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  1. Jason183

    New elements on the snow map

    half the map is green. in the leaked photo you can see the green in the southern portion, as well as running water. Pushing up north you can see the water turn into ice and massive mountains of snow. its a half and half map, which I think is really interesting. Granted, if the game isn't fixed by the time the snow map comes out, I'll continue to play other games. already put PUBG down for a few weeks and im definitely not missing the bullshit.
  2. Jason183

    Flare Gun in Xbox One

    its not just a simple care package either, its a fully decked out care package.
  3. Jason183

    PUBG doesnt have to worry

    Lol I haven't gotten back on PUBG since BLOPs4 came out. So much to do on COD, with hardly any issues. Get bored of blackout? multiplayer, bored of Multi? zombies. PUBG is an existential threat to itself, and compounding other badass games coming out, pubg will be a thing of the past. My advice to the devs, scrap the PUBG project and build PUBG 2 from the ground up, no ported bullshit. And save the "Oh, you're not a HARDCORE pubg fan!" I have over 160 wins and 1000 more kills than deaths. I played the fk out of PUBG, but its time to move on from a game that clearly cannot be fixed.
  4. Jason183


    I always run auto, and if i need to fire single i just tap the trigger. if you forget to switch it, thats totally on you. if you hear someone you should always run a few check offs, "wheres my health?" "how much armor do I have?" "am i reloaded?" "am i in the firing mode i want to be in?" "is my lean reset?" etc.
  5. We get it, you hate cod. lol Looting is perfectly fine for me, much faster than PUBG, and once you get the hang of how it all works, its rather simple Nothing is blurry for me, you must need glasses Guns have plenty of character, each one has certain attachments that work for them, allowing you to really customize your play. Each gun has different effective ranges, but there are still certain weapons that standout as all around good guns (like the M416 for PUBG) I'll agree with sound problems, not your issues, but I dislike the fact that I can hear someone's footsteps over 100meters away and it sounds like they are right outside my building. The difference in sound from 100m to point blank is rough, and has taken me a long time to remotely figure it all out, Im sure with time i'll nail it down, but PUBG did a lot better for distance:sound relationship.
  6. Did you move your game over to the SSD? LOL I've dropped mil base, pecado, hacienda, etc with 20+ players multiple times and have no problems loading all the assets. I've never had playdough buildings except for once in a blue moon and that's due to net code, not my console.
  7. I would imagine the player pool is horribly diluted right now. Between Live, PTS, Regions, and BO4 being out, its going to be a lot harder to find games
  8. Jason183

    Type B to Type A

    Type A for life. much more control of mid-long range gun fights when I don't have to worry about awkwardly holding my breath
  9. All my friends and I have left PUBG behind for Black Ops 4. we all have at least 50+ wins in PUBG, some of us 150+ wins. PUBG is a game that is fun, no doubt. But the issues persistence outweigh the fun after 10+ months. If pubg was perfect, we'd all play both games. but its far from perfect. Cod on the other hand has only a few issues on release weekend, which will most certainly get ironed out in the coming weeks. Not to mention, when we get bored of blackout or tired of dying, we go play multiplayer, and when we get tired of that, we play zombies. Plenty of offerings to keep us engaged over and over. PUBG is just the same shit, different day (emphasis on the shit)
  10. Jason183

    Sounds like UMP has been nerf'd

    Oh I'm so surprised. PUBG tried to fix something and it didn't work? damn...
  11. Jason183

    Character moving on its own?

    yep sounds like stick drift to me
  12. Bare with me here, I have brought stats. Against level 3 armor, the AUG TTK is referenced in the following chart http://battlegrounds.party/weapons/?weapon=AUG&armor=3&helmet=3&distance=0.1&htk=ttk&pel=false Compare this to the M416 http://battlegrounds.party/weapons/?weapon=M416&armor=3&helmet=3&distance=0.1&htk=ttk&pel=false Summary, the M416 actually kills in the same amount of time, if not less in every single shot placement. Effectively, the M4 is a better gun on paper than the AUG. I think the base damage of the AUG should be increased from 43 to 45, to bring it more in line with other crate guns.
  13. Jason183


    Mutant will be my new go to
  14. per the PTS patch notes they fixed an issue where weapon recoil wasn't working correctly. Not that i see that many people using it anymore, but its finally time for ya'll to "Git gud"
  15. I'll keep pubg installed, but can't wait for tomorrow 12am ET