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  1. Verty

    Game unplayable since event launch

    So can you honestly and i mean honestly say that no one on xbox has ever had hit detection issues. Ever not once in all the games played. Cause your saying because you dont its not happening. Im sorry i dont believe this is the case, now im not saying most people yes probably miss and think they didnt. But your saying it has never happened, impossible, not once.
  2. Its because it a campers heaven. Sanhok is a campers map, people will tread carefully because of all the bushes and grass absolutely everywhere. I main reason i very rearly play sanhok anymore.
  3. Verty

    Game unplayable since event launch

    I understand that but kammorav2 did. And to say it is what it is, is simply saying to bad get over it. I understand what the op is saying weather hes bad or its accurately happening who nos, but its valid. The game is playable but this games had plenty of time to fix these issues. The fundamental part of shooter is hit detection and its off for some reason. Look ive won loads of dinners and yes i enjoy the game mostly but this needs to get fixed. Hit detection is off and to say every single games thats played hit detection is spot on is just not true. People can put up clips and they can be pulled apart piece by piece but ive olayed enough shooter to no when its off. And the thing about servers 3 days before i noticed the same thing, now 3 or 4 days into the event the hit detection is off again. So go figure. Netcode of this game has been a point of discussion loads of time and i think the devs are struggling with this engine. Look at tera mmo same problems lag, fps issues and horrible netcode. Its the devs. Best idea in 10 years but the wrong company implemented it. Its that simple.
  4. Verty

    Game unplayable since event launch

    No its not "it is what it is", these devs have had more than 10 months to pull thier finger out. They're the ones that went full release 1.0. The excuse of it is what it is is not good enough anymore. This guys has valid points and nothing's getting better, sure patch helped the x version but game is not working as intended. Just brushing someone off with comments like moving on is not helpful.
  5. Because thier communication is the industrys worst. I have neither Twitter or reddit so unfortunately i only have this forum to go by.
  6. War mode is garbage. Running around footsteps everywhere, buildings look like sht in such a small area.
  7. Verty

    Love but Hate PUBG

    Pubg is a mess, has been for 4 patches now. Devs have no idea on how to make it work. Needs to be taken over by Microsoft to have any hope now. Cant fix simple things but can give us new modes. I really think they think thats its all working really good with just some tweaks here and there. Then they want $7 aud for a skin ffs really for one skin. Their just milking this game now.
  8. Its a waste of time. Another mode not implemented properly. No leaderboards no nothing just loud footsteps. Shoot themselves in the foot everytime.
  9. Verty

    War Mode

    Its horrible team deathmatch in a battle royal game plz. Footstep everywhere. Another minority game mode that gets boring after 2 or 3 games.
  10. Verty

    Full release my a#*e

    Its sad man cause oc servers used to be great now all we get is dsync issues, frame drops on x and im just getting tied of it. Nothings changed. So enjoyable but at the same time its just not. And im with ya na servers only for me to.
  11. Verty

    Full release my a#*e

    Game is dying its that simple, que time have jump up alot from 30 secs to nearly 6/7 minutes. The x version is horrible from 4 patches ago. Fps issues since day one is still an issue. Mirramar on the x still dosent render in. Its not in preview anymore theres no excuse what so ever. Pubg corp deserves all the back lash thier getting. Netcode ishorrible, fps issues still and player base is probably as low as 30% players base from when they hit 5 mil. Game is not competitive with as these issues. Look at blueholes other games tera for example having the same issues with frame rate and lag. I mean this company has a low gene pool of people working there. Its just not good enough.
  12. Verty

    Got a free beta code

    Haha sure mate ok
  13. Verty

    Got a free beta code

    Well pubg is in trouble. Just played bo4 blackout and what a difference. You can actually shoot without frame drops, 60 fps thank you. Pubg is dwindling and it needs to with all the problems the game has, im happy to have something else to play. People saying it wont take away pubgs player base are so wrong, maybe not heaps but 10 to 15 % is to much cause pubg players base is a fraction of what it was. Happy to have a game with decent netcode and a dev team that no what their doing. I would recommend if you havent tried bo4 blackout try it, you will be delighted.
  14. Verty

    Official Companion App?

    Lol the game might get bigger and better but half the player base has already left. Ques are longer, servers merged, ffp taken away from some servers. Only a fanboi cant see this. Open your eyes with bo4 and bf5 soon another 10 to 15 % player base will leave, some might come back here and there but comon its hay day is well and truly gone. And you qant an app, pritty sure you dont speak for most. I want steady fps in cqc, i think this is alot more important dont you think.
  15. Verty

    Goodnight sweet, sweet PUBG

    Im queing na from Australia. Theres no fpp on oc servers.