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  1. [R-K] WARLORD

    I thought you use guns in PUBG

    Could you provide evidence of a video where you loot 7 buildings and dont even find a pistol or a shotgun? Because im 100% sure you cannot.
  2. [R-K] WARLORD

    Patch #15 - 21 Kills in 60 Seconds

    Wrong board woops.
  3. [R-K] WARLORD

    3 KD, 30% Win, Need 4th

    You still looking for +1? Only thing is i dont play desert map. https://pubg.op.gg/user/OldlKing?server=na
  4. [R-K] WARLORD

    Vehicle hitrange is beyond broken currently.

    The replay system is a joke. But player position is one thing it gets right. The death feed is based on server time. The recording of the player location in conjunction with the death feed showing im dead is proof. If it looked normal, i wouldnt have to go back and record it.
  5. Ive died literally 4 times in the past 2 days to cars that are clearly nowhere near me but just plow right through me. This is such a colossal joke. Here is two examples. This has nothing to do with the replay system being as trash as it is, i wouldnt have had to go back and record these if they looked normal in real time. The second example is less prevelant but can be seen easier but looking at the killfeed and not the box popup and the first example is clear trash.
  6. [R-K] WARLORD

    Undo new Aim Punch

    I didnt read much of the thread but i agree with this. Aim punch as it is basically makes sniping useless now against anyone with decent aim. But just a little tip here, lately if i get caught out in the open by someone who snuck up behind me drop shotting has been working for me, like A LOT. Ive probably won about 10 firefights in the past few days by just spinning around, pressing z and then shooting back. (typically close range, doesnt really work medium-long)
  7. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    How can you see every kill a player got when the replay feature only records 1 KM around your player? Youre just another player who whines about every death because you cant accept the fact some people are better than you so you use the excuse "he was a hacker" to draw sympathy from everyone else just like you.
  8. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    Direct quote from pubg twitter: PC players, the live servers are now back online with our anti-cheat update and red zone sound improvements applied.
  9. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    Before even reading this know that i play FPP NA with only 1 or 2 TPP games for a warmup. After finally getting some time to play this weekend since the new anti-cheat update i can say that despite my skepticism thinking the devs didnt really want to do anything, i can tell that it actually has managed to ban a lot of players. I play with a high skill team and our collective win rate has gone up since the recent update and our average kills/ damage has also gone up since there is less people dying to hackers. We can already feel a difference in the game and other people i have talked to in discords agree with me. As much as i was angered at the devs because of how bad the hacking was i want to give them props for finally managing to crack down a bit more on hackers. They dont get enough appreciation when they do anything right and the plethora of low tier players who just start a thread of haccusations every time they die doesnt do anything to help. Overall my game experience has increased, i find more steady action throughout the game and i have not seen a hacker or anything remotely suspicious in the past 20 games. One game i saw a player in the killfeed who must have got 20+ kills in a squad game just by himself but he was killed before i encountered him. I want to say sorry to the devs for things ive posted in the past like the devs dont care about hackers because it makes them more money. Thanks devs for finally helping.
  10. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    Im amazed at the amount of people making these threads. You all hint at the same thing "Bluehole doesnt care about stopping hackers" You are right, you answered your own question, bluehole doesnt care about stopping hackers when leaving them in the game makes them more money over the long run.
  11. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    Ive seen 4 threads whining about hackers in the past hour deleted off this board alone. I find it amusing and extremely satisfying watching another rant deleted from existence like the scrub who died in the game to what probably was not even a hacker.
  12. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    Where in my post do i say cheating doesnt exist? Im fully aware hackers exist and i too die to them regularly. What i dont do is get on the forums and rant every time i am unhappy i die to what actually may or may not have been a hacker. Ive seen dozens of cheaters in action and died to them plenty of times, but one thing i havent seen is some sort of one shot damage hack. This OP is clearly just an exaggerated rant that has no meaning in a "gameplay discussion" thread.
  13. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    Do you actually have a video of getting 2 shotted by an AR in a level 3 helmet or are you just mad you died again so you got on the forums to rant? Since it was your last game, go bring up the replay, and use a simple screen capturing tool to record yourself getting 2 shotted in a level 3 helmet.
  14. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    The new system blocks anything that interacts with the game files, not just reshade. Why do you keep saying reshade was the #1 priority? Who said that?
  15. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    The new system hasnt been implemented yet, and its more than just a reshade block.