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  1. Back onto topic...... I think TTK in the squad based games needs a little bit of tweaking. Was in some random squad matches at the weekend and was able to put 3no people down (individual engagements) with the S686 in a single shot, but it took two shots from the same S686 to kill them when they were downed. K. (Original Xbox, Wired, EU)
  2. Footsteps sound

    As of this weekend (17-03-2018 & 18-03-2018) the footsteps echo does still appear to be in the game. It seems to happened at random time (with differing shoes / trainers etc) but seems to be most prominent if you have been running for some distance (it is almost as if the footsteps audio file is stacked up and is playing over itself). K. (Original Xbox 1, wired, EU)
  3. Do vehicles have secret ejector seats?

    Well that was different... was kind of hoping you would have survived the fall to be honest. And sorry in advance, but it has got to be done.... K.
  4. I have seen this aswell (at least twice to my knowledge). Sent a message to one the players who killed me and apparently I walked into the room and stood right next to him! K. (Original Xbox, wired, EU)
  5. Helmets/Vests Not Registering

    This is a bug / error that needs adding to the 'known issues' thread on these here forums. K.
  6. In a game with a 'few' bugs, this is one of the more amusing ones. Has anyone else come across this? Thanks, K.
  7. Need to fix dashboarding

    Whilst this is a game preview, the issue of crashes appears (to me) to be more problematic post patch 10. I have not seen a reduction in the number / frequency of crashes since patch 6 / 7 (nor can I see any discernable trigger for them). However, it takes much longer to re-join a match following the last update (2 - 3 mins at worst). During my last match the game crashed whilst I was in a building just outside the first circle. It took so long to load in that my character died seconds after re joing to the blue zone, K.
  8. Weapon Spawns got Cut in Half?

    I have seen this as well (since about updated 7 / 8). A cluster of buildings will generally spawn multiples of the same gun (whatever it may be). K.
  9. Self revive with medicalkit when downed

    I think this could be quite a nice addition to the game (or at least an option). I quite like the downing / kill approach from the squad games (and quite often play 1 man squads for this reason). You are correct that it would have to be restricted to Med Pack only though. K.
  10. AFK Players

    I do not see why it needs to change at all. The only way you'd be affected was if you were AFK and were the one who was punched to death. If someone wants to get 'cheap' kills against those who are AFK then that is up to them. I really do not see how it affects the other players. K.
  11. Noticed this as well. It is almost like their spawn in elevation is set to ground rather than.floor level. Kudos on the properly formatted bug post. K.
  12. Same problem with the UMP for me and sometimes with the Scar. It appears to occur at random with no discernable trigger event. K.
  13. Loading Screen

    Yes, with varying degrees of time elapsed. No work around I'm afraid. K.
  14. Slow Texture Loading

    It has been the same for me since Patch 9. There are no settings on the Xbox 1 that will help I'm afraid. Hot drops are a no go if you have this issue. I have resorted to dropping in less populated areas and into buildings I can remember the layout of! K. Original Xbox 1, hard wired, EU
  15. Player rendering

    I though I was the only one who had spotted this! I'm very careful when landing and will always pan around to see how many others are about and where they have landed. But on 2 to 3 times now players have landed near me and I have heard them but cannot see them straight away. K. Original Xbox 1, wired connection, EU servers