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  1. POLL: What's your biggest issue?

    1x never had a problem with rendering on launch, now i land and have to wait 5 secs before i see weapons. Games made alot of progress, but some important things have gone backwards and its been over 3 month's. I think a bigger team is necessary seeing all the money they made.
  2. Don't Die Quick Check Your Armor

    So if you've seen videos and are aware of issue WHY hasn't there been a fix for this. Its been here since patch 9. Yes its a ui issue, but surely being an issue 2 patches ago we could have got it fixed. This patch you played around with ui fixes but being aware of this bug yous didnt think to fix armor. Adding things but not fixing things that need fixing. Fps issues Bugs Hit detection These 3 should be no 1 on your list.
  3. Ranking/Rewards system

    Yes plz, something like this would have me playing for years to come.
  4. Don't Die Quick Check Your Armor

    This has been happening since patch 9. They've been adding stuff but cant fix this game breaking bug Should never have to put armor on and off again, just to pick it up again so it actually on. They seem so incompetent. Its not like its a new bug been around for a month. Fix ya game plz bh
  5. Untill they get frames right they need to make the last 2 circles away from buildings. I dread seeing circle near buildings, 90% frames drop so low you have to change strategy. Changing strategy is the name of the game but not like this. Been like this since launch.
  6. Fix problems, stop creating them.

    The equip armor things has been around since patch 9. Just pick it up again, shouldnt happen but theres a work around. But i agree stop adding thing and get what we have right first.
  7. Like pc 1.0. Lol pc still has bugs and thats a full release.
  8. Wow

    Another horrible night. Bad bad hit detection. Died on motorbike completely flat ground and all of a suden died from falling. Servers need to be reset or something. Worked my way to 4th solo tpp just to get shunted. And yes im aware its a game preview, dosent make it any less frustrating. Rant/
  9. This. You can see bottom left of screen when its on. Sometimes when you pick up armor its not on. Drop and pick up .
  10. Ive had 542 rounds of 5.56. You need it with m249. 😁
  11. Still cqc 30% of time frames drop. Still cant loot properly, especially crate drop if their are other dead bodys near crate. Hit detection is of some games, tho i think that is server side. And amror not working as intended. You can pick up armor and it dosent apply said armor. But ive played this game a ton, and havent enjoyed gaming like this for probably 5 years. Loving it. Its frustrating we have to wait another 4 to 6 months before 1.0 patch. But thats how the cookie crumbles.
  12. Best headset

    A40 mix amp pro tr. Ive had 4 pair of different brands and these stand out the clear winner.
  13. New Matchmaking Ruined Game

    Same here rank 4 now thanks mmr.
  14. This right here. Actual proof game runs poorly. I enjoy this game immensely, but small team, small experience "2 games". Pc been out for 2 year's and still having fps issues, sound problems and crashing. Fingers cross 12 months will help. 30 fps on console if its steady is barely adequate.
  15. tpp to easy

    This. Made you look a bit silly.