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  1. POLL: K&M emulators on Xbox

    oh wow look, i just received a email from bluehole
  2. POLL: K&M emulators on Xbox

    i didnt say you created the email, i was referring to the original poster of the screenshot. funny how this kid gets a response from bluehole but the 10,000 mnk threads there are on here not a single response from anyone on the subject
  3. Improve movement

    i think he means shooting window sills and the half walls on top of roofs. even if your ads and your gun is up at your face you hit objects that are far below your shoulder level, its annoying af
  4. Selling my soul.....

    They are xim alternatives, titan 2 is a standalone but the titan one uses your pc as a passthrough
  5. PUBG Mobile (gameplay)

    you can probably use bluestacks with a gps spoof to download it and play on your pc
  6. Fortnite 60fps on console coming this month

    The question was asked what's to like about fortnit/, and i gave a few reasons. To answer your question july 1017 ,br was introduced in september .
  7. Another Atrocious FPS Video

    thats nothing, my fps drops are so bad i can hear my xbox begging me to throw it in a bath full of water
  8. Fortnite 60fps on console coming this month

    Stable 30fps, no lag, no rubberbanding, no crashing, no floating guns shooting at you,no input lag, good hit detection,top tier development team that communicates with the players,new game modes,new maps,its free, good controller layout, no car meta whiners, just to name a few.
  9. Fortnite 60fps on console coming this month

    I seriously doubt it. You can't even use the caps lock button properly. But it's to cartoony for me. Well pretty sure so is overwatch, team fortress, mario ,zelda and thousands of other games that are better then this pile.
  10. Thoughts on bunny hopping

    so in short, you want the game to reward you for standing still and camping, while punishing the player moving about, makes sense
  11. i keep a larger bottle of aspirin next to the xbox is the only change ive noticed, unless you want to count 5fps to 10fps successful progress