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  1. Ravellron


    i would be grateful if they release ping matchmaking......
  2. Ravellron

    Vikendi - Hopefully tomorrow?

    It would be The best surprise after Ping matchmaking 😂
  3. Ravellron

    Vikendi - Hopefully tomorrow?

    1 year esclusive for Ps4 😂😂
  4. Ravellron

    No PTS Announcement today...

    it seems they will have everything from tonight, Xbox users will have to wait they announce a test server for performance mode.... really funny.👍
  5. Ravellron

    No PTS Announcement today...

    new map added: Vikendi lol😂
  6. Ravellron

    What kind of Troll are you

    by sistuation all of those 😂 (SOLOS)
  7. Ravellron

    One hit knock with UMP?

    normal situation when you face a guy with better ping, no way to battle.... same thing happen to me when i face english guys.
  8. Ravellron

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    👍 it will be better than nothing so i can play with people with 120 ms ping like me than 20/30ms ones.
  9. Ravellron

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    For me the game runs well now, desync is nearly gone.. the only thing that i'm waiting is ping matchmaking cuz when i face an english player i 100% die istantly, i can see my half magazine hit his body and die istantly after a single flash from his weapon, no way, there's no chance to kill them, they are advantaged by server, i'm from italy.
  10. Ravellron

    PUBG Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro

    I hope pubgcorp will release performance patch before 7 december, if not there will be to laugh. 😂
  11. Ravellron

    This Type of Player

    Quote, for me guys in cars are easy target to shoot. 😂
  12. Ravellron

    Most CD’s in one day?

    3 in solo 😍
  13. Ravellron

    I will quit if..

    Ps4 vs xbox og will surely run better on ps4, Ps4 > xbox OG. X1x is the most powerful console and i will quit if PS4 Pro will run better. we have to wait performance mode for X to draw conclusion cuz at 100% if Ps4 Pro will run Pubg at 1080p 30fps will surely runs better than X at 4K.
  14. Ravellron

    I will quit if..

    From my experience, Assetto Corsa and team Kunos simulazioni dropped patch on ps4 1 month before Xbox one. good luck 😂👋