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  1. Keano1981

    What happen to keeping us updated

    I think the key point has already been covered, the difference between the information / resposivness between the Xbox and PC sections is astonishing. Whilst I am not expecting the developers to hold our hands, a few more responses to posts and a (not unreasonable) weekly update as to the progress of what should be a significant forthcoming update, should not prove too onerous a task. K.
  2. I have never played any of the Battlefield games so am uncertain as to the system used to mark players. However, in TC Wildlands (p v p) you can ping a location in view / on the map with a small marker. This marker stays in place for about 10 seconds. It strikes me that this may not be a bad option to be introduced in PUBG. It has been well noted that the compass is not always clear (especially outside) and callouts based on bearing are therefore not always possible. Marking of players is a big no no, but the ability to point your teammates in the direction of the enemy with a ping on the map, I can see that working. K. P.S. as nice as this would be I can not see them implementing this. The Xbox development is slavishly following how the PC version was developed. If we have not seen it on the PC then we will not see it on the Xbox
  3. Keano1981

    Throwing Items and dodging vehicals

    Not sure about the thrown objects idea, but the idea for some form of barrel roll is interesting. It would need to be designed in a way that it could not be spammed or abused. K.
  4. You cant do hot drops (effectivly) nor drop straight down after the last update. You have to adapt a little and spend a bit more time in the air. Building loading seems to happen after para deployment for me as an fyi. K
  5. In the latest Patch Preview, it was noted that: - ""Shadows have been calculated separately from characters. While we tried to have the shadow of each character move identically and have the identical shape, this has caused the performance of the game to be low. We will be changing the shape and movement to improve performance." I had never spotted the shadows generated by the players until I read this post and made an effort to look for them in game. Here's the key question though, do we really need player shadows? If they are causing such an issue then why not remove them entirely? Shadows from buildings, trees etc could remain, but it strikes me as player generated shadows are a little useless. Players do not seem to have shadows in the pre-game lobby, I personally don't see why they are needed in game. Would be interesting to know what the community thinks about this. Keep it friendly. K.
  6. Keano1981

    Game crash: Megathread

    Additional information, when the game crashes I am no longer presented with either the "Do you wish to continue" or "You are dead" messages. It is game over when you crash now. K.
  7. Keano1981

    Driving through buildings

    I'm honestly not sure how they are able to do this, it seems to be different between differing OG Xbox users. If I land before the buildings have rendered in, I am unable to move more that 2 or 3 steps before the stuttering / rubber banding occurs. I haven't a clue how people are able to get to and operate vehicles like this! K.
  8. Keano1981

    Game crash: Megathread

    Which Xbox console are you using? Original Xbox 1 (1tb), EU Servers, Wired Connection. When does the crash occur? (On launching the game, whilst matchmaking, whilst in the game, other (please specify)) Crashes on Mirimar are happening at least every other match (if not every match) following the last (5th June 2018) update. - Have crashed several times whilst driving vehicles (various). - Have crashed several times when exiting the plane. - Have crashed several times whilst walking / running around the map. What happens when you crash? Is there an error code, does it kick you to the dashboard, or do you go back to the main menu? Each time the game crashes it returns us to the Xbox dashboard and I have to re-start the game and then re-join the session. Other Information. Crashes occurred with both the update (patched over the previous installation) and a recent clean installation of the game (including cache clear and hard console resets).
  9. Keano1981

    Game crash: miramae

    Similar experience, guaranteed one crash a match on Mirimar (Original Xbox, Solo, EU, TPP). It is now getting to the stage where the plane is over half way across the map before you can see anything. Terrible map and hoping map selection is coming on the 26th. K
  10. Keano1981

    E3 Announcements

    THIS. They said in one of the earlier dev posts that they would fix the crashing by the end of June. I hope so..... K.
  11. There seems to be some issue with hit registration at close range. I have several times emptied an entire clip of AKM ammo with not a single hit registering. Not sure what it is (de-sync or some other issue)... but it is frustrating. Shotguns seem to be the exception to this issue, started keeping one of them as my secondary to mitigate against it. K.
  12. Keano1981

    Rocket Launchers

    The video posted at E3 was an cinematic trailer rather than one depicting gameplay. There is probably all kinds of things added to this video to make it look 'flashy' that we will never see in game. K.
  13. Keano1981

    Excessive Headshots?

    I don't think the kill feed is correct at the moment, so it may be saying the player was killed by a headshot when they weren't. The kill feed is showing incorrect weapon kill notifications at the moment (see last bug report I posted), so it is not unthinkable that the headshot kill indicator is wrong as well. K.
  14. Bug Description: There are a series of bushes which are floating a meter or so above the ground. Location: North of Monte Nuevo (Mirimar) - exact location about the 30sec mark on the video. Evidence: There were a few more floating bushes as I continued North Replication: TPP Xbox One Version Original Xbox 1 (1tb), EU Servers, Wired Connection.
  15. Bug Description: The kill feed (text) does not display the correct weapon when a player is killed (i.e. I was shot with a pistol but the kill feed displayed shot by AKM - they make a very different noises) Location: The bug / problem isn't specific to one location on the map. Evidence: Towards the end of the video, from about the 35 sec mark. Replication: TPP I have seen this once before in my game (no video) but seen it in a couple of other videos on Youtube (if I can find them I will add them to this post). Xbox One Version Original Xbox 1 (1tb), EU Servers, Wired Connection.