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  1. Lifeline82

    What have you learned from spectating?

    I tried to report, system is broken, would only show intentional teamkill, and wouldn’t let me confirm even that.
  2. Lifeline82

    What have you learned from spectating?

    I spectated blatant teaming. Final circle split a Miramar cliff, me and duo partner on one side, 3 others on other side, no ability to get each other due to gas/terrain. Circle went their way, we died to blue, hit spectate and there are 3 people standing there, within 1M of each other. The third drops his gear and jumps into the blue and dies.
  3. I have a few takeaways. - people love the M4. Almost everyone in top 10 that I watch seems to have one. I much prefer the Vector, but whatever. - especially on Erangel, I often see 2-3 cars in top 10 - worse people than me can win. I see people bumbling around in top 5 constantly, that clearly are bad shots, lack situational awareness and likely stumbled backwards into top 5. you?
  4. Lifeline82

    Refund Request Process

    Dude you’ve been a member since February and posting for months, pretty sure you got your $20 worth. Quit wasting peoples time.
  5. Lifeline82

    Hate Miramar

    My mates and I prefer Miramar due to the lack of house camping. We all enjoy going into the hills and fighting using terrain.
  6. Lifeline82

    Next headshot progression today?

    I was shot in the head multiple times last night. Doing my part!
  7. Lifeline82

    Servers down?

    Got back in with full hold the x button 10 sec restart. Leaving post up because I’m still pissed about game crashing. Again. And again.
  8. Lifeline82

    Servers down?

    game crashed, unable to load game now, keeps saying couldn’t get your latest save data. Tried Xbox restart.
  9. I feel like I get at least 70% of games on Miramar
  10. I defend the game a lot, but this is ridiculous. So many deaths due to rubber banding and nothing loading start of game. X1S, not OG. This patch made it so much worse. PTS ran so much smoother, which is sad. I know there are 400 posts on this, now there is 401.
  11. Template Bug Description: There is an invisible wall preventing you from going from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor at the police station in El Azahar on Miramar. When you try to go up the stairs, you can only go about halfway. Location: Policia Federale building in El Azahar, Miramar Replication: Playing TPP duo, both my duo partner and I tried it and both hit the wall Xbox One Version I am on S, my duo partner plays on an X
  12. Lifeline82

    New patch bugs

    No head when parachuting grenades not loading into usable slot on pickup random no audio on plane
  13. If its anything like PC, PTS stays up when Live goes down. Have a nice day.
  14. Lifeline82

    15x scope bug?

    I equipped a 15x scope on an sks, but even with sensitivity on 5, it moved glacially slow in any direction while ADS to the point of being unusable.