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  1. PC Crashes at Launch ***Fix***

    nope didnt work game still doesnt load
  2. Great... Game won't launch after 1.6G update...

    same here even uninstalled and 3hrs later of waiting for download and reinstall still cant open the game gives no error message
  3. Cheating Discussion

    3/3 TPP games esp/aimbot(you watch the replay to double check before you even bother carrying on). 2/2 FPP esp player(you watch the replay to double check before you even bother carrying on). Esp is so common now you cant do anything but sigh and move on. Players knowing where u are before they can even see you is so bad now its forcing my entire discord of 30 active players to now look at other battle royal games. Its not long now till we find a better one that isnt cartoony and has a real dev team.
  4. Cheating Discussion

    The cheaters have started moving into FPP now. ESP,aim bots and no recoils are starting to become and issue with every 5 or so games. Watching the replays just to be sure and im right each time sigh.
  5. Same here game is unplayable with this fps stuttering
  6. Cheating Discussion

    https://twitter.com/TheBattlEye?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pcgamer.com%2Fpubg-hits-3-million-concurrent-players-and-15-million-cheater-bans%2F http://www.youxistory.com/2018/02/99-of-banned-pubg-accounts-come-from.html 99% of cheaters are chinese mate Its not generalizing or being a racist, its pure fact released from their own security twitter page. 3 million accounts banned and 99% of them are chinese, 46% of the accounts sold are chinese which brings them to 12 million, then 3 million banned from this number takes it to a 25% player base of chinese that are cheaters. This is no small amount of players.
  7. End of game

    ^ This. Sorry if I didnt put it out in the right way.
  8. End of game

    I refuse to play this game any longer until bluehole does something about the cheaters and chinese flooding the other servers. No recoil macros are as prevalent in game as the aimbotters now. Eeven the streamers are using rapid fire macros. This game has gone down the drain and your developers are doing nothing. Your anti-cheat measure is doing nothing if not increase the amount of cheaters. Your reporting systems are broken(you cant report for esp even if its obvious) and your help desk is useless. Your not aloud to name and shame cheating players and your not banning them either. Your customer support is one of the worst ive ever come across. You refuse to comunitcate with the comunity about any of their concerns. Why would i want to buy keys (to continue to support you) for these new crates if you wont even give me the decency of responding. How long till the new ping systems is implemented? What are you going to do about all these asians running around screaming f**k your mum? This game is starting to push me towards hating a certain type of person and in the end of it all you are at fault.
  9. Cheating Discussion

    when its with a pistol 500 metres away(power plant - picado) there is no line of site unless they ran 200m to look down and even then we where in a vehicle traveling 80km/hr it is imposible 3 shots 3 deaths(we where naked bailing out)
  10. Cheating Discussion

    ive reported 3 guys 2 weeks ago who where wall hacking...... they are still playing today........ I even proveded replay evidence of them standing in 1 spot killing through mountains.....
  11. Cheating Discussion

    When are you going to do something about this RAMPANT hacking problem? They dont even bother trying to hide it anymore. Getting 1 shot from 200 metres away by a shotgun through 2 walls and building. Not seeing a single mod even respond to these thousands of complaints.
  12. What Keeps You Coming Back

    For that few and far between game where the cheaters have killed eachother off and the last 10 is cheat free(usually because the last cheater turns his aimbot off as to not get flagged as easy in the last moments(yes it is a thing been visiting alot of cheating forums to keep up to date and monitor if pubg's anti cheat measure are working or not and to see their strategy's and no it isnt working well atm).
  13. Cheating Discussion

    When is something going to be done about all these asians flooding ALL other servers........ Aimbots ESP wall hacks its beyond a yoke. Is there authority we can report a company to for malpractice or something JEEZE..........
  14. Cheating Discussion

    So currently blue hole has banned over 3 million accounts since august. Thats 10% of its accounts/player base. This means 10 out of every 100 people in the match are cheating in 1 way or another. The bans arnt working because over this past week ive come across more cheaters then ever before. They are not even trying to hide anymore they are just clearing entire maps with wall hacks, aim bots and esp. There are players now with 16 kd ratio's in 38(27 wins) matches played with a 51% headshot ratio and 881m longest kills. These players are getting beyond a joke. Also where is our option to report those who just use esp? So many players are using it(without wall and aimbots) and its so obvious when you go back through replays and death cams.
  15. Cheating Discussion

    10 games in a row now i have been iron sighted/red dot killed(from a headshot) from 500m away who had no possible way of knowing i was there. Then all you hear as they all run over to loot you is them carrying on in their asian language. You guys have banned 3 million accounts(MOST OF WHICH ARE CHINESE) in 4 months yet you still refuse to region lock china. Every other server is flooded with asians yelling and carrying on in public chat. This needs to stop. You need to stop giving so many cheaters a way to benifit financially and this would remove a very large portion of the cheating population.