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  1. Yawallek

    Well Done Bluehole

    Weather in a video game, mindblowing! But yeah can't wait to try it out on live servers.
  2. Yawallek

    Xbox one x owners

    Xbox is one brand they can't make the game differently for OG xbox owners over the X owners, its just unfortunate. I'm sure the next generation will bridge the gap and I bet Microsoft can't wait for that, because even they probably know the OG is holding everything back.
  3. I don't think pubg corp knows how to add aim assist anyway, even if they tried. It would be a broken mess.
  4. Yawallek


    That health bar might be a little lower come October I guess.
  5. Yawallek

    Any explanations please

    That's a massive miss if he had the retacle on the guys left temple area, even if there is an inch or two that gives way due to the sight. I think its more to do with the crash/glitching out/hit reg whatever you want to call it. Anyway I'll see if you correct I'll shoot another buddy later today😂
  6. Yawallek

    Any explanations please

    That guy should've dropped like a sack of shit. Done this to buddy's plenty times when we get stuck in the circle and they drop every time.
  7. I also called for this ages ago, it's such a simple thing you'd think they could just add it in to make everybody's life easier.
  8. Yawallek

    Where is War mode for xbox?

    I know the feeling was even thinking of changing my gamer tag to "loot delivery man" or something.
  9. Yawallek

    Direction of enemy fire!!

    Cool story I obviously disagree though.
  10. Yawallek

    Direction of enemy fire!!

    That's funny because everybody I shoot at from a reasonable distance also runs around like a chicken trying to find out where I'm at. Stop this elittest nonsense about the crack and gunshot sound it's usually over and you dead on the floor before you even had a chance to try and find the guys location. And I don't want to be burdened to a headset just to play a video game. I can play the game as it is now or if they added hit markers, all I'm saying is its not a big deal if they added some common mechanics in the game.
  11. Yawallek

    Direction of enemy fire!!

    I'm in favour of this actually, if you suddenly get shot in the back and survive you would obviously know you got shot from behind. To just be clueless about it is rubbish, at least from a distance it would be nice to have but maybe close range then do away with the indication.
  12. Yawallek

    ANALOGUE Controls

    I'm also yet to discover what the PTS is actually for? Any patch that gets tested on the PTS is automatically brought to the live servers with bugs and all. And when they should use the PTS like now with the analogue controls they don't use it. And a major movement change gets labelled as a hotfix? What is the PTS for exactly???
  13. Yeah and taking a shot in the arse and continuing to sprint like nothing happened is completely normal. This game is already lacking realism.
  14. Yawallek

    Hotfix coming soon

    *hotbreak coming soon
  15. bluehole are just using Microsoft as a stepping stone to get the game working great on console, so they can release it as a finished product on ps4 and make even more millions.