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  1. I guess it's not a huge deal, just annoying sometimes with the guy that won't stop putting bullets in the back of your head.
  2. I agree with this, it's ridiculous how you get matched with other players online in a training mode. It should just be an offline play around type mode.
  3. Yawallek

    Pubg vs blackout...

    I have a hunch the battlefield royale might take more players away from pubg than cod will. Battlefield might be a little more tactical than cod which pubg players might prefer. But who knows, I'm just a battlefield loyalist? I guess the best battle royale you could dream of getting would be a fully working pubg, although it looks less and less likely with every update.
  4. Yawallek


    This would probably work but it's impossible to get everybody on board, there's some that just genuinely don't see problems with the game.
  5. Yawallek

    The state of 1.0 and October 12th

    The only part of this game that is running flawlessly at the moment is the part that takes your money when purchasing some cosmetic shit. Pubg won't die but I fully expect ridiculous queue times and 50 to 60 player lobbies after both cod and battlefield release their games.
  6. Yawallek

    players moving over from PUBG to black ops 4

    Won't be paying full price for cod but the day there's a sale count me in!
  7. Absolutely hate it! Just highlights all the games current issues to be honest. They should stick to what made them famous and leave the death match stuff up to the real shooters. My opinion of course.
  8. Yawallek

    Pubg is still alive

    For me it was unusual to drop into a game that had less than 90 players. But now I'm often dropping in with 80 something players, yes there are still times with a full 100 players but I'm seeing servers with less players more frequently than I ever did. Not sure if that's just matchmaking issues or there is genuinely less players. Game is not dead obviously but maybe taking a few knocks in player count. And I'm talking before war mode.
  9. War mode just highlights all the games issues from the lag, desync, rendering issues it's just to much! I'll stick to the battle royale.
  10. Yawallek

    Cut Bluehole Some Slack

    This is apparently a full product release, nobody needs to cut bluehole any slack.
  11. Yawallek

    After 1 hour of playing Blackout

    Bruh please! Graphics on both games are shite and I wouldn't say the engine they're using can't handle it. You forgot to mention different dev team, one is rubbish and one isn't.
  12. Yawallek

    After 1 hour of playing Blackout

    The only thing that blackout proves for me is that pubg can definitely run close to 60fps if they can optimise it properly. Or if they even try.
  13. Yawallek

    Suggestion: Carry teammates

    I'd prefer the ability to still use a pistol while downed.
  14. This game is still a work in progress, the 1.0 is just a cover so they could introduce the store items and G coin currency rubbish. As well as possibly release to ps4 by the end of the year. This whole final product release just reeks of "give us more money"
  15. Yawallek

    Good News/Bad News SSD

    I've also just recently bought an ssd and it has solved all the load problems but you're right you shouldn't have to spend more to get the game working the way it should be. This crappy graphics, broken ass 1.0 ready my arse! game got me spending to much ?