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  1. Tupakaveli

    Heal 200 health in a single game

    stay in the blue the whole time and healed myself with meds/boost drinks all game. Simple.
  2. That explains why every cunt is running around like Wadu...
  3. Tupakaveli

    Xbox - 1.0 Release Feedback topic

    Little note: molotov's KILLS frame-rate. Once it's thrown and hits on impact it freezes the the game.
  4. Tupakaveli

    Any news on prox chat now with 1.0

    Microsoft won't allow it. Their policies are strict as fuck! You can't even send a single swear word in a message without gettin' an "enforcement message"
  5. Whats the download size of the 1.0 update gonna be? If there isn't a exact number, What is the estimated number?
  6. What are the MAIN things thats changed, For Xbox one and the Xbox one x? Has the xbox one (original) fixed the play-doe textures? Any new improvements too FPP? cause I remember havin' to wait 5/6 minutes to get into a game. New weapons, attachments, vehicle and guns. . . .
  7. Bumper jumper controls... who'll guess where this control scheme originated?
  8. Tupakaveli

    Jukebox :)

    Pubg vs h1z1 best rap battle
  9. I never play this game to win. I play for the kills, that's what keeps me playing.
  10. 12 kills, became second place. The final guy killed me with a pistol, the nerve on the guy.