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  1. HandyPalad1n

    How do I not hit him at all?

    Hold left button. I use type A.
  2. HandyPalad1n

    How do I not hit him at all?

    I get good kills with hip fire. Soft aim, ADS, and hip fire all have their place.
  3. HandyPalad1n

    How do I not hit him at all?

    I was looking on a mobile phone screen and couldn't see it. GG!
  4. HandyPalad1n

    Landing with me yet invisible

    I've had an SSD for a while, and it seems to have got worse recently.
  5. HandyPalad1n

    How do I not hit him at all?

    What's the screenshot supposed to show mate? Looks like just your inventory?
  6. HandyPalad1n

    How do I not hit him at all?

    Thanks very much for doing that. Appreciate it. Pretty clear from watching it slow and zoomed. My cross hairs vanished, which is why I was spraying. I've tried changing the colour several times, but they are often invisible.
  7. HandyPalad1n

    How do I not hit him at all?

    My end of game reported 0 damage.
  8. Not my best shooting effort, but how did I not hit him a single time? I am firing an AKM on full auto at close range (extended mag and flash hider). I'm hip firing, which is appropriate to the range. The reticle passes across him repeatedly, yet I didn't hit him even once (not a single point of damage). Not unreasonable that he killed me, his shots were on point. Irritating as he was the first person I'd seen all game! Interested in your thoughts. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/handypalad1n/video/53096570
  9. I had a game where I ran into a warehouse on Miramar just as another player grabbed a double barrel shotgun. He shot and almost killed me. I ran outside to some crates and started running around and around and around with this guy following me. No kidding, we ran like that for about three minutes. Finally, I cut back on him and started punching him and jinking off to the side. Dude gets so frustrated with not being able to hit me, he turns and runs with me chasing him - I'm still unarmed. I catch up and start punching him again. Finally he gets a shot on point and kills me. I'd done 18 points of damage. I laughed my ass off. It just needed Benny Hill music.
  10. HandyPalad1n

    Pubg payed outfits

    They seem to come out on an ad hoc basis (randomly). The banana track suit and instructor outfit just appeared one day, with no ceremony, as have previous outfits. The free track suit was to celebrate E3.
  11. HandyPalad1n

    Loot Crate reform Xbox One

    Interesting idea. If they increased the resale value of items then people could buy more crates and hence be more likely to get rare items. At the moment it costs 7000 BPs for a crate once you have bought your initial 6. If I sold months of brown school shoes, I might be able to buy one crate (and get a pair of brown shoes from it). Alternatively, give us a resale market where we can buy, sell, or swap items using BPS. Note: not a priority compared with solving crashing and other performance issues.
  12. HandyPalad1n

    Where is the grenade line?

    Yep. I've had this for a while too. Pain in the ass. Cooked a frag, tried to put it through the window of a shack I thought someone was hiding in. Red dot on my shoulder and nothing else. Frag bounced off. Damaged me massively. Guy comes out of shack and kills me.
  13. HandyPalad1n

    Excessive Headshots?

    Last game, I cut a corner that put a wall between my opponent and I and he shots me in the head - through the corner of the building. While I seem to be actually getting worse. No idea what's going on. Game fluctuates so much, I don't know if it's me or the game.
  14. I always scan for people landing with me and listen for the sound their parachutes make when the player hits the ground. Recently I've noticed a lot more occasions when I've been killed by people who are in the same location as me, yet I had no idea they were there. I just died in the four houses next to Prison on Erandel. The other player must have landed close because they looted and armed up, but there was no parachute or landing sound at all. They also managed to loot the house next to mine without making any noise (No footsteps, no doors). Is this happening to other players or am I imagining it.
  15. HandyPalad1n

    Hot Fix Opinion

    Me too!