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  1. Latest Updates *beep* the Servers... :(

    Hmm... On my end it takes more than 2-5 seconds to reconnect. It actually needs a second or a third reconnect attempt, until it does. :(( As for items pick up, I need to swipe them a few times, until they get in my inventory..... Wtf is up with that?! Why are the EU servers so f*cked up??? I know it's not the entire EU region, but maybe the closest servers to my country(Romania)? I doubt the game connects the player to farther servers, than the ones closest to his country, though... Or is it? My ISP is ''RCS & RDS'', the best in my country. And my connection is gigabit fiber optics, directly to my router, and I'm using it wired. If that matters to anyone(devs?).......... I don't know what else to say, just that I need help identifying the issue. And if it's indeed the servers, then maybe you should switch the ISP they are on. The ISP should have very big upload speed too. For example I have 1000Mbps download, and 500Mbps upload...
  2. Latest Updates *beep* the Servers... :(

    Hey. Has anyone else been having this problem as well, after the new updates? If so, then say so here. So that the devs see it affects more people. If not, then ignore this topic and go play some PUBG.
  3. Mid-game lost of controls and connection lost

    I only had this issue two times, two updates ago. No connection loss, just the controls not working. Still, who's to say for sure, it won't happen again... -No VPN. -ISP ''RCS & RDS''. The best in EU. Or at least in my country, RO. -Fiber Optics to my router, Wired. -Router ''KAON AR4010'', specially made for my ISP. -Windows Firewall. -No pattern(?). -Logitech G KB&M, 1ms latency. 'Nuff said. -Logitech Gaming Software. -And no. Thanks for taking an interest in this issue!
  4. Leaving match, but character stays online

    I didn't have this issue yet, since I exit only after I die anyway. This is to show just how terrible and slow the servers are! Cloud based? Yeah sure, that's how you see everything after smoking rubber...
  5. Quick Freeze ~ Tabbing

    Uncheck the ''render character'' box at the bottom, in the inventory. Still, with that system you shouldn't have any issues...
  6. Mid-game lost of controls and connection lost

    I think that's the best FIX ever! To not update the game anymore...
  7. GOD F*CKING DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPAWN MORE F*CKING CARS IN THIS F*CKING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus Christ people!!!!!!!!!! Every day, every single day of the week, 24/7, I DIE BECAUSE OF YOUR IMAGINARY FORCE SHIELD(BLUE)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either make that shit do way less damage, or spawn more vehicles in this stupid-ass game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to die fighting, not by an imaginary shit!!!!!! Please do something already, it's beyond annoying!!!!!! I'm getting desperate by your freaking blue crap wall/shield!!!! :(((((((((((((((((((((( PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm tired of running!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY RUN ANYWAY??? YOU CAN'T OUTRUN THIS WITHOUT A CAR!! :(((:(:(:(:((:(((((((((((((((:(
  8. Wadu Hek??!

    Hello! You know, there is a limit to ''a game being bad that it's funny''. This is passed that! The video below will start at a specific time, for you to see. Or you can watch all of it. Just to point out, it's not my channel, nor I am advertising it.
  9. Hey. The updates and fixes are not working! Since the newest update(s), the servers are very very slow, and crash more often. Are you sure you are doing it right?? Maybe you should let someone else do it...... Like different companies all together.. :((((( There are a few issues that happen a lot more often than usual: 1. Each time I finish a game and click Exit to Lobby, I get the ''Servers are busy'' error. Every single time! The Lobby has more action than the freaking matches... :((( 2. This is related to the waiting time in the waiting area. There are past 85 people on, and the timer still doesn't start. WTAF? Stop matching people with very good PCs, internet speed and latency, with crap PCs and GSM internet!! :(((((((( 3. The game crashes a lot, out of nowhere. I play 3-4 games, boom, crash with error reporter. I play another 3-4 games, boom, crash with error reporter, again. Do I need to copy-paste it again and again? 'Cuz that's how often it crashes... :((((( The crashes happen after matches though, not during them, at least. But no ''bad_module'' crash, just the random crash... I'm playing on the EU servers. Doesn't matter how, TPP, FPP, Single, Squad, it's all the same. This didn't happen 2-3 updates ago, so what gives? I have an OP rig, with OP internet connection, so it's not me. Please help! And by this I mean, someone should help them fix their ''e-sports ready'' game... Don't get me wrong, I love the game!!! I just hate them, big difference...
  10. What strategy can you make, when you have nothing to lose but your life...?
  11. Lower The Waiting Time, PLEASE!

    Cloud servers my ass!!! You don't put 20+ custom servers on the same computer as the official live servers!!!!! Cloud is not a technology, it's a software! If anyone says ''but it's cloud based'', then you are an idiot! Because News Flash: Cloud Servers are Computers too! Wow, mind blowing, huh? The reason why you can't do that: There is a limited amount of Virtual Machines you can make on a computer. And that does not include the custom servers...
  12. As the title states, they are not enough, or too much! 1. In 5 matches, once if I found a vehicle. And that if I was very lucky. Half of the server, 50 players, die from the blue, because no vehicles. 2. Again, no weapons, or too many in a single spot on the maps?? I don't find weapons at all. Sometimes I find a pistol on an uzi, actually that's all I find... What's the point of 100 players, if 1/3 are just shooting targets? Walking dummies... Isn't that reserved for the Zombie mode? 3. This is quite annoying... Why is it bombing 2 times in a row, in the same spot??? The blue was coming, I had to wait for it to finish... Yay, it stopped, RUN! Oh f*ck, it's the red zone again, go back inside the 1 building in 1mile radius...... Am I the only one, this unlucky?
  13. Lower The Waiting Time, PLEASE!

    Being half an hour early into the game, is better than waiting for slow PCs! I'd also have time to loot my fill, AND hide all vehicles...
  14. Lower The Waiting Time, PLEASE!

    Didn't upgrade since 5+ years... Are you still playing on Ultra settings every game?? Because I could care less about low-mid settings. I PLAY GAMES HOW THEY WERE MEANT TO BE PLAYED!!! Why do all the developers put in so much effort each time, for their games to look gorgeous, if anyone with a 10 years old PC can run it on lowest in 720p? Timer starts at 60 people... Since when??? Maybe on Asia and US. I played this morning, and the timer didn't even start at 85 people! Imagine my horror and torment......
  15. Lower The Waiting Time, PLEASE!

    There is no such thing as good PC and crap internet. If you have the best PC, then you want the best of everything, if you're like me. Unless you have a crappy country or you live in the woods. I have Gigabit connection and my latency around the world is around 10+ms. Also they said something like ''matching people with good latency, together, and the ones with high latency, the same''. So they can make the ones with low latency and good PC, have lower wait times!