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  1. I wish I could recapture that moment where I saw my first enemy. It was my first game and I was nervously looting a group of houses behind one of the bigger cities (I can't remember exactly) and I saw someone creep around the corner outside the house opposite from me. My heartbeat doubled almost instantly and I began to sweat a little bit. No video game has ever gotten such a physical reaction from me, not even when I cut my online teeth in MW3 in '11 or '12. I ended up killing him, just barely though due to me sprayin like a virgin on his first try.....lol That's the magic for me. It doesn't hafta look great, or even work right all the time, and it's still miles beyond anything I've ever played.
  2. Yep, them are those. I'm lucky I was using one about 2 months ago cuz the one outlet popped that mlmy Xbox/router/cable box were all plugged in. If I wasn't using one of those, my shit woulda been fried......
  3. Looking for women players on pubg

    My bad, qouted the wrong one.
  4. By extension leads, you are talking about power strips? Or surge suppressors, to get properly technical?🤓
  5. Really? Through the house wiring......dude, that's awesome. I didn't figure that was even possible so I dismissed it as a possibility but damn, that's pretty cool. He gets to use the house as his router, but I pay the bill. Go figure 😋
  6. Caution M&K users

    My friend, you talk like a sausage😃. It'll never replace a traditional controller, and consoles will ALWAYS have exponentially more controller users than mouses....mice.....whatever......users.
  7. Caution M&K users

    See the post right below yours from @Andymh5, he lays it out quite nicely.
  8. M416...too dominating???

    I'm partial to the mini 14 w/a 2x or 4x scope and a micro uzi w/ext mag and compensator. My absolute favorite load out. I'll take an M1911 or G18 for sidearm.
  9. I appreciate your guys help, I'll look into it. However, I must admit, I was hoping for the impossible in a way to hardwire his Xbone without running a cable from my living room. I do appreciate the help, though. Don't mistake my comment for douche baggery.
  10. So it plugs into the wall, but how does it get the signal to send through the cable from the wall to the Xbox? I hate not being able to actually see peak sometimes, my question makes me seem like a smartass, I'm really not trying to be. Just curious how it gets a signal from the wall outlet.
  11. strikepack fps?

    Neither, just wrong in my assumption. I figured he was taking about a Cronus type thing.
  12. That games done being developed. It also has more than half a decade of development time. Now they periodically add stuff or whatever and that's about it. It still isn't a loss. It's 5 million more people who bought the game, no matter how many more players Fortnight has. 5 million more, is 5 million more no matter how you look at it.
  13. strikepack fps?

    My mistake. I incorrectly assumed it was like the Cronus thingy. My sincere apologies, man. I was wrong.
  14. Whats the best way to stop Ak recoil ?

    Yup. Except sometimes it's just...so....hard not to spray n pray....lol ....and yup. It's a patience issue just as much as a recoil issue with me sometimes....lol. Just can't wait to kill that mofo....
  15. strikepack fps?

    I know, right? It's not like a person can be proud of kills gotten via slimebag means. But, whatever. We're not the ones who know deep down our kills shouldn't count, they are. If they ever devise a method of detecting emulators, watch for the banhammer to swing mighty and wide. Glorious.