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  1. Ravellron

    Frames drops on X

    Dream ?
  2. Ravellron

    Nico on pubg

    Maybe they will implement something more than normal PTS contents only.
  3. Ravellron

    Update Live Server?

    Better graphics on PTS? I didn't tryed it
  4. Ravellron

    Horrible timing for SA server test

    Eu here, I hope they will insert SA Server live cuz with locked server and Ping matchmaking i fear SA players will join my server. ?
  5. Ravellron

    PTS to LIVE

    new from D1 ?
  6. Ravellron

    PTS to LIVE

    for this i'm thinking pts is useless, they have to do like they did with sanhok, private test and release. however this game is in beta still so 1.0 is a test server from ever. ? performance mode on pts? i agree but i'm sure it will be nothing more than 30fps on 4k. i bet 1080p remains in our dreams ?
  7. two games are totally different..... ?
  8. Ravellron

    Information - Next Update

    no pts, happy here......? maybe with BO incoming on 12 october they'll add something more than last contents announcement patch. #PTSISUSELESS
  9. Ravellron

    Update today?

    I really hope they will drop patch on live server than use that useless PTS ?
  10. Ravellron

    Most disappointed I’ve been

    i suggest you to wait until performance mode will be available...?
  11. quote ? everybody will be disappointed when framerate will be the same (30) like resolution (4k), i bet my two cents
  12. Ravellron

    Any info on the 2nd season pass?

    I think we will get the new reward system available now on pc. i like it. maybe next True pass like Sanhok one we will get when new snow map will be release.
  13. Ravellron

    The state of 1.0 and October 12th

    The new "PubgCorp" teaser...
  14. Ravellron

    Unfair advantage

    It's a weapon to use, static enemy could be killed with a gun easily also.
  15. maybe it's placebo or maybe it's something about different server: the first and second match i play i feel character movements smooth, faster. from the third match i feel character movements sluggish, slower than before. to solve this i have to came back to initial menu, re enter microsoft account and press (A) to enter the game. somebody?