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  1. New Matchmaking Ruined Game

    I've noticed that the games are more challenging now I don't get to top 10 as frequently as I used to. And if they do match players on skill then yes that's nonsense! It should be about the luck of the draw you either get a good lobby or a bad lobby.
  2. When I say in the same vicinity I mean like 3 or 4 metres away from each other and moving together over a certain time. But yeah they would have to accommodate for a few circumstances that could happen.
  3. They need like an algorithm that checks if players are moving in the same vicinity for a long period of time without actually fighting or something, then it should assume that they teaming and kick them. Something like that..
  4. What song would you play?

    AC-DC thunderstruck! Because why not..
  5. New 2x scope

    That is true. We can hope for the best I guess.
  6. New 2x scope

    Don't get too excited it's for PC, probably not coming to Xbox for a long time.
  7. Hit registration

    If they region lock the game then thousands won't be able to play, And we all payed the same amount of money as you, don't see why we should get cut out so you can have a great game.
  8. Git Gud

    My controller is pretty much on life support because of this game, one more rage session and I think I'll need a new one. Thanks PUBG.😆
  9. I don't see PUBG lasting either unfortunately, as soon as a AAA developer makes a Battle Royale game then I'm sure thousands will be forgetting PUBG existed.
  10. This is the classic "I got no comeback so I'll attack your grammar skills" comment.
  11. Weapon drop RNG

    Lately the only time I get an AR is when I pick it off someone's dead body. Otherwise like 8 out of 10 games for me is just lots of shotguns, pistols and that waste of space crossbow thing. Oh and boots don't forget boots!
  12. Nothing wrong with proximity chat provided it has a mute function, I can't worry about what other players are doing with it that's for the devs to sort out. There has to be other ways of preventing teaming in solo while still being able to provide proximity chat.
  13. Dealing with campers

    Camping is legit! My first ever chicken dinner was because of camping and I got 6 kills and not one of them saw me coming including the last guy they all basically got shot in the back.
  14. That was a good eye, I bet that guy was just waiting for his moment to steal the chicken dinner😆
  15. That guy is clearly not a professional bush camper I would've never taken that shot from so far away.. Lol but good kill though, he probably deserved it.