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  1. Other stuff like desync patch is of course also needed, but I can't wait for new map!
  2. Only on the main screen, and not in my items, but if I wanted to buy joker set, I wouldn't be able to, because it shows I've already purchased. Just giving you guys a heads up. I play on xbox x, hardwired
  3. mamulator

    Why do y'all wear hats?

    Me and my buddies were talking about this earlier, should they make the hats stay on and just take on the attributes of any helmet you pick up? Would definitely allow for wearing hats longer... I guess this won't matter once they release helmet skins though.
  4. Using the cars at all now is just to get from point a to point b. It's obvious the devs agreed that they didn't want the cars to be such a powerful weapon. Ok, but the cars (especially the dacia) slide uncontrollably, shouldn't be that hard to drive, sucks when your whole squad gets mowed down when you lose all traction and all of your speed because of a slight turn that should have been very easy for a car like that to handle at that speed with no tires blown. I don't want there to be demolition derbys at the end either, but there has to be some sort of middle ground. I think most of the issues people had with shooting people in cars in the beginning has been fixed like lag and desync, so it's no longer necessary to make these vehicles harder to drive to cut down on that happening in the end circles. Make the car mechanics more similar to pc, if you fix the lag and desync issues, this problem will solve itself. Just sick of the crappy car handling.
  5. And the part if they are aiming out of the car when they are knocked they fall out, but not otherwise, is a really good idea.
  6. Fine. Keep the damage and the fuel consumption as is. That's not what I'm complaining about. I'm complaining about the way the vehicles handle. They slide all over the place now for no reason, even on the street. The cars handle way way worse than they used to. It is too easy to shoot people out of vehicles now, that's why even if they make the cars handle the way they used to, you won't see people use cars in last circle because they are death traps. Making the cars harder to handle is no longer necessary. Make cars in PUBG great again!
  7. The cars didn't need nerfed. The issue was frame rate and desync which made it hard to hit the driver as he was coming or going. They have since really worked on frame rate and lag and it's no longer hard to hit people in vehicles. The cars handle like complete trash now and are totally unrealistic. My issues with the cars are not the damage done to people I hit, it's the handling. Keep the damage levels the same but make them more realistic to drive. I doubt if they made the cars handle a little better we would have demo derbies again. It's way too easy to shoot the people in cars now for that to happen. If you drive past me with a full car , more often than not, one of you is getting knocked. Which brings me to another issue, why does the player get ejected from the vehicle if he gets knocked? Wouldn't he just sit in the vehicle until we could heal him? Just as bad to have to pull over to heal him, plus that would be more realistic right? And that would fix the issue of falling out of boat and drowning every time you get knocked. Just an idea.
  8. Why don't they use the exact same driving mechanics as pc? When watching pc streamers none of them have these issues in cars.
  9. I'll tell you why, because they added it after they nerfed the other cars because people were complaining too much about getting run over. I love everything the devs have been doing lately, but the cars driving mechanics almost make the Dacia undrivable. I lose control all the time now even just driving on the street. of all the vehicles the buggy and the jeep should be the best as far as traction. They arent. Slide all over the place with those big worthless tires. And why does the buggy blow up when it rolls over, isn't that a roll cage? The cars were once one of the funnest parts of the game. Total trash now. I like the way everything else is going tho devs. Keep up the good work.
  10. I can definitely hear someone walking up on me from 20 feet away IRL if there are no other sounds. Maybe you need your hearing checked?
  11. mamulator

    Encourage people to play fpp.

    Fpp on this game is straight garbage. Was only added as an afterthought which is why it doesn't function well. I prefer fpp shooters but This game is way better the way it was meant to be played. It's not true 3rd person anyways, because I ads to shoot. Quit trying to make this game something it's not. Shouldnt have to try to artificially inflate fps player numbers by bribing them. If it didnt suck you wouldn't have to bribe them. Fpp is a huge waste of the developers resources if you ask me. How much better would the actual game be if they didn't have to waste time on this failed mode?
  12. mamulator

    Ump needs nerf'd

    Ump is fine. Was broke before. Now it's not. Give up your ridiculous quest to nerf a gun that's not that good anyways.
  13. mamulator

    Player movement is off

    Increase dead zone, helps a bit