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  1. It works! Thanks! Have to do it on the warmode screen though, and still buggy
  2. I knocked him with kar98, my friend finished him off. Didn't record my kill at first, but now it does. 445 meters. Does it take awhile for the missions to tally sometimes? Does it matter that I didn't finish him with kar98?
  3. Been matchmaking total for 30 mins, restarted once... haven't played it at all yet, still matchmaking, what's the secret?
  4. Game works great. Adjust your sharpness. Not experiencing any judder and neither are my friends on the og.
  5. I turn the music off. Cant hear otherwise. Should have a slide option for both vehicle noise and music.
  6. All the way up, astro a50's, and for christ sake turn down the vehicle volume when we are driving so I can hear what my squadmates are saying without having to adjust chat volume EVERY SINGLE TIME you get in a vehicle. Very annoying.
  7. Love the update for the x, keep up the good work devs!
  8. mamulator


    Sanhok works much much better on the x, was a little worried from all the negative posts. But it's way way better for me. Havent played the other 2 maps yet though, And I play on a 4k TV and I didnt really notice a downgrade in graphics or whatever either.
  9. Any news on what time the hotfix goes live?
  10. mamulator

    Winchester scope please

    Speed up fire rate and reload speed for this and the crossbow please
  11. Seems like he can play sometimes, does it matter if his NAT type is open or closed?
  12. I'm in Pittsburgh pa, and hes in China, we seem to be able to play on Asia servers but hard to find a game?
  13. mamulator

    Tired of it.

    Played blackout, had a blast. glad pubg has more competition in their arena, will force them to get better. Blackout is only a side note mode they added as an afterthought, if they can do it this good at this short of a notice I'm very excited to see firestorm in bf5. Maybe the key is less players to start out with? I had some good adrenaline rushes, and was very impressed, but they desperately need a lean. If they are gonna copy pubg they might as well do it right. Pubg will always be the OG of battle royale, and its given me some great times and I'm looking forward to it working as well as this beta does, cant wait. These other games are gonna be alot of fun too. But when it comes down to it, its gonna be whichever game caters the most to x users as that's the system I own. I will play pubg still but they need to be competitive to keep getting my money.