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  1. luvs2spooge

    Weather effects

    Not yet. Let's stabilize it first.
  2. luvs2spooge

    Not seeing other players during drop

    Sounds good def share it with us cuz if that's what's happening we def have a bug that needs to be reported.
  3. luvs2spooge

    Not seeing other players during drop

    20km/h is the optimal vertical speed for maximum distance YouTube Wacky Jacky. He's great at explaining some basics that every PUBG player should watch. Was recommended on here by someone else.
  4. luvs2spooge

    Not seeing other players during drop

    You can literally parachute to anywhere on the map if you do it properly. It could be they snuck in before you by jumping first or after and coasting down from a distance. You can travel over 2000m with the chute pulled if you do it right.
  5. As in like PC? No thanks.
  6. luvs2spooge

    Xbox no slow walk button

    There is...it's your joystick.
  7. If you're as good as you claim then no you don't need it. And those who aren't as good as you claim need to practise. Also, don't insult people when you're trying to make a point. All you're doing is turning people off and getting off topic. Folks are not illiterate, as clearly they can read and respond to your post. Is it so difficult to make a point nowadays without insulting those one is trying to convince?!
  8. Because our modern day society rewards impatience over practising. I'm with you. Let PUBG be its own thing. It doesn't need to be like ANYTHING else. That's what's gonna set it apart from the other big titles that are bringing their version of BR game mode.
  9. What you need is to play on controller type B and use ADS properly. You won't need aim assist or auto aim. I haven't needed either and consistently get 3-5 kills per game. Don't implement something for the sake of making the game easier for a vocal minority. It isn't needed. What IS needed is practice.
  10. luvs2spooge

    Is this a stupid idea?

    You can tell where the next circle will be if you pay attention to the shrinking blue circle on your map. You'll notice that it is never in the middle but slightly off centre. The next "middle" will be where that blue circle is headed towards. Example, white circle around Pochinki. But...blue circle is shrinking faster south than it is north. So the next circle will be north - and I head that way. It's all about paying attention to the small details.
  11. luvs2spooge

    Selling my soul.....

    Of course. I feel the router would've blown before the surge got to my ps4. Had I plugged it into a router lol
  12. luvs2spooge


    If you bought a gaming monitor and Xbox one x JUST for PUBG you have way more disposable income than most of us on here... Don't over sell it. You will enjoy the system and monitor on other games. Saying you got them just for PUBG infers that you will NEVER use the One X or the monitor for a n y game. Ever. Other than PUBG... That's just silly.
  13. luvs2spooge

    Selling my soul.....

    I second this. I had my.PS4 plugged directly into my modem. We had one bad lightning storm and there was a surge that ran through the modem and to anything plugged directly into it. Thankfully it was only the ps4 and modem but the ps4's ethernet port got fried and never worked again. Now everything runs through a surge protector ☺️
  14. luvs2spooge


    It does matter if you want them to fix it. When you take your car to your mechanic do you talk to them the same way you posted here? Demanding something be fixed yet never identifying what went wrong...?
  15. luvs2spooge

    Issue with Audio , Headphone via TV

    Your TV audio settings may need some tweaking. Look for surround or something similar.