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  1. Typical pubg patch game and have half a dozen new problems. Get used to it. They havent patch this game and nit broken it yet. 15 or so patches and the fundamental parts dont work. Cqc with 2 full auto is horrible fps, this is not acceptable after 7 months. But don't worry you can buy microtranactions.
  2. Frames in cqc is still the same. 7 months and no improvement. Blown up car next to you and 1 vs 1 both using full auto and its a lag fest, stuttering all over the place. Been like this since launch. When the core of the game "cqc" dosent work and nothings improved in this regard, they have no one else to blame for all the people leaving in droves. But its a "PREVIEW", that excuse was fine for 4 or 5 months not anymore. Get your act together pubg corp or theyll be no players left for your microtranactions.
  3. Verty

    Frames Per Second xbox one x

    Nar man not going to happen unless we ger 1080p 60. Microsoft are pushing the x as a 4k console so very unlikely. This game is cpu intensive, being only marginally better than the s cpu not going to happen at 4k.
  4. Verty

    Xbox one X..

    Been having problems like this 2 or 3 patches ago. But ya its not on
  5. Game been bad from day one. On pc they still dashboard, server lag, rubberbanding and bugs that were there from day one. Its the devs they dont have the depth thats needed to run a game on this scale. Ive said it over and over best idea in the last 10 years just the wrong company implemented it. Its that simple.
  6. Im getting crashes to mate, we all are especially Miramar. Patch 15 screwd the pouch. These devs are struggling mate, either give it time or take it for what it is. Poorly optimize game and horrible netcode. It is what it is people will move on to the next game soon enough cause theyll get tried of it. Im giving it 2 months then im out.
  7. Verty


    Vector is a beast from 30. An absolute beast.
  8. Miramar crashes every time. Backing out when ever that map comes up now. Why release a map that clearly wasent ready. Pubg corp is so broken it more frustrating then fun. On top of that you wait 20 mins in que then another 6 ro 7 mins filling game up, loot kill 3 than 12 mins in crash come back and your dead. Just not good enough. Blue hole your the parent company do something, make heads roll at pubg corp. Then again bluehole arent much better. The whole company is an embarrassment to the gaming industry.
  9. Verty

    No servers Oceanic

    Has been for 2 months mate. I play na till about 1pm then oc if that helps. People on here will say prove it, people arent leaving. Mate people are leaving in droves. This company is just bad mate. Best idea in 10 years but the wrong company implemented it. Its that simple.
  10. Look player base is shrinking, by how much no one knows. Pubg corp have taken away fpp from oc servers in solo. And their reason was people taking to long for ques or they were in a a loop and never find a game. Fpp in eu is starting to go the same way. Not going to argue for the sake of arguing. To me players are leaving proof is in the pudding. And that to me is common sense.
  11. People are fed up and you can assume people are leaving. Looking at pc player base 3.2 mil in jan 2018 now 1.45 mil in may 2018. I no i no its pc but this is a trend and longer wait for que would suggest its the same trend on console. Fpp taken from oc servers, longer wait time and not by a couple of minutes im talking 10 mins. So if i was a betting man id say yes we are losing people at an alarming rate. No not facts just common sense.
  12. Verty

    About done with this game

    I agree mate. Its sad cause this was going to be my next 3 year game. Ill have to find something else in 3 or 4 months im guessing.its a dam shame.
  13. Verty

    Plz no map selection

    Did you watch his youtube vid? And it shows peak times. So jan 2018 was 3.2 mil now may 2018 1.45 mil . All at peak times. Thats a drop of 1.75 mil. A huge problem for pubg corp.
  14. Verty

    10 Minute Wait On NA FPP Servers

    Yep broke matchmaking they did. Try playing in the day or after midnight, it so much worse. Its matchmaking and people leaving, patch 14 was a cluster f of a patch. Hmm knew this was going to happen. Ive said it before bad optimization and bad communication will be the death og pubg. Ill give it 6 months and very few will be playing.
  15. Verty

    Plz no map selection

    Thats my whole point, it will split the player base up. As in longer que times if there is a map selection. You choosing what map you want, wont make queing faster. Well not in oc servers anyway.