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  1. Rock1obsta

    Erangel Has Become Unplayable

    It's random. There's nothing to fix. You get lucky or you don't, that's it. There's absolutely nothing to fix, as it's working exactly as intended.
  2. Hell no, especially after the horrendous rendering during the event. I only play Sanhok because it's much smaller and never renders late.
  3. For the first time in months I'm getting play doh buildings. Only during TDM. What gives, guys? How is it possible to go a step back?
  4. Rock1obsta

    Reporting people for team killing

    It doesn't. Don't play with randoms. Ever. Problem solved.
  5. Rock1obsta

    1.0 performance and a thank you

    I agree completely. Since the "official" release I have had literally zero issues. It's playing the very best it ever has. I should state that I'm on a 1TB S, not the X(heard that the game is positively abysmal on it). I hope they can figure it out for you guys, it's kinda bogus how your uber powerful console plays worse than it's ancestors.
  6. Rock1obsta

    Long time player getting ready to quit

    I'm thinking of jumping ship over to Black Ops 4 when it hits. Seen a couple vids on my activity feed and it looks like a much tighter, more polished PUBG.
  7. Rock1obsta

    Suggestion: Carry teammates

    Mercy Killing☠️☠️
  8. I'd uninstall and reinstall the game. This would clear up almost every issue. Especially after a patch. FPP is definitely not gone.
  9. Damn, I'm glad I only spent $9 on some skull candys. They work awesome. Except for the occasional crackle.
  10. Rock1obsta

    Revive team mates troll achievement.

    Pretty much. Play on console if you wanna avoid hackers. Why would people willingly put themselves in these positions when they know there aren't any penalties or enforcement rules?
  11. Rock1obsta

    Public Opinion Sanhok???

    My very first kill on that map was bare handed!! Right after landing, some dude sprayed all the ammo from both guns before I backed him into the corner and beat him to death🤘🤘
  12. Rock1obsta

    Public Opinion Sanhok???

    I like it alot. It's not a sprawling layout where you can sometimes go a whole match without seeing someone else. You're practically guaranteed to get into fights no matter where you land. I think it's great.
  13. Be aware of your surroundings.
  14. Rock1obsta

    Pleasantly surprised

    Playing this on the X is probably alot like putting regular unleaded in a Supercar. Technically it should work, but it's gonna run like absolute shite. They should've done it the other way. Make it for the X and dumb it down for the S and the OG, rather than how they're doing it now. As it sits now though, I have no complaints.
  15. Rock1obsta

    Revive team mates troll achievement.

    Exactly. If you do play with random, you forfeit the right to bitch about this. Everyone should absolutely know better.