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  1. One of the biggest complaints this game receives is the crashes right? Well I think the player base has to come to terms with the occasional crash, there's enough evidence to say they may be here to stay. The game still crashes on pc even after full release. pubg is one of the first that I've seen where you can reconnect to a multiplayer session after a crash (Save a few bigger world games like ark and others of the like). That feature alone suggests that during testing and pc builds crashes were expected, also suggesting they have no idea what's causing them or how to fix it(or they would have by now). I for one can deal with the occasional crash, and still enjoy the hell out of this game... just need to manage expectations a bit.
  2. This whole topic is laughable. With a proper strategy it's not hard to stay in the blue for the first three circles. Secure a vehicle, pick up bandages, boost up and go, there's no excuse for being under geared in the final circles. There's loot maps you can look at to find vehicle spawns, know which buildings have a higher chance of having guns. Poor planning on the players part is in no way an oversight in development.
  3. I tend to hunt. Unless I need essentials(vest, helmet, heals) I don't loot, just kill and move onto my next target. Keep an eye on the kill feed and listen for gunshots. Know where the enemies are and who has which weapons so you enter each fight with as much info as possible.
  4. I've played most console shooters Inc fortnite. My biggest issue with aim assist is when two players are crossing paths at varying depths center screen. Take Fortnite for example; when a player is knocked down at your feet and his teammate is down range, as you strafe your reticle drags with the knocked player. In halo you see this when shooting down range and a player closer moves between you and your target, your cross hair drags with the closer player leaving you in no -man's land shooting at nothing. Not a fan, but if they put it in I want the option to turn it off.
  5. Minimap and GPS

    Yeah I could see how taking the circle information away could have a significant impact on the survival rate. Leave the main select button map how it is, just attach the minimap and player markers to the new GPS item.
  6. Minimap and GPS

    Yes saccshop that's exactly what I'm going for thank you.
  7. Minimap and GPS

    I don't think you understood, those things are already in the game. The minimap bottom right of your screen. I'm talking about taking them away... untill you find the GPS item. So that means even less hand holding.
  8. Minimap and GPS

    What does everyone think of making things a bit harder? Take the map and minimap away make them both into a rare loot item a GPS. GPS unlocks: minimap, allows for marker placement, showing player and teammate positions, and circle information. Without this item you won't know when the circle is moving or where it's placement is. I've wanted a hardcore version of this game with no circle information or map since this game concept was released. Originally I considered a circle with no pauses, that moved at a pace you could out-run, but I think this would be a nice compromise while adding a bit of an intense twist. I know probably won't happen, but this seems like the right place to throw outlandish ideas around.
  9. Hit Markers

    I'm not a fan of this idea. The kill feed let's you know which teammate knocks down or kills the target, before that point it doesn't matter who hit them. Besides the timing of the blood splatter usually indicates which shot hit.
  10. I've noticed numbers similar to this since launch. People landing in isolated zones, time management issues and the effective strat of engaging at the edge of the circle catching runners... add in the occasional game crash with a full vehicle in the blue.
  11. Vehicle balance idea

    After playing with this latest patch the vehicles seem rather weak. Never had an issue killing players occupying them before, only being made easier now that the need for accuracy is absent. Duos/squads of skilled shooters eliminate vehicles at medium distance in a few seconds. Obviously the devs know the issues and the balancing act they're attempting is a delicate one. Just a suggestion that could help aid the balance. Alter the events that take place once the vehicle has taken full damage: 1. Disable the vehicle, emmiting smoke the vehicle acting as if it has run out of fuel. 2. Delay the explosion, once the vehicle has been disabled give the occupants anywhere from 5-10 seconds to exit the vehicle before the explosion. This will allow a balance; between the entire final circle being charged down by a vehicle wielding psycho, and being absolutely destroyed by anyone with an AR who you just happen to pass by, thereby forcing engagements. P.s this would also help with those annoying moments where a 2ft rise with a grade > 10% will stop your vehicle dead instantly destroying any chance of survival.
  12. Vehicle Issue Contribution

    Would both sides be served by removal of explosive vehicle death? Instead of exploding the vehicle would start smoking and become inoperable. This would allow the devs to restore player damage taken by roadkill. Maybe scale vehicle bullet damage taken, back prior to patch #7, if not doesn't matter. This way tactically shooting the engine block would stop the vehicle leaving it's occupants in an actual gunfight. Seems like an easy fix. the code is already in the game for "vehicle out of gas", copy paste, swap out the message for "Vehicle disabled", replace the death event of the vehicle with this new code and viola! But hey I haven't worked with unreal engine so could be more to it than that. Thoughts?