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  1. Ignor the fanboys Ned. You are absolutely right. The current state of the FPS, especially during gun fights, is terrible. Hopefully they can fix it...... But I’m not holding my breath.
  2. Bardude

    Money Grab

    This game was a cash grab plain and simple. The devs were afraid that Fortnite would ruin their sales so they rushed out a product that clearly wasn’t ready. I play on the X and still the game struggles to hit 15 to 20 FPS and drops into single digits when in gun fights. There is no excuse for this kind of lackluster product. They have made millions in profits from the PC version and could have easily invested more into making the Xbox version better. But alas they don’t really care about the Xbox community. They are to focused on their larger PC community. These last two patches have fixed extremely minor issues and have done nothing to help with the server and FPS issues and don’t even get me started on the aim acceleration. I do hope they prove me wrong but unless something changes soon I won’t waist my time playing anymore.