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  1. Anti-Recoil Mods for Controllers

    One thing you did do is increase the number of users using it. I’ve personally never heard of this and now I’m afraid more people will be using
  2. Freakin confused with Sensitivity settings

    Aiming stick = Rigth Stick. Sorry aiming acceleration. Both 3rd person and 1st person (with right stick to either full left or full right. Aka MAX) will multiple the speed of the cursor over time.
  3. Freakin confused with Sensitivity settings

    Been wanting to make this thread but didn’t want to get Flamed. -you would think it’s obvious but for some reason to me it isn’t, I can change targeting and it seems my general settings is fast. The following is my understanding. General- camera speed (not 3rd person aiming, not 1st person aiming) Targeting- when holding breath/3rd person aiming ADS- Non_Magnified sight attached (Red dot, Halo, Iron) 2x-15x - obvious Aim acceleration - when aiming stick is at full movement (Multiplier to turn. Example - set on zero it may take 2.2 seconds to do a 360 - set to Max it may take .2 seconds to do a 360) Map cursor - defaulted for everyone. -Though I wish they had a hold breath while ADS setting. I play 1st person and like my targeting high in case I can’t ADS, but then I’m screwed when holding breathe
  4. Scopes

    Idk when I load on the shotgun I snipe peps from far yo
  5. Lag & Graphics

    That video was posted Dec 2017 lol
  6. Tips om Elite controller

    Thats true, maybe that’s my issue-trying to get both of best worlds. ADS, General looking. I do only play First Person mode what makes me mad is there should be actual dead zone option on Xbox Elite app, or a damn update. Been same version for ever
  7. No one wants to mention the cartoon graphics vs realistic graphics. Battlefield vs call of duty -I perfer realistic
  8. Only in pubg moments!

    Blue blood you can get by changing the language in settings to Chinese (not sure if it changes HUD) FPS- I would like to know that was smooth asF
  9. Tips om Elite controller

    Do you notice how at one point of pushing stick it kind of almost jumps? Like slow slow FAST!
  10. Tips om Elite controller

    The buttons are for preference I’ve had mine set a certain way then when I change to try others layouts it’s a disaster. The stick settings on the other hand are harder to find and to master (for me at least) I say harder to find because you have 10+ settings for each stick setting (Delay normal, delay -1, delay + 1, etc) -I usally play with Delay -5 (slider all the way to left) but have changed to default with the largest stick. When someone finds that that sweet spot please share (in game settings affect this)
  11. Yeah just makes everything in PUBG darker. Other games good but not this one
  12. Final 10, and then....

    Really!? Damn never seen that.
  13. Options I have (2010 1080 vizio) Backlight Brightness Contrast Color Color Tint Sharpness
  14. Yeah SSD Makes a great diffierence (OG) but my biggest complaint, is the damn shadows. Super dark on OG unless crank up brightness which makes the screen cloudy.
  15. Let me start with *%# #%*#!! (video at bottom) Havent experiend Lag in a long time, then it’s going to happen at very end! -Silenced AR -Silenced SR -Full Health Booster -Full Health Kit -Lots of ammo The round is going super smooth, feeling good about the game. Then this incredible lag comes, can not find out where the shots are coming from (I see where after replaying) Frustrating!! http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Cart3r27/video/46034922