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  1. Miramar is nice on mobile. Change settings to Ultra and realistic graphics. It’s a good time.
  2. Really? I haven’t had many issues. Only one main one I had was top 10 crash. Died and placed 6th after reboot
  3. Cart3r27

    Lead game developer should be fired

    If the money was there. Lol
  4. Cart3r27

    Lead game developer should be fired

    I agree with you- SSD is worth it for me_since one it makes my gameplay loading have no issues, no play doe, seems smoothing but may just my mind playing tricks. And two I’ll always have use for an SSD if I don’t use for my Xbox-videos, photos, computer backups etc...
  5. Lol heard that. It’s hard to play OG servers after playing PTS
  6. Yes it got worst when I lowered my vertical sensitivity. Not sure if it’s related.
  7. Cart3r27

    suggestion for video editing

    Save to one drive -download or screen record try GoPro Quik- it’s free
  8. Cart3r27

    Inconsistencies in aiming

    Doesn’t it feel really clunky and sluggish?
  9. What version is it suppose to be?
  10. Wow-welp I don’t have anything to look forward too after work now. Thanks 😡
  11. Cart3r27

    General TV Display, Just me?

    Speaking of you trying to get a TV Have you seen anyone run a gaming monitor via Xbox X with PC RGB properly selected for both console and TV?
  12. Cart3r27

    General TV Display, Just me?

    NO worries lol it sucks how kuch equipment we have we have to buy just to be pleased playing a game! - like you trying get a nice TV -I want and X (since obv, PUBG is way better graphically wise) my external SSD loads quick but it’s still very Blochy and Muddy and Sharp (sharpness is set to 0)
  13. Cart3r27

    General TV Display, Just me?

    I was under assumption it’s max 1080p for Xbox? I have OG so maybe I don’t look into enough for the X1 true about what your friend said tho- once you get use to something it’s hard to think otherwise -I mean if we are being real, I remember when Golden Eye Came out and I thought to myself wow these graphics are amazing how can they ever do better lol
  14. Cart3r27

    General TV Display, Just me?

    Man- I don’t understand why they don’t make Eragel specific for Xbox. I feel the game would be more pleasing. Before you say it’s too hard-these fools have over 150 million- they have the money to get it done in a week lol shoot give me 100,000 I’ll learn how to code and do it myself lol
  15. So I have tried everything from downloaded files to Xbox Tv setup (via this forum with helps from a lot of people) I just can’t get my visual setup right. Either too dark, too cloudy. Too muddy too bright etc... After playing the test server on Minimar I did not have this issue, at all. Yes some times it was bright but I was facing the sun, sometimes it was dark but i was inside. After some thinking I thought Is it this way because the made they Test Server map for XBOX? and just ported over the original map? Or is it actually optimization? Any one else seem to notice this?