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  1. DukeOfSquirtles

    Ghillie Crossing [Dec 6-Dec 10] Feedback topic

    I think 4 man squads were a bit better, and everyone hot dropping pochinki over and over is getting old
  2. DukeOfSquirtles

    G36C replaces Scar on Vikendi!!!!

    Lol new map looks pretty dope I think, can't wait for it next month
  3. DukeOfSquirtles

    No snow map til Jan

    LMAO K
  4. DukeOfSquirtles

    G36C replaces Scar on Vikendi!!!!

    Time to go see if people posted videos of gameplay 😁
  5. DukeOfSquirtles

    No snow map til Jan

    Anybody got pics or newly released videos of the new gun and vehicle?
  6. This would be a slap in the face if we get nothing while ps4 gets the map on the PTS lol
  7. DukeOfSquirtles

    One hit knock with UMP?

    Yeah it was really weird, I checked up on it but the only thing that seemed to hit me was the UMP, didn't see any other record of any other gun damaging me. Oh well lol, just another one of those sucky things
  8. DukeOfSquirtles

    One hit knock with UMP?

    Yeah it looks like it says I got hit multiple times, but on screen it seemed like a one hit knock, weird, oh well. What can you do lol
  9. DukeOfSquirtles

    One hit knock with UMP?

    So today I got downed with a UMP allegedly, the weird thing is that I got one shotted. The audio definitely didn't sound like a UMP and my level two vest and level two helmet were at full health. So I'm just wondering was the kill feed wrong? Because it even said I was knocked with an UMP, has this happened to anybody before? Because I know there's no way I can be knocked with one shot by a UMP. Here's the clip for reference. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dukeofsquirtles/video/64887712
  10. DukeOfSquirtles

    Why do my teams hate cars?

    This pretty much, plus I don't really like the strategy you use to play the middle. But that's just me, everyone has their own way. I personally like to stick to the edge. But I don't mind using cars for longer distances or to get from point a to point b quicker than I would on foot. But for the couple final circles I stay away from them.
  11. Idk, to me it seems like he was going faster than normal, I frankly don't agree with the people saying they saw nothing wrong
  12. DukeOfSquirtles

    Who Remembers

    lol I remember I was sweating bullets, that was back when I used to love finding the jackets laying around to wear. Yeah I've definitely tuned my settings in since almost a year ago
  13. DukeOfSquirtles

    Who Remembers

    My first Chicken dinner was like 2 days after I first started playing, won in solo. The potato was real back then lol https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dukeofsquirtles/video/44216815
  14. DukeOfSquirtles

    425m Kill. New Record!

    many thanks