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  1. Host cutting connection?

    1st time today...happened once.
  2. Anyone else notice the back hatch of the plane now doesnt open when the drop is available? Was always good to see how many peeps were still left inside
  3. Footsteps sound

    Thats death following you LOL
  4. Cheers mate...I did the trial for this and was wondering the same thing. Will turn off!
  5. Road block on bridges

    Maybe block off the bridge for vehicles to cross....have bollards half way or heaps of wrecked cars and trucks so you have to do it on foot. There needs to be enough cover so you can have a fighting chance of crossing on foot without getting nailed.
  6. Hit detector from being shot.

    The realism of game would be diminished if we had hit indicators and auto reload. Nothing gets your heart pumping like a bullet zinging past your ear and not knowing where it came from!
  7. What gamer chair do u own?

    Couch for fun....beanbag 2 inches from my 55 inch screen when Im serious LOL 🤣🤣
  8. Night-time Game Mode!

    Would be a challanging way to play. I still think a raining day map and a fogged map would be great (i know it has been talked about)
  9. Good Job! Patch #9

    So much better...so much smoother. Great job!
  10. Avatar in start menu for xbox one?

    Ok havent got on the xbox 1 yet....
  11. Any word on when this will happen? Have seen streamers have their avatars working, but think they have xbox 1 x?? Would be nice to not just see a shadowy figure anymore.
  12. Hey Guys....is it just me or does everyone get this? My Handset keeps dropping out and sometimes turns off completely whilst playing PUBG. And it is always when I am aiming for a headshot or driving. It doesn't happen in any other game or when watching streaming services. My controller is always fully charged. Just strange it only happens in PUBG. Anyone else??? Cheers.
  13. Best headset?

    I have the Xbox gaming stereo headset as do a few other guys I play/work with. $60 AUD and works great! Great sound!
  14. Private session with friends

    We have 12 workmates who would love to play together in a private game....need to get this in!
  15. Player Damage while Driving a Car is sensitive.

    Yeap...agree with this. Don't mind if you are 100km/hr and stop dead, you deserve some damage...but not when you touch a bump.