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  1. I have 4 different duo partners, of varying ability lol.
  2. I get that there's Desync, I do (I've seen it, and all the evidence). My point is when it's fixed (hopefully), what are the people who cry desync (but really they're just bad) going to blame. You've seen it, all those "i got killed by desync" and there's either no vid or when they post it it's just bad shooting
  3. Squads or Solo? At the times when I play the queue times are in excess of 4-5 minutes, which isn't acceptable, when NA ones are near instant. Also, duo (which is my main game mode) literally has no FPP mode available... still... MONTHS after they said they were working on the matchmaking for it.
  4. I'm curious what the go to excuse is going to be when desync is no longer a valid complaint.
  5. Of my group of 5 friends who play, one of them refuses to play NOT using FPP, even in TPP games. It's frustrating when he misses stuff that we can see, but he likes it that way.
  6. Saikred

    The desert map will not load

    Miramar is still horribly optimised. The only time my game ever crashes now is on that map, and even with an SSD it's often a few seconds before textures / loot load in for me when I land.
  7. Forced to play TPP because FPP is basically non-existant on EU servers and I'm sick of getting shot round corners on the NA ones.
  8. Saikred

    How many hours a day do you play PUBG?

    Pretty much what this dude said, except minus one kid lol. I sometimes get a longer session in on the weekend.
  9. Saikred

    This game

    Failing to see the problem here. People camping in houses often aren't very good shots (or players in general). These people are free kills if you play smart... what's the problem?
  10. Saikred

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    12 in Duos 12 in Squads 10 in Solo
  11. Who decides which player / team wins in these teaming scenarios? Such losers 😐
  12. Saikred

    This season ...

    Guarantee he claims controller but anyone over 4 or 5 k/d is most likely KB&M cheeser, with the occasional god tier player (who aren't as common as people like to think) EDIT: lol the very next post in fact...
  13. Saikred

    Erangel Has Become Unplayable

    Perhaps, but by nerfing the loot on Sanhok over increasing it on Erangel / Miramar. You only FEEL like its worse because it's so easy to get looted up on Sanhok
  14. Saikred

    Trade duplicate weapon skins

    Is this a joke? This feature already exists.
  15. Saikred


    They're bads who suck and then blame the "broken" game for it. It's very workable, and this whole thing is hilariously stupid.