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  1. I seriously doubt you turned your game off mid fight. Let's not exaggerate here, its fine, you don't like Blackout, no need to lie about it lmao
  2. Jason183

    Linked Mission Descriptions?

    Damn thats gonna suck, its my last mission to complete
  3. Jason183

    TV Suggestion

    I did, had them send me a replacement too. still has issues, also randomly loses connection to my controller, but the controller remains powered on
  4. Jason183

    TV Suggestion

    So I play on an X1X with an LG 49" HDR tv, not sure of the exact model, its a crazy character sequence. Regardless, all my 4k stuff checks off in that settings menu of the xbox. I've been playing on my tv's "Standard" setting for nearly a year now. Only this weekend did I screw around with the settings because my TV connection always cuts out randomly (anyone else have this issue? had a console replacement because of it and it still isn't fixed, I know its not my tv, because my OG works just fine) I found out my tv has a "game" setting, and I switched it over. First impression - everything got darker, it wasn't eye burning as it was before. So I changed my brightness from like 10 to 60. Perfect brightness now. Second Impression - dropped into a pregame lobby, i INSTANTLY noticed a HUGEHUGEHUGE difference in tv response time (input lag) HOLY FUARK. Now i realize all my aiming issues, movement issues, adjustments, etc were ALL DUE TO INPUT LAG. aiming became extremely easy for me with a slight adjustment period, (was already pretty decent), basically everything feels like it happens when i make adjustments in the controller. instead of getting 3-4 kills a game, i'm now getting 6-7+ kills a game, and had my first 14 kill game (and a win) yesterday. Moral of the story, check your tv settings! make sure you aren't getting input lag because holy crap, it made a world of difference. PUBG still has its issues, but the aiming system feels much much much better now for me.
  5. dude one drive is messing with me. it should be fixed now
  6. i posted the wrong video like a dolt. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am4Mb8YRgalFgnmGse-VOwZMGX9f
  7. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am4Mb8YRgalFgngizyF6mIuXaMeE' wrong video, my bad
  8. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am4Mb8YRgalFgngizyF6mIuXaMeE wtf man. this is crappy. 10 months, shit like this still happens. doesn't damage me, straight up kills me. once other games come out, definitely leaving until pubg is permanently fixed
  9. So we should just assume the devs behind this game are 2 year olds and need "constructive" spelled out suggestions on how to create something broken? My feedback is constructive, fix things like the video i posted, because people are quitting this game due to these issues. I dont need to say something like, the code for mantling needs to be changed because "insert crazy coding language here" All I need to do is post a video, tell them Im tired of this shit and will be leaving since it hasn't been fixed in over 10 months, and pubg knows what they need to do. it doesn't need to be any more "constructive" than that. Game is trash. devs are incompetent. simple as that
  10. once these "other" games come out, I'll be leaving pubg in the past. Reason# 224 https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am4Mb8YRgalFgngizyF6mIuXaMeE mantle over rail, leaves me on rail, jump down, gets shot through vending machine.
  11. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am4Mb8YRgalFgnfmzCh08OlwdbXI so tired of stuff like this happening. yeah i potato'd, wasn't expecting him to push when i did. but i ran around him and he clearly wasn't looking at me and continued firing after i was down, im sure he was just as surprised as i was. can't wait for blackout to come out so i have something stable to play
  12. hate this mode, everyone gets dropped in with M249's and Grozas and AUGs, I get MK14 every damn time. fucking shit mode
  13. I mean what it really comes down to is how you play out certain circles and whos in them. when i play solo i take into account nearly everything, where people are shooting, who could see them shooting. who shoots after they shoot. where is circle pushing us. is the weather making it easier for me to move around, is the weather making it so i cant see someone who might see me. is the terrain going to expose me to someone else if i leave my spot. etc. every death is a learning experience.
  14. i was screwing around last night to get ma pan kill and got it, tried to die by seeking out fights but wound up winning with 10 kills
  15. Jason183

    Why Do This In the Final Circle?

    I always expect someone to be in the middle laying in the grass haha especially on sanhok. i keep like 3 - 4 stuns just to fish them out too sometimes