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  1. patch 11 news

    When are the test servers coming? To be honest, they need the players to also test the patches and give feedback.
  2. Sound is broken

    Don't worry about this post, I'm a fucking idiot. my TV sound mode was on dual l.
  3. Sound is broken

    I haven't played PUBG for a couple of days, I just got on to witness that the sound is broken. In order to be a able to hear sound such as vehicles, plane, windows breaking, I have to look in the general direction of the area where the sound of the source is coming from. If I'm running on the road and a vehicle is behind me I won't be able to hear SHIT. Has this been happening to anyone else?
  4. Helmets/Vests Not Registering

    Drop it & pick it back up, only alternative.
  5. Pc vs Xbox

    Bro I hate to say this but...git gud. You (we) don't need aim assist in this game, it a feature that makes this game special. If someone kills me, especially from a distance, I applaud them for their maintain of recoil and control.
  6. I like looting quickly, but sometimes I'll run past items, grabbing 'em quickly (with the grab animation) but sometimes is doesn't pick up the item. I've also seen this on PC having the same problem.
  7. Textures don't load

    This won't be fixed for a long time. Its has stopped me from playing less than I want too. but my alternative is too land at a vehicle, drive to remote and isolated location out of the planes path & then loot.
  8. kar98k

    This is a guy that killed me with an impressive kar98 headshot. This was the first message i've ever sent to my PUBG opponent. I had too send him a message sayin' "I hope you captured that, nice shot mate." http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/M4ur3rPh4ntom/video/46006617
  9. This is a video montage of the broken side of PUBG. I know this games in preview, I just wanna know if you've in counted any of these type's of errors. (FYI on Xbox OG) http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/iPRO Fr0sty/video/45987608
  10. New 2x scope

    Yeah. The pc version has a 8x scope without the stupid black circule.
  11. kar98k

    Kar98 isn't an easy find and it definitely isn't easy getting headshots, especially when they're moving. You should NEVER stay still, always jiggle.
  12. New idea

    Birds are in the game already. Having other animals like dears, tigers, would just be off putting as hell so I'll doubt they'll put that in the game unless they add a mode like "Solo FPP/TPPwildlife"
  13. Car inventory

    There should a system were the car has inventory so if you drop an item whilst in a vehicle, it should stay in the vehicle... Instead of getting out then dropping the item, but obviously have the car inventory a very small capacity so it can't be abused.
  14. This game has been f**king me over these past couple of days and I'll show you video proof. PUBG corp look into this PLEASE http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/iPRO Fr0sty/video/45533340 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/iPRO Fr0sty/screenshot/8426280
  15. ps4

    PS4 doesn't have games that under "low quality" but then again, they've got a game called 'life of a black tiger' & that game runs, plays like dog shit.