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  1. Anyone else hate bridge campers?

    Yes I hate them. But it is a good strategy. But I still hate them.
  2. A little more loot at school?

    I agree with this. We usually drop school the first couple rounds of the night to warm up, then drop other places to try to win. School for me is just a place you know you can get a fight in. When we win school its always... "well crap, now what" Because yes, you are normally very undergeared, and you wasted a lot of time hunting people down when people that dropped other places have all that sweet sweet loot by now.
  3. Just wanted to bump this, almost half my games lately my helmet hasn't been showing in the HUD.
  4. 2 PUNCH

    Probably as realistic as being shot to death, and then being revived by your buddy patting you on the back telling you it will be ok for 10 seconds.
  5. 2 PUNCH

    headpunch and 1 other body punch will kill you without armor or helmet
  6. What is up with TPP / FPP?

    I like and play both. I enjoy FPP, but trying to play FPP on a TPP server puts you at a SEVERE disadvantage. I'm glad I have the option of different servers for different modes. As a bonus, at least on Xbox it remembers what you played the game before. On PC, you have to re-select after every game.
  7. Road block on bridges

    Just throwing it out there, even a fold-up lawn chair will stop a UAZ at full speed. They have them around the Farm, learned that lesson the hard way in patch 8
  8. Confession

    My favorite place to do something like this is the air traffic control building on Military island. On the 2nd floor, there is a natural spawn spot right in front of the stairs, I will drop a med kit or first aid kit there, and my victim will ALWAYS go right for it (its a medkit!), and I always wait to the right side in this little cubby area that they cant see coming up the stairs. Works. every. time. and bonus is there is a car spawn right south of that building to allow me to move away with the circle.
  9. Waypoint to next Circle Bugged.

    I was playing last night, was outside the blue running in, and had this happen. it wanted me to go lets say NE when N would be closest entry point. But when circle shrank, the line it wanted me to go on initially (NE), would have been center of NEXT circle. Wondering if its bugged and showing middle of the following circle. Need to test this out tonight to see if true.
  10. Using Cars As Cover

    False. They do stack cars, but usually lose at least 1-2 every time they stop. On PC cars are even worse of a death trap. Pros often blow up their own cars as well
  11. Level 2 helmet!!!

    Like Mung said, Kar98, M24 and AWM all 1-shot kill with a headshot and only lvl2 helmet
  12. This. I had to put 2 point blank shotgun blasts into a guy to kill him from knocked position.
  13. What gamer chair do u own?

    Leather recliner.
  14. Make loot more even

    I completely disagree with you. If you want to drop safe at a tiny farmhouse, you should not be rewarded with awesome loot. If you are willing to drop at a "high loot" area and be ready to fight, you should get rewarded with better gear.