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  1. So, when you open the test server, you see the new video. I saw a list of things I haven’t found in game and I’m wondering if there is any information on release. -Two sighs on one weapon -Grenade launcher underbarrel attachment -flare gun for crate drop -night time vendeki Any info is appriciated if there is none that’s fine too. Thanks
  2. KAR98.

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    This is a opt in experience. If the test server doesn’t work around your schedule that’s poor luck on your end. Wait till March and you’ll have all the access you want.
  3. I guess I’m confused about what exactly it is then. I was under the understanding that all it was was swap sticks? what am I missing?
  4. If you have the newer Xbox controller with the headphone jack you should be able to downoad Xbox accessories app and map the sticks to legacy. The I would only recomend using legacy sticks if you have an elite or scuff so you can map face buttons to the back or else you’re going to loose all control from the main buttons while your thumb is on right stick.
  5. Joined low-t pubg club. Everyone I’ve played with has been awesome. competetions and events are sick. Far surpassed my expectations.
  6. KAR98.

    Game crash: Megathread

    Xbox one x (wired connection) dash boarded just a bit after first circle started closing in location: walking up on lake houses just north west of yasnaya