy drinks. More often than not it's 50% of your health, a dangerous potential 'one shot' drive away from enemies, then a first aid and an energy drink if you do make it to safety. If you're really unlucky then you'll be back at the start screen within 5 seconds. And crushing FPS drops in 4-Man Squad gunfights.
  11. ColonicBoom

    XBOX Last patch

    I haven't had a chance to get on yet but I'm filled with confidence now 🤣
  12. ColonicBoom

    Just put my pubg updating

    In a 4-Man Squad, I think it's virtually every game.
  13. Not on Xbox you don't.
  14. ColonicBoom

    Inquiring for a friend

    Nah, t's not caused by distance to the server. I have the lowest latency of anyone in my squad.
  15. ColonicBoom

    Did I hit this guy at all or not?

    Your bandwidth isn't really relevant, you've got way more than you need for the game. It's all about latency, if internet's to blame, could be his or your own to the server. Although strafing reduces accuracy, I'd still have expected to get the kill if I was in your shoes. I've had the same thing happen to me plenty of times.