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  1. Ungoliant

    Still no fpp players

    None of this has affected matching in TPP though.
  2. Ungoliant

    Still no fpp players

    I hope they didn't, but the fact is left it matching for 40 minutes, nada.
  3. As of right now, I can't get one match in fpp, but in tpp almost straight away. I've been looking forward To being back in EU servers but I don't think it's actually possible to play a lot in fpp anymore, there's just no games. I hate tpp! But I may just have to go back to it! I also think flipping Back and forth just isn't good. P. S I'm now headless rubber chicken when dropping and landing.
  4. I notice how on the test server, both maps do not have the planes seat plan to See who is Dropping. Surely not TESTING this piece of the game with all the new updates will More than likely cause the team to Miss bugs. Kind of defeating the whole point of the test server. You might say it's irrelevant, famous last words! Even the smallest parts of a game can cause major Bugs. It Needs to be tested!
  5. Ungoliant

    6 hour test server maintenance

    So glad you posted this or no one would gave known! Our saviour
  6. Ungoliant

    This is ridiculous now

    Actually, I don't want anyone fired, But these 'updates' are so frustrating !
  7. Ungoliant

    This is ridiculous now

    First up, I Can't believe rubber banding is back! At least a Minute at start of this game. Very frustrating! OK, got in final 2, both opposite sides of circle in a field, I had a ghillie suit on but because the game doesn't work I can't try and hide in grass, and I should because the guy was hiding behind a hut as I had an m24, but had no scopes. I lose the circle, but run to a rock beneath we both throw 3 or 4 frags each and the frames Drop to nothing,. The last thing I see is a guy above Me then suddenly I die from a head shot. I literally couldn't do anything. Same Next game, guy throws one grenade i move and the frames go into slideshow. Dead. This is all Getting ridiculous now, test server has no one on it, miramar seems To have been taken off for whatever reason Movement settings are different again. Your either slipping around, or getting stuck, loading and picking up items are terriblr There's looks likely To be an option to Buy stuff in the crate section? Are. They taking the piss OK it's test servers. But come May 24 if it's this bad, and if They implement a microtransaction system or a way To spend more money, then there needs to be serious action from the community. Enough is enough, its becoming insulting, And whoever is in charge of this needs to be fired.
  8. Ungoliant

    Mirimar is f****d, erangel now loads.

    Where in the notes does. It say mirimar Buildings will now not load and its barely worth landing in a built up area? If i had read that, I wouldn't have made the post. The notes imply the building loading is not as good as Erangel is now, but at least as good as it was last time. Not worse! So don't try And tell me these notes say that, they completely underlay the problems. Maybe if their communication was better and more honest they wouldbt get so many angry posts.
  9. Ungoliant

    Mirimar is f****d, erangel now loads.

    I've already read this!?
  10. Ungoliant

    How to proceed in final circles?

    It's all about clearing areas before you get caught in them. I terrible at it as I can't aim for sh*t, but if your good the clearing of the areas in the previous circle should make safe a good portion of the next circle,and so on, until your relatively safe and know where everyone roughly is, keeping in mind best spots for cover.
  11. Ungoliant

    Mirimar is f****d, erangel now loads.

    I suppose this is what the test server is foe, to iron things out, but you'd like to think they have systems in place to test builds properly before they get near any live server. I know pc have always had really early build games, many Never finished, But this is really bringing down console Gaming to levels Never seen before. It's insanely unprofessional. Imagine if every game was like this, the industry would be shut down.
  12. One s, Erangel now loads in buildings! Though frame rates drop hard if in busy places Mirimar is screwed at present on landing no buildings load if in a built up area, for aggges. It's almost like each map has been effected differently by the same updates.....
  13. So the new test server is out After they updated the game buildings now render in on one map on landing, but don't on the other! It's almost like I was right about what I was saying all along Lolololololol All Your apologies are not needed.