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  1. Lucian2018

    Mid-game lost of controls and connection lost

    I only had this issue two times, two updates ago. No connection loss, just the controls not working. Still, who's to say for sure, it won't happen again... -No VPN. -ISP ''RCS & RDS''. The best in EU. Or at least in my country, RO. -Fiber Optics to my router, Wired. -Router ''KAON AR4010'', specially made for my ISP. -Windows Firewall. -No pattern(?). -Logitech G KB&M, 1ms latency. 'Nuff said. -Logitech Gaming Software. -And no. Thanks for taking an interest in this issue!
  2. Lucian2018

    Mid-game lost of controls and connection lost

    I think that's the best FIX ever! To not update the game anymore...
  3. Lucian2018

    Wadu Hek??!

    Hello! You know, there is a limit to ''a game being bad that it's funny''. This is passed that! The video below will start at a specific time, for you to see. Or you can watch all of it. Just to point out, it's not my channel, nor I am advertising it.
  4. Lucian2018

    Mid-game lost of controls and connection lost

    This issue is taking place on the PC platform, and I see that it's getting popular... Does it happen on the Xbox as well?
  5. Lucian2018

    bad module info crash

    Hmm.. Then it seems it actually doesn't like some higher clocks, or overclocking. The issue is really about optimization then.
  6. Lucian2018

    New server locations

    Hello. Can someone tell me how to test my ping/latency on the EU region? An IP address or something to ping to. Thank you.
  7. Lucian2018

    Weapon Spawns got Cut in Half?

    I thought they were gone or in small amounts... I only see them on YouTube, LoL. The players I kill and what I find in buildings, is the M16A4. Ok, thank you all!
  8. Lucian2018

    Weapon Spawns got Cut in Half?

    But not as much/same quantity?
  9. Lucian2018

    Weapon Spawns got Cut in Half?

    Hey. Is it me, or there is no more M416?? I swear I can't find it anywhere anymore, on any map! I only find the M16A4... Was it removed or cut its spawns by 2 thirds?
  10. Lucian2018

    "Bad_module_info" Crash and fix

    Hey. I finally switched the RAM slots, but it didn't change anything... At least I tried. They said it was a Windows issue or something. A bad update or something? At least I know how to fix my issue...
  11. Lucian2018

    "Bad_module_info" Crash and fix

    Yes, no crashes anymore. But the game still needs more optimization...
  12. Lucian2018

    "Bad_module_info" Crash and fix

    What way did I react? Yes, I asked overkill for whom, ''the game?", I should have added... It's not that I got salty, buy you were just saying to do the same thing I already did. And AFTER that, you said about switching the RAM slots, etc. Listen to what? What you said, wasn't new to me and I already did half of it. So there was no point to SUGGEST me the same thing, was there? I am not arguing, nor I jumped at you or anything, I was just stating the obvious. Sorry you felt that way...
  13. Lucian2018

    "Bad_module_info" Crash and fix

    Also, I did mention in the OP that this is RAM related. And I already lowered my memory clock a bit. I'm not getting the error and/or crash anymore. Pay attention. I should've written ''FIX'' in the title, now it's too late... And no, I didn't try different slots. I always wanted to do it before starting my PC, but I forget. And after starting it I don't want to turn it off.
  14. Lucian2018

    "Bad_module_info" Crash and fix

    CPU is good, 3.5Ghz stock.
  15. Lucian2018

    Mid-game lost of controls and connection lost

    Hey. So, the keyboard and mouse were not responding at all, except for the Esc button. So I quit to Lobby in a good game. :(((( This happened out of nowhere, no errors, nothing... The keyboard and mouse worked if I hit Esc or Alt + Tab, but the character and camera just wouldn't move. It was like the PC froze, except it didn't, the game WAS running... This started while crouching and picking up stuff on the ground. The only Other thing I could do is press the use button to keep picking up stuff, but it was just the animation working, nothing was being picked up... What the beep is up with that?? It wasn't lag, at least I hope it wasn't. I waited 5+ minutes and nothing happened. I was playing TPP on the EU region, if it helps.