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  1. KAR98.


    PLEASE tell me you’re joking. Just because someone can 180 faster, and more accurately that you, they should be subjected to slower speeds!? Hahah how does that make sense.
  2. KAR98.


    You can still only turn as fast as the in game sens allows with a m&k. You don’t get “extra speed” from no where.
  3. KAR98.

    4K Monitor

    Xbox is about to support 144hz video output so since youre willing to spend a bit more you may want to look into that.
  4. KAR98.

    4K Monitor

    Who said the're buying the equipment only for this game? A good monitor will make all your gaming far superior in my opinion. I have the X and only had a 1080p (my tv) to play on. So as someone who wants the best gaming experience possible on console a 4k 1ms monitor seemed like a no brainer. EVERY game ive played has looked killer, not just pubg.
  5. KAR98.

    4K Monitor

    The ONLY shitty thing about it is the stand. Kinda wobbly if you dont have the most sold dest or w/e.
  6. KAR98.

    4K Monitor

    Within the Xbox setting it is enabled yes,(which cannot be done without a freesync enabled monitor) however when you go into the settings on the monitor itself the freesync part is grayed out. So I mean I want to say yes but I could be wrong.
  7. KAR98.

    4K Monitor

    Just got mine 2 weeks ago or so and love everything about it. 1ms or nothing.... https://www.amazon.com/VP28UQG-3840x2160-Adaptive-FreeSync-Monitor/dp/B074PK4R2H/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527977274&sr=8-1&keywords=asus+vp28uqg
  8. KAR98.

    Astro A40 / A50 EQ Pre sets

    Having really good results for footsteps and mids with this setting https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dzzWpWf6FxYQFOGABP9N-tncw_0oWMAU/view
  9. KAR98.

    Shooting Range/ Practice mode

    Actually playing the game is how you get better.
  10. KAR98.

    Shooting Range/ Practice mode

    Brendan green says not having a shooting range is part of what makes the game the game. It’s suppose to be tough and it takes risk and skill to raise your playing level.
  11. KAR98.

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    This is a opt in experience. If the test server doesn’t work around your schedule that’s poor luck on your end. Wait till March and you’ll have all the access you want.
  12. I guess I’m confused about what exactly it is then. I was under the understanding that all it was was swap sticks? what am I missing?
  13. If you have the newer Xbox controller with the headphone jack you should be able to downoad Xbox accessories app and map the sticks to legacy. The I would only recomend using legacy sticks if you have an elite or scuff so you can map face buttons to the back or else you’re going to loose all control from the main buttons while your thumb is on right stick.
  14. Joined low-t pubg club. Everyone I’ve played with has been awesome. competetions and events are sick. Far surpassed my expectations.