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  1. Yes, well everyone can see your controller when you play. 🤣
  2. Since the last update, I'm seeing really inconsistent results from hitting and being hit by vehicles. 1) I've hit people at high speed and had them bounce off several times, still alive. 2) I've hit people at high speed and killed them. 3) I've been insta-killed on full health when clipped by vehicles doing about half speed 4) I've been killed by vehicles that looked like they missed me (as has a friend). It is really inconsistent and feels like it isn't working properly. I do like the decreased acceleration on the vehicles (although the dune buggy now seems to have no advantage at all).
  3. HandyPalad1n

    So what's the niche for the Mk47 Mutant?

    I love the Mutant on burst fire with the laser sight for CQB hip fire. Head shot heaven.
  4. HandyPalad1n

    Is anyone able to answer this

    Great question. Why don't you test it? Get a squad mate to shoot your vest off and see what happens.
  5. HandyPalad1n

    "Hit" by a vehicle

    I think it's often shorthand for "I'm going to admit to a view you might not agree with, but don't take it badly." My favourite is "No offense but [something offensive]. People usually use this so they don't have to self edit. Hilarious.
  6. HandyPalad1n

    "Hit" by a vehicle

    I'm liking the nerfed acceleration and vehicle damage that came with the patch. However, both a friend and I have since died to vehicles that from our perspective didn't hit us. Anyone else had this?
  7. Buy an Elite controller. You will never look back.
  8. HandyPalad1n

    What's your filthiest win?

    This one had me in a nurses outfit, with a molli kill, a couple of UZIs, a silenced P19C (which made the guy so mad he messaged me) and finished with me fragging from behind the only cover. Pretty dirty. Tell you what you think. ? https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/handypalad1n/video/62652187
  9. HandyPalad1n

    Not what we need from the next update

    Where do you play from? What country?
  10. HandyPalad1n

    Not what we need from the next update

    And yet they keep adding more lobbies. We will now have: BR, MBR, Custom, Training, and EM across TPP and FPP, with fewer and fewer players to fill them while we all sit in lobbies waiting. I'm gonna be really grateful.
  11. HandyPalad1n

    Not what we need from the next update

    Then where is the coms on that? Why isn't it referenced in the post? Why not prioritise it over this stuff (which frankly, is crap). Tired of being patient. My friends and I used to squad every might. Now they can't even play because OC is empty and they lag too much on NA. At times on the weekend, I had to wait more than a minute for a solo on NA. That is unheard of. This game is dying and they are releasing pap.
  12. I just read through the patch notes (link below). Essentially it looks to be a whole bunch of new stuff and nothing to fix existing issues. The exact opposite of what I'd like to see. I've always argued that they can do new stuff and fix the game, but all I see here is a cash grab. Really disappointing. What about the movement issues? What about queuing for the OC region? What about the disconnection bug? Instead we get Joker and Harley skins and more grind.
  13. HandyPalad1n

    Frame drops and lag

    Wish that was my experience. I like big maps. I get chickens on Sanhok, but I love Miramar.
  14. Question for those who have one already. How does it feel compares to an Elite controller? Does it have the same weight? Or is it more like a standard controller with some funky decals?
  15. One of the better things about PUBG is the sound. It's really good, generally, for determining where people are. The one exception to this rule is determining whether people are on the same vertical level as you. I live in a two story house and I'd never confuse the sound of someone upstairs with someone downstairs. It's just obvious. But in the game, I get caught out because people sound like they are above you but aren't, or the opposite. It's just not working as well as it could. It's not broken but it could be better.