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  1. Zedman

    Chicken Dinners.........

    Heaps of good advise....came from a COD background so I know how to shoot. Another example is last nite again we got into the final 3 squads and just the fact that where we got positioned in the smaller circle had no cover on our side and they had a shit tonne on their side LOL. Have a great headset to the point that I shit myself when it thunders hahahaha. I think some nites I just don't see people and on the new map being so crazy, if you don't see peeps, you get owned! Still enjoying and having a laugh though!
  2. Zedman

    Chicken Dinners.........

    I actually do a lot of these, other then the pumping hours....recently switched to type A controller and have had heaps of kills as a result of 'over the shoulder' aiming. Think sometimes it's just bloody bad luck where the circle falls.😂
  3. Ok....have been playing since Day 1 and only have a few duo and a handful squad KFC meals. Quite regularly get into the top 10 with any where between 2 and 5 kills....but really struggle to get the drumstick. So my question to those who rack em up, is it really just how many hours u put into the game or sometimes. Is it just luck (where the circle falls, when you see peeps creeping and you smash them cause they don't see you)? The win isn't a massive factor for myself and the guys I play with....most of us are dads who are just busy with family life to rack up the hrs. But saying that, some more success would be great! Tips guys....I know there are past posts in regards to this...would be good to see other dads or busy guys in their 30s/40s who has an opinion. Cheers
  4. Zedman

    Data synch doesn't work?????

    Xbox site says it's down at the moment....conspiracy???? LOL
  5. Zedman

    Data synch doesn't work?????

    Just tried....unable to matchmake 😭
  6. Zedman

    Data synch doesn't work?????

    Does that allow u to play and synch it all up?
  7. Zedman

    I will never complain about PUBG if...

    Having bugs is part of the pubg adventure....if you don't love this rollercoaster, COD or fortnite is waiting for you 😘
  8. Have been looking....can't find any info so forgive if there is. Guessing there will be another large 11+gig when the Maintenance period has concluded? Cheers peeps
  9. Zedman


    Proctologist 😮
  10. Just a thought...What does everyone thing about introducing Tracer Fire into the game? Would look awesome when straying an M416 in Full Auto when it's sunset or overcast and stormy...seeing your bullets fly would also help with directional fire. Thoughts??
  11. Zedman

    Dear Devs (Fix PUBG)

    The game has taken a few steps back again....Just hoping they figure this out before 1.0 is unleashed.
  12. Have noticed a few play doughs and rubberbanding sneaking back into the game. I'm sure they will sort it out.
  13. Zedman

    Day one to present day

    I'm in line with this post....this is the 1st game for awhile that I'm still playing after 9 months and not bored b/c every game is different. You never know what's going to happen. Looking forward to war mode and the new map
  14. Zedman

    Xbox one graphics

    Have to agree with this....its what makes PUBG unique. The games a bit rough..the graphics not the high end 4k stuff COD has...but maybe that's why I'm bored with those games and still playing this almost 1 yr on and still not bored.
  15. Zedman

    Updates today and gamescon

    My mate wants a miniskirt...he thinks it will finish of his lady character nicely LOL