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    Can’t win :(

    Honestly, I'm not all that concerned with winning. I get great enjoyment from the gameplay and evolving strategy. There's nothing more satisfying than stalking an opponent, staying unseen, and duly finishing them off.
  2. I could see EA and the Battlefield series possibly being a big competitor here. They have the experience with huge maps and large player numbers.
  3. Hopeless Noob

    Very grateful developers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What's the point of uninstalling then doing a complete download?
  4. Hopeless Noob

    Mouse & Keyboard Poll!

    I'm just saying it doesn't give me a huge advantage. One of the reasons I do like using the XIM is I find the K&M combination more comfortable, and for COD, Battlefield x, it works okay. I just don't find it equivalent to my experience on the PC.
  5. Hopeless Noob

    Mouse & Keyboard Poll!

    Regarding using the XIM4 for PUBG, if you go to the XIM forums you'll see lots of discussion about the XIM not currently being suitable for playing PUBG. In order for the XIM to be useful for a game there needs to be a 'smart translator' developed for the game. This requires hours of consecutive play time with in-game action with the XIM to gather statistics needed to develop the smart translator. Due to the nature of the game, this is something no one has been able to accomplish so far. Also, as a XIM owner and user, I'm not entirely sold on the benefit of the XIM. I've invested a lot of time an money developing the setup for my XIM, G502 mouse & Razer keypad, and still it does not equate to the same experience for the same game on the PC. There's some slight benefit for some FPS games, but the ROI seems to be rather slight.