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  1. Tupakaveli

    Your game is broken (not hating)

    I've got an Xbox one X shouldn't need a SDD.
  2. Tupakaveli

    Your game is broken (not hating)

    Me taking the scenic route (51 alive) http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ipro-fr0sty/video/52924508 Me chillin in a rock (39 alive) http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ipro-fr0sty/video/52924276 This is me playing on the Xbox one X btw. I ain't gonna reinstall just to waste my bandwidth. I also had footage of me shooting someone inside a build which who was completely visible cause the outer walls wasn't rendered for me but I deleted the footage due to my bad aim.
  3. Okay, I'm playing on my Xbox one x and I'll land and all the building won't load in... all game or some of em has the play-doe textures. I can shoot people through building, I can also drive through building, I can even hide into a rock and shoot out of it. Your game is broken. Fix it.
  4. Give us some doc & shroud skins, god dam it... only if half the money goes to charity. Edited; I forgot they don't sell crate's, but at least give us a choice (just this time.) It's for charity.
  5. Tupakaveli

    Date For Sanhok!

    Sanhok on the xbox, in my opinion would be kinda hard, especially when its's a 4x4 map... The frame rate would become a s**tshow.
  6. No, once you bought the game, you've got the game. No need to buy the game again.
  7. Tupakaveli

    Is this normal ?

    This is Shrouds graphics for PUBG. Im sure you know who shroud is.
  8. Tupakaveli

    Is this normal ?

    Resolution: 1920 X 1080 FpsCameraFov: 102 Brightness: 74 Anti-Aliasing: HIGH Post-Processing: VERY LOW Shadows: VERY LOW Textures: HIGH Effects: VERY LOW Foliage: VERY LOW View Distance: VERY LOW Colorblind Type: TRITANOPIA Crosshair Color: CYAN
  9. Tupakaveli

    Please disable Miramar...

    11 crashes? No way! I've crashed 3x today on the xb1x within 3 hours. How many hours have you been playin'?
  10. Tupakaveli

    Is this normal ?

    I think you're a PC user, you're in the wrong section. Was this a squad match? Basically grass/bushes don't render when the opponent is far away. If your lying there thinking your safe, you ain't cause on their screen (the Opponent that see you) can see just the terrain, no grass.
  11. Bro, they don't care... they want too reach 1.0 as soon as possible, so they can implement PUBG to the Playstation community.
  12. Tupakaveli

    Please disable Miramar...

    Just wait til next patch, PUBG Corp will be adding map selection. Edited: PC had to wait a couple of months for this feature to happen.
  13. Tupakaveli

    So exactly what patch did you ruin shotguns?

    Bro, shotguns are basically RNG damage & when you've got arm limb damage involved, its more terrible.
  14. Tupakaveli

    Only miramar?!

    They mention in the patch release that map selection would be arriving soon.
  15. Waited 10 minutes to get into a match. I dropped hot, and died. Waited 5 minutes then gave up, and then played something else (NO, I ain't touching 3rd person).