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  1. helZnate

    Haven't received 30k promo points

    The UK has one time zone. I bought,installed and created a character in the evening on the 31st (we're 4 hours ahead of PST). I can prove my purchase; I've looked at the official promo page and I can't find any info regarding pubg corp having my payment processed before the cut-off to be eligible. Thing is I bought the game partly due to the promo. Unfortunately I will have to escalate my issue on Monday. I know some will say it's just some random games' points, but it's the principle of it all; Plus I'm now interested where this will go now.
  2. helZnate

    Haven't received 30k promo points

    Any news? Because it's getting to that time where I have to notify the ASA (advertising standards authority) here in the UK. Don't want to cause a headache, but I will if I have to
  3. helZnate

    Haven't received 30k promo points

    Any news? Been a while with info, and support just sends me back to MS live.
  4. helZnate

    Haven't received 30k promo points

    Thanks for the replies. Yeah looks like I won't get those pairs of shoes Interesting though as MS are escalating the issue and not getting the points within the time limit are (from what I've read) a big no-no here in the UK with regards to advertising/promos. GG
  5. Excuse me if there is a sticky/thread somewhere where I should post this, but is there any help on this issue? Bought and created character on the the 31st UK (cut off date) and have yet to receive the points that were advertised. Had a chat with xbox support and they did confirm that I am eligible. thanks helZnate : gamertag