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  1. I'll spectate my teammates and shout out what I'm able to see. Aren't you the least bit interested to see how your guys do? Or if they avenge your untimely demise? Seems like you're missing out on a shitload of fun by leaving early. Edit: I completely misunderstood your thread, sorry man. Like the guys said above, it depends on how many guys are left, how far the circle is from us, and the loot.
  2. Rock1obsta

    PUBG acronym’s

    Pull Ur Biggest Gun 🤘☠🤘
  3. Indeed. It's why I love this game so much. Zero handholding. These kids are so used to games doing everything for them, that when they need to use the skills they actually (don't) have, they come here to cry and ask for the devs to make the game easier. I blame the games that have aim assist and things like that. Should've never become a thing. Now, kids are so used to having a safety net, that when you take them away like pubg does you get a bunch of whining. Make everyone learn to aim by themselves, or they die. Alot. The same can be said for everything.
  4. Why do you guys keep asking to make the game easier? This is absolutely insane how these things keep coming up. Hit indicators, aim assist, and other safety net bullshit for people too lazy to learn by the time honored tradition of practice. Get a headset op, then you can find out which direction you're being shot from. Or here's an idea, create a mode with all the little safety things these people ask for and call it "babysitting mode" or "Disney Island," or something. Kinda like the way Wolfenstein ridicules you for picking the easy modes.
  5. Rock1obsta

    Why is this not fixed yet?

  6. Rock1obsta

    Pubg is dying!!

    Dude, all games have a pretty significant drop off within the first year; Battlefield 1, CoDWWII, & Titanfall 2 all suffered a large drop in players well before the first year was over. That in itself doesn't mean much, considering it's the norm nowadays. Even being that more than half of the people who bought it don't play as much(or at all), to have a peak hour of almost 1.5 million players is pretty impressive, especially when you factor in the myriad of issues that most players seem to have. You'd be hard pressed to find a game with as many bugs as this one, sporting numbers even half that high. 800,000 on a slow hour, that's quite alotta players, bro. Hopefully, as the bugs get patched out, it'll keep growing. Honestly, with DICE, and other developers making Battle Royal games in the near future, Bluehole/pubg absolutely must step it up a level or three. Or you'll be proven correct, and everyone (myself included) will move on to the much better games with a dev team that has decades more experience.
  7. Rock1obsta

    Pubg is dying!!

    Had he read the chart a couple posts above, he'd notice an average of 800k per hour with a peak hour of 1.4 million. Yeah, dying indeed.
  8. Rock1obsta

    Pubg is dying!!

    Those numbers are per hour, not per day.
  9. I despise mobile games. I can't fathom ever trying to play PUBG on a phone. I hate campers too, but only in team based, objective driven games like Battlefield. It's a perfectly valid tactic in a game where 99 people are out to kill you. Boring as shit, IMO, but still valid nonetheless.
  10. Rock1obsta

    Should team killing be punished?

    I can only think of 2 reasons to tk someone; if they refuse to mic up, and if they hoard all the good shit and won't share. Both of those are unpardonable offenses, and I wouldn't team up with someone like that. It's not cool to fuck up someone else's experience, and TK'ing someone for anything other than those two reasons does just that. That said, people should absolutely know better than to ever ever team up with randoms. You must know they're gonna be total dbags, yet people do it anyway. Playing solo or only with friends guarantees you won't be teamkilled. I know tons of people will vehemently disagree with me, but *shrugs*
  11. Rock1obsta

    Why is mirimar still on this game

    Same. I can see fully formed buildings before my chute even deploys. I love this map.
  12. You don't even need 30 bucks, man, I got some 9$ Skull Candy's with a mic and they work better than the stock headphones.
  13. Hell no, man. They should not change a mechanic of the game just because you refuse to wear headphones. Making it easier is a step back.
  14. All loot is random. Anything they do to purposely change that defeats the purpose of being random. I can totally understand your frustrations with not knowing where the shots are coming from(even with headphones), but short of telling us exactly where they're coming from, they can't do anything. I'd rather keep it as is.
  15. Rock1obsta

    Where to report player for team killing?

    It's cool, man.