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  1. Windows Sonic

  2. Astro A40 / A50 EQ Pre sets

    Check out the Astro Forums. Lots to try! http://forums.astrogaming.com/index.php?forums/mixamp-pro-tr-custom-eq-presets.60/
  3. Slow clap

    You do realise a 'slow clap' is used to show disapproval right?
  4. Skydive

  5. Win not counted

    I just had a dinner that has not counted too.
  6. Post Patch#9 X1X Performance.

    Excellent update, early looting feels much smoother, as does everything, but the looting used to be a proper pain. Choked the final circle 5th only. Also the highlight recordings seem to work well. Nice touch.
  7. Post Patch#9 X1X Performance.

    No used to stop half way round, would have to spin the other way to see the other side.
  8. Help Worth upgrading to 7.1 headphones

    Yes. the developers do... they recommend stereo for best results.
  9. Deep dive below 200km/h

  10. Crates yesterday?

    No difference in drop rate for good items regardless of cost.
  11. Astro A50 settings

    Thanks all. now have everything set to stereo and have applied the tournament v1 settings. Sounds good.
  12. Astro A50 settings

    Cheers Mitre3, thats really useful
  13. Astro A50 settings

    Cheers kammora.
  14. Thoughts on bunny hopping

    It also works in Lazer Quest.