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  1. Keano1981

    Got placed into Cancelled match

    I have had the same thing happen since the 1.0 update (on several occasions). The cancel matchmaking countdown / animation completes, you are returned to the menu and then will join the 'cancelled' match when you next select a 'new' match, K.
  2. Keano1981

    Communication: Xbox vs PC

    Though communication from the developers has improved since the game preview stage for those of us on PUBG Xbox, I can't shake the feeling we are playing second fiddle to PUBG PC. This is very much reflected in the communication to ourselves and highlighted by the OP. If you browse the PC sections of this forum alone, you'll see much more interaction with / from the various mods and community representatives than we get over here. They have promised the community better communication. Whilst there have been huge steps forward, there is still more they could be doing. K.
  3. Xbox One Version: Original Xbox 1 (1tb edition), installed on external Samsung 860 SSD. Connection: Wired Connection (to BT home hub). Game Mode: TPP (Solos & Squads), EU Servers BUG 1 Bug Description: When moving in a prone position (shuffling backwards), your character is propelled upward and the can't go prone message persists for 5 or so seconds afterward. Location: North West corner of Boot Camp, Erangel Evidence: Video added below. Replication: Not replicated to date. BUG 2 Bug Description: Items clipped in rug. Location: Various locations / buildings, Sanhok. Evidence: Video added below. Replication: At least 1no items can not be picked up per session. BUG 3 Bug Description: Achievements "Don't Pan me Bro" and Crusing with the Enemy" do not unlock on Mirimar. Location: Mirimar. Evidence: Video added below. Replication: Not replicated to date.
  4. Keano1981

    Not Getting XBOX Achievements

    Achievements are hellisly bugged at this point in time. The only safe(ish) way to get them is through playing on Erangel, they seem to be more tempromental on the other maps. K.
  5. Some of the achievements do not seem to be working on Sanhok and Mirimar. I was able to get the Pacafist Achievement on Erangel not long after 1.0 release, but have 'completed several other achievements on Mirimar which have not unlocked, namely: - Don't Pan me Bro! - completed on Mirimar, achievement not unlocked. Crusing with the Enemry - completed on Mirimar, achievement not unlocked. Additionally, kills / progress does not seem to count towards the following achievements in Mirimar: - The First Rule Is. Triginometry Novice. Nade King Novice (and other grenade achievements). The developer has noted that the QBZ / QBU kills are not counting to the AR / DMR kills achievements. It's a bity sh*tty, but we'll just have to be patient. I'm not focusing fully on the achievements until they note them as being resolved. K.
  6. Keano1981

    Third person or first NOT BOTH

    Correct... you can still ADS using controller type A / B, but general gameplay (movement etc) would be 'locked' to TPP. It makes sense to me. K.
  7. Keano1981

    Third person or first NOT BOTH

    I actually agree with the OP! The addition of the Spectate Mode after your death has allowed me to see how other players play (it's been a useful learning tool). But there are a large number of people I have seen either playing in first person perspective (in a third person game) for the entire match or switching to first person at key points in the match (usually in close quarter gun play). I believe you have a noted advantage in close quarters gun-play in FPP. I would actually support locking TPP except when your finally ADS (it puts all players on an even playing field). I think this could be a good idea, but may be worth adding it to the test server to see how it is recieved by the community (we might as well use the test server to test these ideas out!). K. PS. Unable to play FPP myself, within a few minutes I get quite bad headaches playing FPP.
  8. BUG 4 Bug Description: Guns, attachments and other 'pick-upabbles' are clipped under the various rugs / carpets in Sanhok. Location: Sanhok, various. Evidence: Unable to get video, see Bug Post 1. Replication: Seems to occur wherever there are spawn locations on / around carpets and rugs.
  9. I have noticed that the Sniper kills on Mirimar are not counting towards the 10 Sniper Rifle headshots achievement (for me at least). I had a confirmed headshot kill (I use text on the kill feed to keep an eye on these things) on Mirimar a week or so ago. The kill is noted on my stats (longest sniper rifle shot of mine by some way) but did not add to the two sniper rifle headshots already tracking in my achievements. K.
  10. Xbox One Version: Original Xbox 1 (1tb edition), installed on external Samsung 860 SSD. Connection: Wired Connection (to BT home hub). Game Mode: TPP (Solos & Squads), EU Servers BUG 1 Bug Description: The option to record a clip / screenshot was not present in PUBG (usual method of tapping Xbox button to select either record clip or take screenshot did not have these options). Location: N/A. Evidence: None. Replication: This occurred during a 3hr session on Xbox PUBG on 20-09-2018 (between 8:30 and 11:30pm, GMT) . Neither quitting the game nor restarting the Xbox made any difference. I did experience this bug / error on the last but one time on the test server (separate bug report submitted at that time). BUG 2 Bug Description: Sanhok - you can get trapped /stuck passing through doors unless approaching them perfectly straight on / delay in doors registering as being open (i.e. open a door, door open animation completes, walk through open door to find yourself stuck in the position of the closed door for 3-5 steps before being able to enter building). Location: Various buildings around Sanhok. Evidence: Unable to get video, see Bug Post 1. Replication: Seems to be a problem exclusive to Sanhok. BUG 3 Bug Description: When selecting "1-man squad, upon completion of matchmaking you are placed in a solo game lobby) Location: Not specific to any location nor map. Evidence: Unable to get video, see Bug Post 1. Replication: Twice happened at random across last nights gaming session (see Bug Post 1, Replication).
  11. Current bug list notes as one of the current bugs "One of the achievements is unattainable". Whilst we all know that the achievements are bugged at the moment (for a number of people, though not all people), might one of the admins / developers be able to confirm which is the unattainable achievement? Thanks in advance, K.
  12. Level 14 (event pass not bought, just running the free one). Like the idea of challenges but not the least bit bothered about cosmetic rewards (not even sure if I have bothered claiming them). K.
  13. Keano1981

    Your game

    The bluezone mechanics on Sanhok are a little different to those of the other two maps. This is fine, however I feel like an extra 30-45 seconds before the first zone kicks in would be a good change. I have had several games where I have landed, only to have the bluezone starting in 10 seconds message pop up as my feet hit the ground! As noted above, the rest of it is time management. K.
  14. Keano1981

    Xbox One X Shutting Off

    Had it on the OG xbox 1 a few weeks back (usually towards the end of a PUBG session), but nothing sice then. K.