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  1. Daddy Sanctus

    Proximity Chat

    Right.... "Yeah, it’s tough cuz it’s really not needed. Unless you’re squading up with randoms who don’t want to do a party chat. It really would just be for the fun/shenanigans. I could see the devs being hesitant to add it though." "I'm gonna have to go ahead and say I would prefer proxy chat to be one of the very last things they add, if ever." And I still stand by both of those statements. If you can find other statements I've made, feel free to correct me.
  2. Daddy Sanctus

    What kind of PUBG Player are ya?

  3. Daddy Sanctus

    What kind of PUBG Player are ya?

    Semi-aggressive. Won’t take pop shots at long distance enemies unless I have to, engage most others unless it’s going out of my way. In the start of the game I’m super aggressive if there are enemies around depending on the location. If it’s a smaller area with only a half dozen or so things to loot, I’ll attack right away. If its a larger city I play it less aggressively and try to ambush them slowly.
  4. Daddy Sanctus

    Can we talk headsets?

    I had 3 sets of TurtleBeaches that kept breaking on me about a year or so in. Decided to try the Astro A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR and love them. I've had them about 3 years or so, and they still work perfectly. Nothing plugs into your controller which is really nice. The cord from your headset goes into the MixAmp, and then there's a USB & Optical that go from the MixAmp to your Xbox. There's a good amount of settings / options for sound & mic adjustments you can play with to set up different profiles. They're really comfortable to wear for long sessions (8+ hours) and they sound great.
  5. Daddy Sanctus

    Overall game

    I really hope they don't bring out a new map. It would be nice to get the current map running smoothly before bringing in more content. I think (or hope) a majority of players would agree that optimization > new content. I'm not against new content, I just want the game to run smoothly to being with. Can't fix a bullet hole with a bandaid.
  6. Daddy Sanctus

    Any Comcast users

    I use Comcast and haven’t had any issues besides my modem resetting itself late at night here and there. My ping is usually around 15-30 in R6. Not sure about PUBG. I’ve only ever seen the network thing pop up once in all the times I’ve played. I’m wired with 250/12 speeds. Ive had the the host connection error 3 or 4 times but that’s it. My issue, across a few games now like PUBG, Sea of Thieves, Destiny2, is that if I try to search certain webpages it will often disconnect me from my games saying I lost connection. Just started happening in the last year, maybe because my modem is old?
  7. Daddy Sanctus

    Proximity Chat

    Yeah, it’s tough cuz it’s really not needed. Unless you’re squading up with randoms who don’t want to do a party chat. It really would just be for the fun/shenanigans. I could see the devs being hesitant to add it though.
  8. Daddy Sanctus

    Proximity Chat

    So, I’ve been against proximity chat in PUBG as I just didn’t think it was needed. However, after playing Sea of Thieves a bunch the past week, I think I’m changing my mind. The proximity chat has led to some downright funny and exciting moments, and I don’t use the party chat at all anymore. The biggest downside I can see to the Proxy Chat now in PUBG, would be people/squads teaming up easily together. It wouldn’t be hard to find people in solos and group up with them to form a squad. Other than that, I think it would be cool. It’s not a priority thing I would want though. Stability & optimization should come first.
  9. Daddy Sanctus

    Hardcore Camping

    It’s tough to really say how long someone is camping a position unless you see them move into the position, and then camp them waiting for them to move. I usually will only go to buildings when waiting for a circle to finish closing. Even then, sometimes I’ll stay outside of the house or move from window to window if I’m inside. I don’t ususlly hide in bushes as I don’t think it’s super effective. I can almost always spot someone lying in a bush, so I don’t try it much myself. My go to is finding any sort of hill I can hide behind, preferably protected on at least two sides.
  10. Daddy Sanctus

    Longest Kill Stats

    All I know is my longest kill is 332m and that shot was WAY WAY farther than mine.
  11. Daddy Sanctus

    What is your Xbox setup?

    I don’t really have a “game room” but more of a “game corner” in the kids playroom lol. Ive got a 49” Sony on a tv cabinet with my Xbox below and then 90° to my right is my computer desk. I can literally just turn to my right and be directly in front of my PC. I’ve got a really nice computer chair that I sit in, Astro A40 TR + Mix Amp Pro TR, and an Elite Controller.
  12. Daddy Sanctus

    So my first week of pubg is over

    I’m the same way, I feel like there’s no consistency in the controls / sensitivity day to day. It’s literally the only game I’ve ever played where I can’t set my controller settings and just leave them be.
  13. Daddy Sanctus

    Zone doesn't move 1v1?

    If the final circle timer ticks down, pop as many energy drinks/pills as you got to fill up your bar, and then get ready to use a first aid to heal once. Usually it will give you the advantage
  14. Daddy Sanctus

    The order of loot in your inventory

    I would for sure like sights/scopes to be first, after that I don’t really care. The D-Pad makes healing so much faster than the inventory menu, so meds could be at the bottom for all I care.