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  1. Im not saying youre wrong, but where does it say that the MM groups players based on rating at all, im looking for cold hard evidence.
  2. Im not looking for info on the ELO rank system or MM, im looking to know: Does the matchmaker select the 100 players based on their leaderboard ranking or does it group the 100 players randomly
  3. I would really appreciate a definitive answer from a Dev or someone who can show me a dev/PU himself saying if the matchmaker puts people together based on their leaderboard rating or not. Ive seen several people say that the MM is based on rating, but i personally believe that this is false. But its possible im wrong of course.
  4. Its an explosion. Its supposed to deafen you. People need to stop crying for changes because of a medical condition/ discomfort. Like the guy on the forums RN crying for a hit indicator because he doesnt like headsets.
  5. [R-K] WARLORD

    The DP28 is a monster.

    Yeah i dont know how i even got to the xbox section
  6. Decided to use the DP28 for a round and.... i won. 10 kill solo, my first since the update. But thats not what this is about. The dp28 is stupid overpowered. Not only does it crank out 51 base damage but it has literally 0 recoil for the first 5-6 shots. Its unreal. You literally just aim in and click and whatever is on the other end will die. AND THAT IS STANDING UP. Not even going to talk about how this weapon is a high damage laser crouching or GOD FORBID WITH THE BIPOD DOWN. Thats a wrap. Dont believe me? Just pop into a round and test it out. Right now with a 3-4 shot to a level 2 vest this weapon is the new best in slot primary for me. The balance of this patch is just so bad....
  7. [R-K] WARLORD

    I can play PUBG on this specs?

    Software that doesnt work period is faulty and refundable. Software that doesnt work because your pc is a potato is NOT FAULTY. Even if you meet the "minimum requirements" that has no meaning on how the game will run. If you meet the absolute minimum requirements it might mean you can ink out 20 FPs on all low settings at 720p. Youre not going to get a refund for saying "i meet the requirements but i dont get 60 fps at all times on minimum.". Youre better off saying it keeps crashing on your pc so you cant play it or something.
  8. [R-K] WARLORD

    I can play PUBG on this specs?

    http://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/valve-australia-fine-1202772984/ This is the event you were talking about. This is before steam offered a clear refund process through the client like we have now. That is not what im talking about. Read the article. AU law: "every business selling products in the country, physical or digital, must provide refunds to consumers. Valve only offered them on a case-by-case basis at the time." Steam rules at the time: “As with most software products, unless required by local law, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on games, DLC or in-game items purchased on our website or through the Steam Client,” Steam implemented a full refund policy in 2015 They were sued for not having a clear process to get a refund They have a specific section on the help website for refunds now. BUT they can still deny you a refund if you break the rules of their system. They were sued for NOT HAVING A REFUND SYSTEM not for DENYING REFUNDS.
  9. [R-K] WARLORD

    I can play PUBG on this specs?

    They are legally allowed to deny refunds at any point because they specifically say so when you agree to the terms and conditions when buying a game.
  10. [R-K] WARLORD

    I can play PUBG on this specs?

    Careful using this method, i did it like 3 or 4 times in a couple weeks and they sent me a warning specifically saying the refund policy was not just for testing games and they reserved the right to deny refunds.
  11. [R-K] WARLORD

    Undo new Aim Punch

    I didnt read much of the thread but i agree with this. Aim punch as it is basically makes sniping useless now against anyone with decent aim. But just a little tip here, lately if i get caught out in the open by someone who snuck up behind me drop shotting has been working for me, like A LOT. Ive probably won about 10 firefights in the past few days by just spinning around, pressing z and then shooting back. (typically close range, doesnt really work medium-long)
  12. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    How can you see every kill a player got when the replay feature only records 1 KM around your player? Youre just another player who whines about every death because you cant accept the fact some people are better than you so you use the excuse "he was a hacker" to draw sympathy from everyone else just like you.
  13. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    Direct quote from pubg twitter: PC players, the live servers are now back online with our anti-cheat update and red zone sound improvements applied.
  14. [R-K] WARLORD

    New rides!

    New cars would be really cool and fun. There is not a current "vehicle rarity" system in the game and i dont think there should be one. One thing you have to consider is the actual vehicle model and how it interacts with the terrain. Certain things like the Bulldog you suggest have a low ride height and if you are going super fast across a field and hit a small rock with the front bumper it will stop your vehicle dead in its tracks causing you to take a huge hit. while i would like some new vehicles to add a variety i think they should add a vehicle damage system with modules and make it easier to stop cars so players cant use them as invincible blockade runners. My suggestion for a new vehicle is a crate drop vehicle, when you get to the airdrop it has the vehicle inside and when you click it it spawns it outside of the crate with obviously some sort of system so it doesnt spawn on players. I think this should be a slightly armored vehicle with either bulletproof tires or bulletproof windows. Bulletproof windows i think would be better because you can still stop the car and kill the players.
  15. [R-K] WARLORD

    Cheating Discussion

    Before even reading this know that i play FPP NA with only 1 or 2 TPP games for a warmup. After finally getting some time to play this weekend since the new anti-cheat update i can say that despite my skepticism thinking the devs didnt really want to do anything, i can tell that it actually has managed to ban a lot of players. I play with a high skill team and our collective win rate has gone up since the recent update and our average kills/ damage has also gone up since there is less people dying to hackers. We can already feel a difference in the game and other people i have talked to in discords agree with me. As much as i was angered at the devs because of how bad the hacking was i want to give them props for finally managing to crack down a bit more on hackers. They dont get enough appreciation when they do anything right and the plethora of low tier players who just start a thread of haccusations every time they die doesnt do anything to help. Overall my game experience has increased, i find more steady action throughout the game and i have not seen a hacker or anything remotely suspicious in the past 20 games. One game i saw a player in the killfeed who must have got 20+ kills in a squad game just by himself but he was killed before i encountered him. I want to say sorry to the devs for things ive posted in the past like the devs dont care about hackers because it makes them more money. Thanks devs for finally helping.