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  1. What the hell are you on about? I'm in Africa hence my African server comment.
  2. Now let's move the struggle across to African servers....
  3. Yawallek

    My first adventure in Miramar...

    The rendering is just horrible! Whatever they did on the test server I just hope they don't bring it to the main game. And the rubber banding sometimes just goes on throughout the whole game as well I experience it more on miramar.
  4. I just liked your post to give you +100 reputation that 99 was bugging me. But good suggestion too!
  5. I feel as if they breaking more than they fixing, the rendering on test server is horrible hope they don't bring that over to the live game.
  6. So many people would die before the first circle started closing in which I think would make for an even more boring mid game.
  7. Yeah I think tencent should really take charge of the xbox version as well. And I wouldn't say its easier to make a mobile port of the game, I'm sure both versions have their own complications.
  8. This games not getting another cent from me, 30 bucks was more than enough.
  9. Yawallek

    Which map do you prefer?

    Miramar is awsome! there just seems like so much more variety on that map. Unless I've just played erengel way too much.
  10. Yawallek

    Sanhok Xbox One

    Another triggered fanboy I see...
  11. Because Tencent, the studio behind the mobile version cares more about the game than the actual studio that owns the game.
  12. Yawallek

    Sanhok Xbox One

    There may be a man on Mars by the time this game gets its act together.
  13. Tencent should just buy bluehole because they seem to be more efficient at making games and then Microsoft should just buy Tencent because why not.