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  1. Keano1981

    Exploding with the buggy

    Bluehole / PUBG Corp aren't clever enough to code that..... rofl K.
  2. Bug Description: Gunfire from in front / behind of you sounds back to front (i.e gunfire from an opponent clearly in front of you sounds like it is coming from behind and vice versa). Location: No specific location (have noticed it on each of the maps). Evidence: Will try and get some video of next occurrence (need to clear space of DVR first) Replication: Noticed this following the first patch after 1.0, but occurrences have been erratic / difficult to track down. The only common theme is that they seem to occur after the use of the free look camera (I think). Xbox One Version: Original Xbox 1, game installed on Samsung 860SSD. Connection: Wired, back to BT Home Hub. Game Mode: TPP, Solo Other Notes: I have used the same set up (Console, Connection method, hardware etc) since launch, the only variable is the game. Headset tested in another game, nothing wrong with it (appears to be a PUBG based sound problem (similar to the footsteps issue noted in your current bugs list).
  3. Keano1981

    Finally someone active!

    Kudos indeed to @PUBG_Andymh5... I have a feeling this forum would have died off a long time ago had it not been for you. Keep up the good work pal. K.
  4. Keano1981

    Dont you just love it

    Looks like he went prone initially (with that stupid slamming your chin into the PUBG ground animation) but returned to his knee shortly afterward (that's with a lot of zooming in on the video). If you pause it at the right moment it's an upper chest / neck shot (I think).... still even with those areas he should have taken more damage with an M24. Don't get me wrong, I have had my issues with dubious hit detection / de-sync issues in this game - but this doesn't appear to be one of them afraid. K.
  5. Keano1981

    A serious request

    Yeah, I can see your point. Throwing an idea out of there, blood splatters for each impact and small hit-markers (akin to what you get in GR Wildlands) for head and body shots? K.
  6. Keano1981

    A serious request

    (In my opinion) a simple solution would be blood splatters for head and body shots only. Would leave no confusion as to whether your shots hit a key body part or not! K.
  7. Keano1981

    Training mode "Level 2" targets

    I think it would be good to have a more 'traditional' shooting range in addition to the one included. Standard body target, set the distance you want the target, shoot, body target returns showing where your bullets impacted. K.
  8. Frame rate drops also occur on the OG Xbox 1, however are much more random as to when they occur. Seems to be more problematic on Sanhok and when there is a higher player count (noticable more early game in solos). K.
  9. Keano1981

    Encourage people to play fpp.

    I only play TPP - but when using the spectate function after I die, have seen a huge amount of people playing solely in FPP in the TPP game. In my opinion, you should make it that you can switch to FPP whilst in a TPP game, but as soon as you move if defaults you back to a TPP camera. This would at least move those who are playing FPP back into the FPP lobbies. K.
  10. Keano1981

    Sound randomly distorting?

    Bit late, but here is the video of the sound distorting I was referring to in my earlier post: - https://youtu.be/HdbjUVIoLJQ K.
  11. Keano1981

    Q.O.L. issues fix requests

    Three sensible quality of life suggestions by the original poster! 1) The mask you can apply on the compass has made the situation better, but the option to invert the colours (black text etc) would be appreciated. 2) A bit more customisation / control over Reticle appearance would also be appreciated (be it in game or an options menu beforehand). 3) 100% yes! The major gridlines are reasonably clear, however the 100m gridlines are less clear even when zoomed in. Again, an option to change gridline colour would be a welcome addition. Whilst there are still core problems for the game to address, giving voice to these smaller QOL improvements is a very good idea. K.
  12. Keano1981

    Audio bug

    Same and got video, will link when it uploads? K.
  13. Keano1981

    This type of bs needs fixed

    100% agreed! Lost track of the times I have had grenades right next to someone only for them to survive the explosion K.
  14. Keano1981

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Setup: - Original Xbox 1, Game installed on Samsung 860 SSD (external), wired to BT Homehub. EU Servers, Solo Full clean install, cache clear and restart of Xbox prior to playing the games. No other users / devices on at time of playing. Internet fine (checked on laptop after the session, was getting the same up/down speeds as advertised / as I would usually get) Please note: -Same set up since launch of Game Preview, only item changed is the game itself. Games played on 25-10-2018 between 21:30 and 00:00. Feedback: - Worst update i have seen thus far (almost as bad as the updated prior to the June 26th patch which caused the persistent crashing issue). - Server / game performance sluggish to the point of being unplayable. - Lobby timers broken. - Sluggish movement. - Slower rendering in of buildings, all maps I have played. - De-sync same (if not worse) than the patch beforehand. - Front / rear audio mixed up for some guns / vehicles and player actions. - No audio from footsteps in certain instances. - Return of the constant running vehicle noises (even after you nudge them after you exit them) - Certain achievements not tracking properly when run in tandom (i.e. killed someone with a suppressed UMP, counted towards the SMG kills only and not that of the silenced weapon kills). Very poor update, even by the standard of poor updates that have been laid down previously. Several videos below indicating typical performance from games last night - have seen some things that were 'fixed' after the first 1 or 2 preview patches re-appear here! K. Please note - messaged this player afterward, who confirmed me that on his screen I was in a different position (about 1-2m away).
  15. Keano1981

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Unfortunatley, same experience for me (if anything it is worse than the last patch). Will expand on in later post. K.