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  1. Fortunately this Game isn't made for casual gamers, they are on Fortnite already.
  2. Aim assist would kill this Game
  3. yesterday i died for this trying to take shelter behind a rock in 1vs1 in last circle
  4. Ravellron

    PGI gear for Xbox players

    1.0 version of the game or it doesn't happen
  5. Ravellron

    Hotfix august 7 review.

    So 60fps for X will remain a dream 😂
  6. Movements for me are perfect now 👍 better loading to nice hotfix
  7. Ravellron

    Hotfix august 7 review.

    Next week hotfix to fix this hotfix. Microsoft what are you doing?
  8. Can somebody explain me if this features will be implemented in next hotfix or we have to wait another update? With the above issues being resolved in the next hotfix, we’re focusing on fixing these four main issues: Footstep and vehicle sound not being able to be heard sometimes Desync Increasing Frame rate across all Xbox versions (OG/S/X) Not being able to drive vehicle sometimes
  9. Ravellron

    60hz servers??

    it's funny cuz i bought an X i wanted to play nearly everything at 60 fps 😂
  10. Ravellron

    OG Xbox > Xbox X

    We have to wait next hotfix, 60fps confirmed 🤣
  11. Ravellron

    MORE FPS Xbox One X

    Blue Hole from south korea 👍
  12. Ravellron

    Sanhok On Xbox is close

    it would be nice cuz we are far away from pc version
  13. with last hotfix you can't exit from the lobby, well done BH !!! 😂
  14. Ravellron

    Please separate OC/AS Servers

    region lock is the way.