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  1. Jed

    Vanishing BP balance

    Hi, so.....recently you guys released an update and gave everyone loads of BP. I didn’t spend all of mine. I’ve been away for 5 days, i’ve Come back.....and all of my BP has gone. Why?
  2. Still getting the odd ‘lost connection to host’ (although it is FAR much less frequent than it was before, I got it twice all day compared to every few games or so.....I run mine on the 1X). And one of my friends, one of which has never got it before, got it several times (he’s running it on the standard X1).
  3. I play European servers cus I’m from the UK so it must be the same issue here in regards to people from Asia or NA joining the EU servers
  4. De-Sync seems to be becoming more prominent i’ve Noticed. Perhaps it’s just me I don’t know. But I’ve had the game since December and it’s only in recent months that i’ve Noticed how frequently I seem to die to somebody that hasn’t appeared on my screen yet. So so what I mean by that is....myself and somebody else will be aware of one another presence and we’ll be peeking one another etc etc. But then i’m Killed before the guy has even appeared on my screen......it’s becoming increasingly frustrating cus what can I do?
  5. Jed

    Weather makes map dark

    Lol, see my latest post about the weather effect ??
  6. My mates had a a run last night of 3 out of 5. But the way it’s set up can’t be right if I can go as long as I and some others have done and barely seen it!
  7. I have only gone out of my way to message someone ONCE and it was passive aggressive advice to a player that waited, from the initial drop, in a house for me with an SK12. I don’t mind being killed when it’s either dOwn to my own error or the other person just out playing me. But to die the way I died that game....the red mist just descended ? i do love getting hate mail from people i’ve Killed fairly though.
  8. If I combine PTS and the live game then i’ve seen it four times in total and in one of them the overcast setting didn’t even bring any rain or fog or anything ??
  9. Hi guys. So i’m A huge fan of the dynamic weather system that’s just been implemented. HOWEVER. I’ve played over 12 hours of the game in two days and only come across the overcast weather setting ONCE. Infact....today I only saw the sunset weather setting once. And I’ve been playing since 9am. Whikst I understand the problems that would occur if the weather system changes were too frequent...I can’t help but feel that the overcast setting is far too INFREQUENT. I mean....ONCE. In over 12 hours. I must have played over 50 games. Come on ???
  10. Jed

    Is it acceptable to camp?

    I think that camping is bad depending on the circumstances. If you’re that guy that parachutes in, finds the first gun available to them and then sits and waits in a bathroom etc etc....then you are the worst type of player and you lack skill on multiple levels. HOWEVER, if you’re in an area looting and somebody rocks up to your area and has no idea you’re there...:then it’s different. I’d still never hide in a room but i’ll Definitely stop moving and wait for the unsuspecting person to come to me. Again, if you’re in a bush etc etc then this is fine. It’s a form of stealth at the end of the day. I think what i’m Trying to say is that if you camp at the very start of the game then this is just poor and weak tactics. If you play the game and find yourself in a situation whereby it is necessary for your own survival to hide....then this is acceptable. That is just my opinion anyway. I think anyone who is a decent player would agree with that.