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  1. You mean like you edited into your post after i replied? And like i said before. He is not firing FASTER THAN THE GUNS MAXIMUM FIRING INTERVAL which is .09. I said if you couldnt read before link me a clip where he fires FASTER THAN THE GUNS MAXIMUM FIRE RATE. The cheater is using a rapid fire macro. Not some fire rate hack making him as fast as an uzi. Go pick up an sks and get a click repeater or something or just mash your mouse and you will find that you can fire at that exact same fire rate. No one can shoot faster than the .09 firing interval. Which would make it "As fast as as uzi".
  2. Link me one clip of a hacker firing faster than the guns actual firing interval and i will admit i am wrong, and never post on this forum again. This does not mean someone using a macro to fire at the guns absolute maximum firing rate (which is higher than using full auto and holding down the trigger) but show me a clip where someone fires faster than the guns actual game parameters allow. Which would be something like an sks firing at the rate of an uzi.
  3. Last game i died to a hacker who killed me with a death star from the endor system and then he tbagged me with a spartan laser in each hand. (since i said this happened on the forums it is automatically true)
  4. since it was last game surely you have the replay still in your logs and you can upload it here so we can all watch it and agree with you?
  5. Cheating Discussion

    How can you see every kill a player got when the replay feature only records 1 KM around your player? Youre just another player who whines about every death because you cant accept the fact some people are better than you so you use the excuse "he was a hacker" to draw sympathy from everyone else just like you.
  6. Cheating Discussion

    Direct quote from pubg twitter: PC players, the live servers are now back online with our anti-cheat update and red zone sound improvements applied.
  7. Name Changes

    If we ask them for 5$ name changes, maybe we will get it
  8. Rebalance Erangel.

    You said i implied something, and then proceeded to take that as a fact i actually said it. Good job kiddo.
  9. New rides!

    New cars would be really cool and fun. There is not a current "vehicle rarity" system in the game and i dont think there should be one. One thing you have to consider is the actual vehicle model and how it interacts with the terrain. Certain things like the Bulldog you suggest have a low ride height and if you are going super fast across a field and hit a small rock with the front bumper it will stop your vehicle dead in its tracks causing you to take a huge hit. while i would like some new vehicles to add a variety i think they should add a vehicle damage system with modules and make it easier to stop cars so players cant use them as invincible blockade runners. My suggestion for a new vehicle is a crate drop vehicle, when you get to the airdrop it has the vehicle inside and when you click it it spawns it outside of the crate with obviously some sort of system so it doesnt spawn on players. I think this should be a slightly armored vehicle with either bulletproof tires or bulletproof windows. Bulletproof windows i think would be better because you can still stop the car and kill the players.
  10. Cheating Discussion

    Before even reading this know that i play FPP NA with only 1 or 2 TPP games for a warmup. After finally getting some time to play this weekend since the new anti-cheat update i can say that despite my skepticism thinking the devs didnt really want to do anything, i can tell that it actually has managed to ban a lot of players. I play with a high skill team and our collective win rate has gone up since the recent update and our average kills/ damage has also gone up since there is less people dying to hackers. We can already feel a difference in the game and other people i have talked to in discords agree with me. As much as i was angered at the devs because of how bad the hacking was i want to give them props for finally managing to crack down a bit more on hackers. They dont get enough appreciation when they do anything right and the plethora of low tier players who just start a thread of haccusations every time they die doesnt do anything to help. Overall my game experience has increased, i find more steady action throughout the game and i have not seen a hacker or anything remotely suspicious in the past 20 games. One game i saw a player in the killfeed who must have got 20+ kills in a squad game just by himself but he was killed before i encountered him. I want to say sorry to the devs for things ive posted in the past like the devs dont care about hackers because it makes them more money. Thanks devs for finally helping.
  11. Kar98K vs. LvL 2 Helmet

    "#1- I didn't see any blood splat," Congratulations, you missed. And if you somehow did hit him, you hit him in the neck. http://buttburg.party/weapons/#weapon=Kar98k&armor=2&helmet=2&distance=10&htk=false
  12. Trouble in Paradise?

    They use specific word choice to try and make 3.4 million players sound like a lot, but the reality is it was 3.4 million players between pc and xbox one. PUBG is still the biggest game on PC. Fortnite caters to little kids and casuals and i HIGHLY enjoy the fact pubg is for a more tactical and skilled audience and that it still pulls a massive crowd. Also its interesting to think how successful pubg could have ACTUALLY Been if they started with a fully polished engine like Fortnite's battle royale version did. Because most people dont even know that Fortnite was a game that had already been out/ in development for a long time.
  13. Rookie vs all...

    And when exactly is it youre going to be satisfied enough with the skill of the players it matches you with? If it keeps you with new players, you wont complain, because youre winning. But if you play against people at or slightly above your skill level and you die you will just come right back here and complain. Learn like everyone else had to.
  14. Cheating Discussion

    Im amazed at the amount of people making these threads. You all hint at the same thing "Bluehole doesnt care about stopping hackers" You are right, you answered your own question, bluehole doesnt care about stopping hackers when leaving them in the game makes them more money over the long run.
  15. Rebalance Erangel.

    Referencing your hypocrisy in a reply that asked a rhetorical question about the current thread is hardly "bringing the thread here" compared to your reply of purely a comment meant for a different thread.