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    My Quest to play MIRAMAR....

    I like Sanhok (Miramar > Sanhok > Erengel) but even I'm getting sick of it.
  2. Warja

    OCE players deeply vindicated

    75% of the time I get sent to AS servers (200ms+), 25% to SEA(160ms). Haven't seen an OC server since the few days following 22 coming out. Was a glorious few days, and now I'm stuck to 200ms+.
  3. Sorry, I haven't been on an OC server in 10-11 days.
  4. Warja

    Map Selection Re-enforcement Bias

    OC squads, duos, and solos, about 90% Sanhok for us on quick match.
  5. We're playing with a full squad. When the patch was first pushed we were getting an OC server every game. I haven't been on an OC server in a couple of weeks now. Consistently either Korea or US, with the occasional SEA, and almost always on Sanhok. This is between 6pm and midnight AWST during the week, and at all times over the weekend.
  6. When #22 was first pushed my friends and I could easily get into OC games on any map. First time PUBG has felt great in a long time. Whatever mini patches they've pushed out since then has ruined the game for us. Only map we can play is Sanhok (via quick play) and it always connects us to SEA, no matter what the time or day. I've taken to trying to join two or three times every night, then giving up and playing something else. Sucks, we had maybe a week of the best PUBG it's ever been.