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  1. Ungoliant


    Even the Xbox or was it the nico posts mention 'as summer is coming to an end' I know the official astrological end Of summer is late September, most industries work as June July August as a working season.
  2. So I have my General sensitivity set on 7 And for some reason this evening it felt Super snappy and fast, great, but then I noticed my red dot /holo (e.g my 1x.sensitivity) in comparison is super slow even when in 7 Now Shouldn't these two settings set on the same number be the same speed when moving your right stick? If anything the 1x should be faster as it's zoomed in more. Or Is this correct
  3. Ungoliant

    Caught that ADS Bug Right Away..

    Yeah it's like They don't know What they are doing or fail to Make sense when they write In the wrong forums! Idiots.
  4. Ungoliant

    Framerate drops

    Doesn't this happen as standard across all consoles, pc, builds, games, etc. It's just how it is. The point is how can it can be.
  5. Ungoliant


    Im assuming you play tpp, I played a few games tpp because of The rest server one on mirimar and I Couldn't believe people are still using vehicle inthe final Circles., fpp all the way!
  6. Ungoliant

    Dynamic weather percentage poll

    The crazy thing about the weather,. Particularly the rain and fog on erangal, it seems to make the game so. Much smoother! Anyone Else?
  7. So there's alot of Noise happening from xbox on social Media about gamescon on Tuesday regarding pubg Am I to assume this is simply the release Of Sahnok and Warmode as expected. Or could we be in for a real surprise? Like 1.0 or some completely new content, because frankly. I've seen so Much of Sanhok online it Feels Old already. Or Am I just completely getting My hopes up and it will simply be the usual. Thoughts?
  8. Ungoliant

    Email notifications on new content

    I don't understand why the patch notes and the various info Isn't fed Through xbox Live, would Make far more sense.
  9. I heard Sunday morning
  10. Ungoliant

    Land at Zharki they said......

    They've actually added another warehouse and loads Of Buildings east of The road out of Khaki on the PTS
  11. Ungoliant

    Magician's Challenge

    They should add chleneges like this,. Achievement ls I suppose that don't effect gameplay but you can muck around with on your own. BUT they have To supply The outfits and you have to wear them to Complete 😉 Magician pointy hat /cloak (as above) Spy suit bow tie / silenced pistol only Nero loin Cloth wreath / molotov Grim reaper Black Hood and clock / scythe Cowboy pistol /cowboy hat obviously You get my Drift
  12. Was it definitely thunder, I thought I heard some but it was just distant red zone😊⚡
  13. OK since posting this I've got a few different weather scenarios, no rain yet, but a very Moody mirimar.. and FOG match in erangel! It was the best match I'd played in this game for ages, felt like a new map, but it's the moody wind Sound that Does It. I hope they put thunder and. Lightning in. It was Awesome! Can't believe people moaned about it. I hope they experiment more with this Stuff, times of day make all the difference. But weather! We need howling Wind, torrential rain, snow! Rainbows, hail, ice cmon pubg your onto a winner!
  14. What is with the 1x stuff?