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  1. Ive learnt to play this game for what it is. Youre never going to get lag free game play here, its just not going to happen. In between the lost host connection, the frames, the hitting pebbles in cars and losing half your health, the dsync and many many more. Lets face it youve got a 20% chance of dying that you have no control over because of the horrible dev department.
  2. Verty

    Shotgun inconsistency

    Yeh get ride of them first chance i get, very hit and miss with all the dsync. Patch hurry the f up.
  3. Verty

    To the 5% that this applies to ...

    I used to play like you bud with over 400 dinners but i got bored and would rather play semi aggressive and get 4 to 10 kills then finish with 3 kills and the dinner. But playing stealth when im pissed is the way to go for me, cant aim after the whiskeys.
  4. Verty

    Digital Foundry PS4 video

    Its quiet simple they wanted to cash in on the hype train. Get the game out as quick as possible and we will fix it as we go. The games never been fixed. And they still cant work out how to use the the unreal engine. They new from the get go that the game wasent running anywhere near whats expected. People make all the excuses in the world, best idea in 10 years but the wrong company implemented it. Has to be said,
  5. And if we cant find games then what?
  6. Verty

    Are grenades too OP?

    Its quiet simple allow 2 of each, done problem solved. Throw one kill somone and pick up his grenade. But it should stop people throwing 5 to 8 grenades in the last circle.
  7. Verty

    Lost connection to host

    Yep was 16th ttp, lost connection and dropped to 27th cause 87th in game. Next game got 6th with 6 kills dropped back to 25th. Last game lost connection again and now im over 50 in tpp cause it wouldnt let me back in to the game so yeh it definitely still happening. This game is not what it should be after 1 year. Climbing the leaderboards just to have this happen, dropped over 30 spots and nothing i can do about it. Annoys me no end.
  8. I agree mate l, theyve been heard saying that they are struggling with the engine code. Chocotaco one of his streams. Hmm i dont no man i play this game alot and ive got my fingers crossed for this update with performance mode. We can only guess, now that we get fortnightly letters. Theyve removed alot when a simply 1080p fix would have done it. The xbox x has 6.5 teraflops gpu but its the lazy cpu thats holding it back.
  9. Verty

    how many BP do you have?

    Used to get about 45k to 60 every week. Now probably more like 25 to 30. But yeh sitting on about 220k waiting for new weapon skins "crates"
  10. Yep hasent for about 4 months now.
  11. Verty


    But why, with esp radar, still connection issues, frame drops. Why would people give thier money when 20% of the time you die from causes that you cant control. Each to thier own i guess
  12. Was on a role and got 5 solo in a row, probably around 2 months before release. Got 3 in a row probably half a dozen times. Yeh i play to much.
  13. Verty

    Smoke frame drops

    Been happening since launch. Ive put in reports about xbox frames cause smoke, and over heating but lands on deaf ears. Ive given up on reporting cause you get no acknowledgement/reply. Unfortunately they have said in a chocotaco stream that they dont no how to use the engine, so we all ffff.
  14. Verty


    Sanhok is a campers heaven. Played about 100 games out of over 3000. Sic of people at top of hills lying in tall grass or bushes. Not a fan.