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  1. superunknowndude

    Bad Hit registration or network lag?

    It's a thing. The desync is out of this world with the new patch. Just played for a few hours on the new update and that video is pretty much like every run I've had. I don't get it.
  2. superunknowndude

    External SSD help

    Go to the manufacturer website. Look for your model under the support or downloads page. Check for updates. You'll have to plug the device directly into a mainboard. It can't be updated through an external enclosure.
  3. superunknowndude

    External SSD help

    What state are you in? With great advice like that, I want to open an IT repair shop in your locale. 😃
  4. superunknowndude

    External SSD help

    Before you do all of that, make sure you update the controller firmware of the SSD. Fixes wear levelling issues and random disconnects whilst plugged into an external enclosure (sometimes - this is brand dependent)
  5. superunknowndude

    Xbox One X Huge advantage

    Do you have an OG? Because you'd be the first person in xbox history that it doesn't improve all game loading times.
  6. superunknowndude

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    god damn them for not checking with your work schedule first, right?
  7. superunknowndude

    Xbox One X Huge advantage

    nah... those times are pretty accurate. this is exactly why I bought an ssd.
  8. superunknowndude

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    are the servers only running for 5 days and then that's all she wrote??
  9. superunknowndude

    Reconnect Controller Bug

    I bought a 10' micro USB cable and plugged my controller into the console 24/7. Fixed the issue for me. But then, I'm essentially running a wired controller now. So there's that.