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  1. Saikred

    Love the new community event

    One would assume that it's for Kill / DBNO, since that's the stat that's tracked. I could be wrong though.
  2. I had a game last night on Miramar, squad was dead, it was 4 people left then realised it was me vs 3 First two downed, then as the last guy comes round the side (I had the zone and high ground) my game just freezes for a good second or two, like really bad lag or something. Still killed him tho. So I guess No... to answer your question
  3. Saikred

    New patch 16 news

    That would be sweeeeet No more Miramar !
  4. Saikred

    I hate shotguns

    The Pump action and the S12K are "last resort" weapons for me The S686 though? Absolute beast in the right hands and I love it.
  5. Saikred


    The main issue is when it first came out FPP was trash It played SOOOOO bad, so loads of people gave up, its still bad, but its manageable now. The main issue I have with my FPP partner is that we can never find a game with a reasonable queue in EU (Duo), so we have to use NA, and get killed round corners because of connection differences lol.
  6. The real trick to it is to NOT shoot the car until very late on unless you absolutely have to. Often shooting the car will just get you killed. Move with the circle, keep an eye out for other players and deal with the car last That's how I get most of my wins in solos (when there are cars in final circle, which isn't very often to be fair)
  7. Sorry but nothing outside of shotguns or crate weapons should be a 1 shot kill to the body, even with no armour, and doubly so with lvl 1. Kar98 is fine, it's a high damage precision weapon, if you're not aiming for the head you're using it wrong, use a different gun.
  8. Saikred

    Being able to pick map

    lol So much complaining about only one map but everyone I know always sighs when Miramar comes up It is so bad As soon as map selection is a thing, Miramar is dead.
  9. Saikred

    How does this game make money?

    You'd be surprised how much games like overwatch actually make from their loot box system. There's a very good reason all these companies keep adding microtransactions
  10. Saikred


    I love the SKS but I also feel like it's by far my most inconsistent gun. I always seem to do better with the Kar98 overall
  11. "You are not entitled to any loot" Spoken like a true team player.
  12. Obviously it's own Why stop there though Lets have servers based on what city you're in, or better yet, your street, perhaps even "dave only" servers or somesuch. Christ the stuff people moan about.
  13. Saikred

    Chicken dinner Map

    Yet people claim matchmaking is a (working) thing lol. EDIT: That aside this is a very cool website.
  14. Two crashes last night, both in the top ten, both resulting in my death. Patch is great....
  15. Saikred

    To the wonderful devs.

    You are aware there is a button to cancel using meds yeah? Press X, then you can get up and run faster