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  1. Lifeline82

    Servers down?

    Got back in with full hold the x button 10 sec restart. Leaving post up because I’m still pissed about game crashing. Again. And again.
  2. Lifeline82

    Servers down?

    game crashed, unable to load game now, keeps saying couldn’t get your latest save data. Tried Xbox restart.
  3. I feel like I get at least 70% of games on Miramar
  4. I defend the game a lot, but this is ridiculous. So many deaths due to rubber banding and nothing loading start of game. X1S, not OG. This patch made it so much worse. PTS ran so much smoother, which is sad. I know there are 400 posts on this, now there is 401.
  5. Template Bug Description: There is an invisible wall preventing you from going from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor at the police station in El Azahar on Miramar. When you try to go up the stairs, you can only go about halfway. Location: Policia Federale building in El Azahar, Miramar Replication: Playing TPP duo, both my duo partner and I tried it and both hit the wall Xbox One Version I am on S, my duo partner plays on an X
  6. Lifeline82

    New patch bugs

    No head when parachuting grenades not loading into usable slot on pickup random no audio on plane
  7. Landed water treatment right inside of the sunken down vats, I then fell through to another lower level, taking fall damage and getting stuck. Xbox one S
  8. If its anything like PC, PTS stays up when Live goes down. Have a nice day.
  9. Lifeline82

    15x scope bug?

    I equipped a 15x scope on an sks, but even with sensitivity on 5, it moved glacially slow in any direction while ADS to the point of being unusable.
  10. Lifeline82

    Directional indicators

  11. Lifeline82

    Holding X to reload sometimes doesn't register.

    Yep, there is now a loading bar surrounding the X, you have to fully complete the loop or it wont reload, which is very annoying.
  12. Bug Description: When picking up a grenade on PTS, it would go into the inventory instead of equipping on character. Had to go in and manually equip into slot. This may be an A vs. X pickup difference, but on the live server, the first grenade picked up also loads into the "ready" slot. Replication: Happened every game, FPP Solo and FPP Squads on PTS Xbox One Version Xbox One S
  13. Lifeline82

    Akm recoil?! Random numbers?!!?

    I wont use the AK on auto without a compensator if at all possible. I think they either need to reduce the recoil, allow it to hold a vert grip, or increase the damage on it. I don't think I am alone saying I will drop an AK in a heartbeat for any other AR.
  14. This is the Xbox forum, wrong place bro.