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  1. It's ridiculous how obsessed some of these people get about stupid digital bullshit. Here! Take my real life money for this intangible object that means literally nothing! Please!
  2. If not they'll get the hose again
  3. Rock1obsta


    Lol, those are for fixing cars, and peeking out of your prison cell, not peeking around a staircase into a bathroom.
  4. Rock1obsta

    Wtf is going on...

    Dudes little disclaimer is funny. What he meant was "im not interested in being told i missed, even though i obviously did, so pissoff."
  5. Rock1obsta

    Wtf is going on...

    Yup. Pretty much spot on.
  6. Well then humble apologies are in order, that's news to me. Certainly doesn't seem like it helps with anything other than sound masking.
  7. I guess.....funny how misinformation spreads like a widlfire.
  8. Well yeah. Who really thinks a silencer helps with recoil? It's sole purpose is to hide where you fire from, that's it.
  9. Rock1obsta

    How long?!?!

    Lol, don't feel too bad about that, in 600+ matches I have exactly 1 solo dinner, and that was like, my 5th match....lol
  10. Rock1obsta

    Remember when xbox one x was smoother

    Dude, you gotta try Red Dead 2 on your X. It's nothing short of amazing.
  11. Rock1obsta

    Remember when xbox one x was smoother

    Lol, this always makes me laugh. Like pubg is the only game the x is made for.....
  12. Rock1obsta

    Pubg vs blackout...

    I like Blackout. It's much more "pick up n play" if you only have time for a match or 3. It's never gonna dethrone Pubg as the Battle Royal king though, no matter how much fun it is.
  13. Rock1obsta

    Can pupg survive all these new games

    I agree totally. Aim assist isn't necessary. I mean, who wants the AI holding their hand so they don't miss?
  14. Rock1obsta

    Can pupg survive all these new games

    Same. It's not hurting at all. I've played the shit outta Blackout, love it, but it ain't pubg. This is in a league all by itself
  15. Rock1obsta

    Shotguns and Sidearms

    AA-12 with frag rounds ala Battlefield 3....???