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  1. Got my first solo chicken dinner tonight and my first squad chicken dinner 2 nights ago. Pumped.
  2. Teaming in Solos is becoming an epidemic.

    But they can alternate and get their K/D and no. of top 10s up.
  3. Hit Registration but not in replay

    Lag can be a factor. I lit someone up with an AM as they came down stairs firing a SCAR at me. Blood from both parties, I died, yet I'd done zero damage. Frustrating.
  4. Teaming in Solos is becoming an epidemic.

    As I have been warned by a moderator for apparently "calling someone out" despite not having named anyone to my knowledge, I'll just suggest that a less charitable person than I might suggest that this is somewhat unsporting, what with there being two of them in the car and it being a solo match. Perhaps he was just catching a ride with an AFK driver, and they happened to drive straight at me, and the driver loaded back in just as I shot him. Must be that.
  5. Matchmaking

    Do you get matched with people of a similar rank when playing Xbox PUBG? Or is it random? I've heard the latter.
  6. Teaming in Solos is becoming an epidemic.

    It could certainly be either. I died recently when a guy jumped out from behind a tree, when I'd just killed a guy in front of the tree. I couldn't say whether they were working together or about to surprise the crap out of each other. 😁
  7. Teaming in Solos is becoming an epidemic.

    Last night in a solo, I had 3 guys sniping at me from the same rooftop. They were sitting next to each other (wish I'd been closer with a grenade). I didn't die to their shots, but it delayed me so long that I died in the blue. It ruins the solo game.
  8. Which would be another aid to those teaming in solos. 😡
  9. What song would you play?

    Fortunate Son by Credence
  10. kar98k

    Some folk are good snipers and suck in close combat. Why shouldn't they snipe. Kar is one-shot bolt action. Hardly easy to use. It's a bit like a boxer complaining that a wrestler took him down instead of trading fists. Game isn't broken, you just need to update your strategy. Appreciate the frustration through.
  11. I never have game crash ( try this )

    I'm running Xbox 1X on high speed broadband via Ethernet cable. I still get crashes.
  12. New idea

    That would be awesome. The cougar comes to mind. "Late circle, low on meds, hiding behind a tree. My opponent has me pinned - NO bad circle, when suddenly Cougar Strike! Chicken Dinner for me! 🤣
  13. Improved inventory system

    Yes, items you drop fall on the ground and are in a separate list to those on the person. Because you can't scroll quickly or collapse the lists (or have them in columns or undo) then it's a problem. I would like to see items that you exchange not being the item you select next by default (if you see what I mean).
  14. Improved inventory system

    I'd like to be able to switch a weapon on the ground with a weapon in my hand and have the applicable attachments fit automatically. (e.g. if I swap an AK for an M16, it switches the reddot, suppressor, and extended mag instead of me having to do the same. When I try to pick up more ammo than I have space for from a corpse, I'd like it to pick up as much of the ammo as I can fit, rather than none (it does this for ammo on the ground but not corpses). I'd like things that are dropped to go to the bottom of the list (at the moment, especially at the start of the game, its easy to end up exchanging your hat for a helmet and then back again when you were trying to pick up the helmet and the gun from the ground using the inventory menu. Just some ideas.