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  1. Thats the exact point of the thread. There shouldn't be PLANNING or RNG. You should be able to out shoot and outmaneuver your enemies. If the circle jumps to the only building in the zone and someone already holds that building, there is no amount of planning you can do. You must push him, and he has an insane advantage over you.
  2. I like that idea better as well. Wish I could add it to the main post.
  3. I feel like now that the playerbase has grown, I thought I'd resurrect this thread, since I've been hearing a lot of people comment on end game circles. I feel like this idea I have is the best option for competitive play.
  4. M416 or scar?

    Scar > all guns. Recoil is probably the most important factor in a weapon. Missing shots because too high recoil = less DPS. Scar has the lowest recoil out of all the AR's currently.
  5. Thank you, going to be awesome when tournaments start up!
  6. Thanks guys! appreciate it!
  7. Thanks for all your support man. This is going to be awesome!
  8. So excited for this guys. Cant wait to see what PUBG has in store for esports!
  9. Hey everyone, Thanks for checking out the vid. If you have any comments good or bad, I'd love to hear about my gameplay, clip selection, quality, quantity, anything. Please let me know what type of videos I should pump out. I love all feedback. Also I'd love if you could share it and check out my social media/twitch. www.twitch.tv/Interrogreat www.twitter.com/Interrogreat Thanks again! SONG: Kaleo - Way Down We Go
  10. Top 100 BG streamer

    -.-" Dont be a jerk please.
  11. How many people are on the leaderboard?

    Thats just EU solo boards. theres ~100k concurrent players daily and there was like over 1 million copies sold.
  12. removed ranked till you fix your servers

    Easy to say :'( Competitive side of me comes out no matter what I do even if I try to just have fun. Sad days.
  13. Spectating bug disconnected me. Possible ADS issue.

    Happened again today when team mate ADS'd his gun while I was spectating again. Game crashed this time, wasnt a disconnect. My team mate also crashed once while spectating.
  14. Bipods!

    The m249 already has a built in bipod. Drops in crates.
  15. Bug Description: Spectating team mate in squad. He ADS'd with a PUMP SHOTGUN inside a building, the walls started flickering and turned invisible and glitchey. His gun was also very glitchy. A door randomly opened in his building (on my screen, but didn't actually open in the game) and I crashed "Lost connection to host". Date Seen: Sat, April 15, 2017 Troubleshooting Attempted: N/A Other Information: Seems possibly related to the glitch when you try ADSing outside a moving vehicle your gun glitches sometimes and parts of the gun arent even visible. Might also have to do with aiming down sights with ironsights or shotguns without sights. Launch Options: No launch options. System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 7 Graphics Card: MSI GTX 970 CPU: I7-4790K Ram: 8gb G Skill Ripjaws