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  1. Players team killing for loot

    Ugh... every time I read a "don't play with randoms" response to someone talking about team killers, as if that's the ONLY way you can get team killed calls for an Anderson Cooper eye roll. It's like proving the public school system has failed you or something.
  2. False Contoller disconnect prompt

    Happens to me all the time. However, it's when my controller actually disconnects and I turn it back on (say to change batteries or turning it back on after I throw it at the wall *jk*) the "A Controller has been disconnected" error appears and after I turn it back on it remains on screen. I'm still able to navigate the menus or start a match but the message will persist. I have to close out the game completely and launch it again in order for it to go away. TL;DR - It happens to me too.
  3. You posted this in the Xbox PUBG forum.
  4. Teamkilling and BlueHole's Response?

    Well if you haven’t encountered this problem, good for you. All your experience is really helpful. Carry on, survivor. 👏
  5. Teamkilling and BlueHole's Response?

    Not feedback for 'my' report. Just feedback in general. What is being done about team killers that are being reported, as a whole? What is actions does BlueHole take to curb the actions on xbox? Can that question be addressed, please, @PUBG_RoboDanjal?
  6. Teamkilling and BlueHole's Response?

    Amazing. Everything you said was wrong. Firstly, Microsoft/Xbox does tell you if you report someone. It's in their TOS and they send you a message when action has been taken, as well. Secondly, I've only been TK'd using LFG, so there goes your game matching theory. Lastly, sounds like you're an experienced team killer yourself. You know, if I'm going to make assumptions about the way you play, as well.
  7. Stuck on title screen

    This is gonna sound really stupid, but it did fix problems I had with other games (and has been publicly acknowledged by MS as a problem). If your xbox is plugged into a power bar; unplug it. Plug it either into a UPS or directly into the wall. Try launching the game again.
  8. Teamkilling and BlueHole's Response?

    I've submitted many a ticket of teamkillers along with video evidence. My most recent submission, I didn't even receive an acknowledgement/automated response from BH that my ticket was received, regardless... The first ticket I ever submitted, I received a "How did we do" survey-type email response with two options: 1) Good, I'm satisfied, or; 2) Bad, I'm not satisfied. As I stated in the survey, and I will reiterate here: How can anyone be satisfied if there is absolutely no transparency about what action has been taken. Subsequent tickets I submitted to BH include a "We do not release the details of actions taken against teamkillers" (or something close to that). Here's the problem: Why go through the effort of reporting when you can't even be transparent with the action taken. That's not something you should be keeping hush-hush, unless of course the response taken is absolutely nothing. Which, if that was the case, why bother submitting a ticket, and if no one is submitting a ticket, then what's the curb the team killing? See the cycle here? Answers from BlueHole would be appreciated. @PUBG_Hawkinz @PUBG_RoboDanjal
  9. Does anyone else have the camera swing on them, roughly 180 degrees after they land from parachuting? It happens to me 100% of the time.
  10. crashing on inventory still

    This might be your system. I'm not sure if this is systemic. I've never had this problem, and I don't see it plaguing the forums. I'm on an OG Xbox. Clear the cache, reinstall the game, and hard reset your box, perhaps?
  11. Jet Skis and buggy horn...

    WTF is with those wooden pieces of shit jet skis? lol They do 50km/hr... you're one slow moving target on that loot delivery machine. hahaha
  12. Revive Glitch

    Found a res glitch where you can be revived in a few seconds without a team mate having to kneel down and rub your head for the whole 10 seconds. Made two clips. I was able to recreate the glitch in two separate games. I don't want to share the details here or post the videos for reasons that should be obvious. You might want to take a look tho, devs.