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  1. Great video, highlighting promising improvements with patch #19. Interesting detail re: desync caused by high ping play (and how a "region lock" cannot be the solution). Four requests to Fix PUBG: (1) network warning icons (for connections issues), (2) network graph, (3) show ping of killer, and (4) prevent high ping players from causing a bad experience for players with decent ping. Another great video worth a watch.
  2. When the server runs the simulation to confirm the aggressor's hit claim, is it a exact replication of what the aggressor's client experienced or are additional factors considered? For example, could the server, while rerunning the simulation, identify that the hit claim received from the aggressor is significantly delayed and discount it? Thus, while the claim may have been valid to the aggressor (thus valid in the simulation), the server discounts the hit due to additional considerations?
  3. Great suggestions that I know have been raised by many, but do not see them included in the mini-site:
  4. Read a suggestion somewhere to just place the marker on the map/mini-map, and not show it in the POV. At least that way it's not super strong, just shows generally on the map.
  5. Ironingboard2000

    Nickname change - will be implemented?

    Purchase name changes with BP. Help make BP relevant. Create a system of purchasing BP to help drive the ROI.
  6. Ironingboard2000

    Desync on LAN

    That's the one I was thinking of. Based on the patch note wording, it appears that all visible characters were being refreshed every frame, regardless of distance; thus, it appears replication nay not have been implemented. Hopefully this will take additional load off the servers. Sure, player latency related issues may still persist, but frankly who knows if player latency is the only cause of the perceived desync issues. Maybe there's other issues at play that some of these optimizations can help.
  7. Ironingboard2000

    Desync on LAN

    Performance Server performance has been improved by adjusting the replication rate. Previously, replication for all visible characters in sight was refreshed every frame. Now, replication rate differs according to distance from the player. @Rev0verDrive Is this the same as the explanation you had posted a while ago that showed "receive" rate changing based on distance to player? If so, could mean it was not implemented in PUBG until now - could it make a good difference?
  8. Ironingboard2000

    Desync on LAN

    Unless network connection / performance issues are only part of the problem. Maybe there's other issues at play too, like screwy hit boxes or delayed damage registration. The desync couldn't have been caused by external connection issues, a la out of region play, if it was a true LAN so there must be some other cause(s).
  9. Ironingboard2000

    Desync on LAN

    Understood, was using hit "boxes" in the generic term sense. Point still stands though, if PGI was played over LAN then it could not been caused by the excessive latency caused by external / non-game related issues (connection stability, out of region play, etc.). Hence maybe there's other factors at play then just players' network connection; reference to other non-network related possibilities, e.g., hot box issues. Maybe it was a rare occurrence - I do not recall seeing it often. PlayerUnknown has said the team is refactoring the game code, with a view to correcting certain issues caused by band-aid style fixes. I remember the fix for this lag-switch type hack coming rather quickly. Perhaps this is one of the band-aid fixes they would be looking to solve.
  10. Ironingboard2000

    Desync on LAN

    I think I was watching Doc's stream when this happened and, from what I can recall, from his pov it looked like D'Froid was just behind cover when knocked - maybe a foot was sticking out. I'm not certain though. D'Froid is pretty close to the wall so Doc could've had the angle; D'Froid is pretty far behind cover though. Again, I think it's hard from the clip to see exactly what happened. I do not recall seeing too many instances of this and I watched a fair amount of PGI. Plus we're getting contradictory views as Wacky is saying it was smooth, but Doc claims is was as bad as ever. It must be a combination of issues.
  11. Ironingboard2000

    Desync on LAN

    Unless high latency is just part of the problem and not the only problem. Maybe there's a combination of things going on here. Sure, latency / high ping play can cause problems, but what if there's another reason as well; e.g., hit boxes being excessively large (so players can still be tagged when their model is behind cover), or hit registration being weirdly delayed (like the excessive delay in armor damage).
  12. Ironingboard2000

    New update - Desync still here

    Almost as if AWS EC2 cloud services are not suited to hosting games worldwide... I'm guessing that AWS EC2 is cheaper than going with a GSPs, which is why games seem to be going with the former. What does PUBG's upcoming partner for EU services run? Hopefully not AWS, or perhaps a mixture of different cloud service provides to ensure a wide spread?
  13. Ironingboard2000

    Lost hope with D-sync and Hit reg

    Hopefully the new service provider their going to be working with in the EU (if the things I've read are true) are more suited to hosting online games. So, I suppose you've fixed it: (1) get a service provider more suited to hosting online games (to ensure better distribution of servers for lower average ping) then (2) implement dual instances for high ping vs. low ping. Job done /s