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  1. Zedman

    I know I'm not the only one.

    Its a game.....for f&*ks sake, have fun and dont take it too seriously. It aint life or death!
  2. I can see both sides of this argument. But the fact that your car can blow up from hitting a pebble or you sit and wait in a bush after you drop for the building to load in or your heart beats at 220 when you get to the final 3.....isnt this what the 'Pubg' experience is?? All its quirks and bumps and seriously messed up bits and pieces. I enjoy this game for is unpredictability, for the fun I have playing with my mates and for the fact there is nothing like this out there....thats what makes this so cool. And this fanboy is here till the end. We will either ride to victory or die together in a blaze of glory!
  3. Hey all....now the game is 'up and running' with both maps, do we delete the test sever off our Xboxs now.....and do you think having the extra space will make a small difference to loading in/rendering times? Cheers.
  4. Guys.....I know its a development game and its in progress and everything else, and I have great patience for this great game....but when is the loading in going be as good as it was 4 patches ago? I miss landing on roofs and not waiting in a bush for my building to load in or not getting stuck in a fence or wall...thanks for your opinions and non sh!t slinging. og xbox one.
  5. I too have fallen through the earth into the vast underground ocean.....funny as f&*k LOL
  6. I have to admit....the game is improving alot. We played last nite and load ins are faster...still rubberbanding a bit...but lets hope its on the way up
  7. Well its all about the coin isn't it. Hope it isnt the case with these guys....hope its just genuine teething issues thay will be sorted very soon.....trying to have faith
  8. We droppped into the mines at Mirmar and only had water...actually fell into the ocean through the floor before being thrown back into the cave floor LOL
  9. Would like peeps opinions...not sh^t slinging. I understand bluehole have acknowledged the issues they/we are having at the moment....but is this game turning to a 'must have Xbox One X' kind of game? The guys I play with...1 has the X and never has load in problems....two have the S and is slightly slower....and the rest of us have the og. Having the X gives those players such an advantage at the start of the game ( until the issues are fixed). Do any of your think that this game will just become too frustrating for us og players? And before you say....go buy a SSD or and new console...just remember it is not feasible for everyone. Do u believe the game will be equal to a certian degree once they fix these loading in issues? Cheers guys.
  10. Zedman

    Reconnect Controller Bug

    Ok....great to know Im not the only sad bugger with this drama
  11. Well in the interest of sharing and getting others opinions....thats why Im telling about this. Intresting to see what everyone elses take is...not just throwing crap back at a comment....possibly?? Oh and Im sure I said I really enjoy this game??
  12. Zedman

    Reconnect Controller Bug

    Just happened again....stalked a player....open up on them....bang controller turns off and then back on. I start shooting like Ray Charles and then im dead
  13. Yeah agree.....land, wait for everything to load (dont even think about landing on roofs anymore)....try and walk in while rubberbanding, try and grab weapon while that too loads in Bang your dead