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  1. superunknowndude

    External SSD help

    What state are you in? With great advice like that, I want to open an IT repair shop in your locale. 😃
  2. superunknowndude

    External SSD help

    Before you do all of that, make sure you update the controller firmware of the SSD. Fixes wear levelling issues and random disconnects whilst plugged into an external enclosure (sometimes - this is brand dependent)
  3. superunknowndude

    Player Concerns Addressed... Logic Problem

    partition the ssd and statically assign the volume IDs remove X1X hdd and plug into computer along side of SSD. run DD command from HDD to SSD put SSD into X1X. Enjoy.
  4. I'm not gonna play the "well what about blinker fluid game" with you bro. Your analogy was garbage. Your expectation of common knowledge is garbage. Get a job at PUBG Corp and fix the game if you're that good otherwise if you want to blow smoke, go hack a dart.
  5. The analogy between an oil change and IT know-how makes my point though. If you don't know how to do it, you have someone else do it. Then you're trusting that the person you have do it does it correctly. You'd be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't have a horror story of their car and a garage. Why should internet hardware setups be an exception?
  6. superunknowndude


    Mavericks Proving Grounds.
  7. Consumers aren't buying consoles as if to study a minor in software design. They just want to play a game. To expect foundational knowledge like you're listing here is insane. Don't project your knowledge onto others as if it's normal because it's not. Knowing how to port forward is a chore in and of itself to the layman. I run pfsense box with multiple networks. To do a 'simple' port forward is a chore - then follows the troubleshooting that comes with it. This is not a normal setup by any stretch of the imagination but comparatively, I could lambaste anyone with an inferior setup like a linksys or netgear router and call them oblivious and ignorant. But that would be a disservice. TL;DR - The average xbox consumer is not an IT professional. To expect more is being, as you stated, "oblivious/ignorant".
  8. @ThaTongan How long are you generally playing when you have a go at the game? 1 hour? 6 hours? etc... If you're not playing very long then it would be unlikely you'd encounter few, if any, crashes. But this is neither here nor there. I've started up a game and crashed in the Lobby. So, sometimes length of gameplay is meaningless. I've used both settings, hard resets and I'm certain I've manipulated every setting the xbox has to offer. Just when you think you've found a working combo, you'll crash. Then when you log back in you'll crash immediately upon reconnection. I've learned that all these tweaks, tricks, setting changes is nothing more than the gambler's fallacy. The game is not optimized for the console and their net code is weak. Almost any belief the contrary and we'd just be fooling ourselves.
  9. superunknowndude

    Esp Hackers taking over Leaderboards

    The people that can't make it work have a 1 of 3 problems (or all 3 at the same time lol). Firstly, they have a bad install of java. They're using an incompatible java version (JRE vs JSE vs JDK). Version 7 absolutely does not work. Some versions of 8 does. Not sure about 9 or 10. Secondly, they have an incompatible video card or bad drivers. OpenGL support is required or they need to edit a file in order to disable the support for OpenGL. Lastly, they don't know how to compile the program in their native OS. If they even get through all that, people don't have the right hardware in the first place. They're using laptops with wireless/integrated NIC on a bridged connection. Or they fuck that up and use ICS and can't figure out what NAT does much less what it stands for so they redirect packets to the wrong LAN addresses. It's just funny as fuck to watch the cheater's plight. And if my some miracle they get it working, after all that, they lag out anyway. So boo hoo for them.
  10. superunknowndude

    Esp Hackers taking over Leaderboards

  11. superunknowndude

    Esp Hackers taking over Leaderboards

    He's talking about xbox. He's referring to how the cheat is setup on the xbox.
  12. superunknowndude

    How does this game make money?

    Plot twist: It's actually Bluehole spamming the forums peddling those fake degrees and credit cards and whatever those ads are selling to increase their revenue stream. 😮
  13. superunknowndude

    Can’t even load in with an SSD

    I don't doubt that. I also use an SSD. When I run to a building and it's not loaded (ie: half rendered and half melted house-that-rob-zombie-built), that is the 10 second notice that the game is about to crash.
  14. superunknowndude

    Can’t even load in with an SSD

    Sounds like it's time to update that controller firmware on the SSD, my good man.