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  1. No fun playing with randoms , matching with the party is much better.or at least in game voice comm
  2. On sanhok is easy to win , my best is 4 wins in a row on mini royale.
  3. And selling weapon skins .
  4. Mine apperead done after 1h , and the 2nd time after 1 day
  5. ciuxui

    Anyone else NOT got a Solo win?

    I.m on a streak 4 in a row
  6. ciuxui

    How about that crossbow skin?

    68 raiders crate 15 crossbow skin
  7. ciuxui

    Given up on pubg for xbox!

    Pubg mobile , i think there you play with at least 40 50 bots on a server
  8. You can.t sell the weapon skins?
  9. ciuxui

    Achievement (un) LOCKED

    It.s from xbox live servers. Not working
  10. The game runs so smooth on the x , it.s your internet i think .
  11. ciuxui

    How many people will be...

    Yeah , i prefer miramar instead of erengel too
  12. ciuxui

    1.0 download size?

    You are downloading the preview?
  13. ciuxui


    Bullseye tattoo on your forehead
  14. You have map selection , battle royale 8km x 8km and mini royale (sanhok ) 4km x 4km
  15. ciuxui

    When will 1.0 be available to download

    They still need time to implement achievments , add items in store . Patience .