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  1. HandyPalad1n

    pubg dying? no way...

    We have high profile streamers like Viss and Wadu uninstalling PUBG on stream; Shroud saying he's tired of playing and PUBG is boring; an OC server that's basically dead (Xbox and PC); an Asian server that was disestablished (merged) for lack of players; the removal of FPP on various servers because of lack of players; an official "fix PUBG campaign; and increasing wait times for games across the board... PUBG isn't dead and I wouldn't say that COD BO is killing it either. PUBG is killing PUBG by making dumb decisions and releasing product that isn't ready for release, thereby pissing off it's player base. If streamers like WTF Moses and Wacky Jacky can't get the message to PUBG to actually fix the game and also stop breaking it at the same time then it will die.
  2. HandyPalad1n

    Finding games post-cod

    I have found 1 solo on OC in maybe three weeks.
  3. HandyPalad1n

    Berryl OP?

    I've been killed several times today by players who basically spun and headshot me with the Berryl. Good shooting, but I was already tagging them at the time. Is it OP?
  4. HandyPalad1n

    Can’t get into a match...

    I was having problems on TPP - couldn't get a game after getting one in seconds several rounds in a row prior. Cancelling matchmaking wasn't having any effect. Returned to title screen and problems went away.
  5. HandyPalad1n

    Laser sight

    The red dot is aligned with the barrel, so it's pointing in the same direction but not at exactly the same spot. I wonder how that compares because the laser sight is under the barrel.
  6. The grayscale guide pages that pop up during loading aren't useful on Xbox 1X because they aren't up long enough to read. I'd estimate they are only visible for a few seconds. Perhaps don't have them as loading screens for 1x. Xbox 1X with external SSD.
  7. I am getting a bug on the Play menu where if I change my play list (for example, from all to just Battle Royale) then the previous selection shows behind the new one. It's like the text overlays the previous text. Xbox 1x with external SSD.
  8. HandyPalad1n

    Can’t select any cosmetics

    If you are in matchmaking you can't do those things, which is how it is now in production. But I'm not having this problem on PTS outside of matchmaking.
  9. HandyPalad1n

    What I like

    The laser sight is awesome. Popped it on a UMP and had a hip fire party. Good fun. The Mutant is fun. The new vehicles on Sanhok are both really in character. Making it so weapons retain their auto fire if you drop them is great. Domes wins there.
  10. HandyPalad1n

    Highlights on Items players pick up

    I hear you. On the other hand, how realistic is it that I can't work out whether I'm picking up the knife or the fork from table in front of me, and half the time I pick up the wrong one. Perhaps the brightness could be muted (as already suggested) or instead of a highlight There are could be a prompt (x to pick up [item]) or maybe an option in settings to turn toggle item highlighting?
  11. You can't call cheaters out on the forum because you can't be sure they are cheaters. You'll be lynching the innocent next to the guilty. But you can report cheaters through the game. The upgrade for that is being tested in PTS this weekend. The reports go to the people who can check the data and replay the game, so they can judge what happened and take action if necessary (drop that ban hammer on the guilty).
  12. HandyPalad1n

    10+ things

    I agree. I made a similar comment on the video re getting shot would effect your ability to hit a target.
  13. HandyPalad1n

    10+ things

    I'd like to see movement improved so you automatically step up onto small step or obstacles rather than stopping.
  14. HandyPalad1n

    10+ things

    Wacky Jacky posted a really good list of things he'd like to see changed or improved on PUBG. Although he's a PC player, it's a good list. It got me wondering, aside from lag, desync, and queuing, what other things would you like improved or changed?
  15. HandyPalad1n

    Finding games post-cod

    It's not early Saturday everywhere mate. You've got pretty much anyone who doesn't play from Europe playing on NA, at least for solos. There is a temp SA server and also the event mode, but I don't think anyone can seriously argue that (as horrible as it is) CODBO has nabbed a bunch of PUBG players.