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  1. Saikred

    Why No Friend's Leaderboards?

    This has always annoyed me too I thought I was the only one
  2. We like Hacienda and Pecado on squads We dropped Hacienda last night and were the ONLY squad there... was weird
  3. Saikred


    I would think they know before they join the game. In most cases I'd assume it's friends, already in an xbox live party, who try to find the same game by queueing at the same time. It's a method we use when all of my friends who play are on because we have too many for squads, we try to all get into the same duos game (we don't team however, we play normally, just trying to take each other out)
  4. Saikred

    those 200 IQ plays

    I don't have the clip saved individually for some reason but I felt like a boss when I realised where the guy was hiding... 3rd kill in this vid. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/saikred/video/56583522
  5. Saikred

    Best headset

    I've been looking at the Hyper x Cloud 2 for a few weeks, considering dropping some money on them, this makes me want to pull the trigger even more lol I should state that currently I'm using a pair of £8 headphones with a mic on them.......
  6. Saikred

    When will people learn?

    The only time we ever leave a downed enemy alive is for bait, if nobody is going to take it, then he's getting finished off quick, so he can't relay our position / movements to his team.
  7. Thanks Yeah I was so tempted to shoot him as he was running to the rock but I didn't know where the 3rd player was and didn't want to give up my position.
  8. Saikred

    lvl3 Helmet

    This They're much rarer now, and those who have them have earned them, either by grabbing a crate or killing someone else who did. L3 Helmet is one of the most powerful items in the game, it makes perfect sense that it should be crate drop only.
  9. Saikred


    I'm not sure anything is actually getting done about it, which is why it's such an issue unfortunately. I understand fully why you'd want to avoid these players and not get killed, if you can remember where you were when you saw the people you suspect of teaming, and which game it was, you can still use the website I linked to find GTs and report that way. It's still possible, just more of a headache if you don't kill one / get killed by one. I personally don't bother reporting them since I don't believe it makes the blindest bit of difference. If I thought otherwise then I would vehemently find and report every teamer I could. To the point where I'd probably just watch random replays of solo games on pubgdetective actively seeking them out
  10. Saikred


    Remember the guy who killed you and report him. Then you can report his mates later when the game us up on www.pubgdetective.com ^It's very easy to spot teamers on there.
  11. That's awesome lol
  12. Some good stories Loved the lone wolf one, would have enjoyed watching that
  13. That was sweet, well played When I saw your health chunking after the 3rd knock I was panicking on your behalf lol. Can never make the VSS work for me, but luckily someone I play with often loves it (and does ok with it) so I just always leave it for him. Much happier with the bolt actions.
  14. So I was playing last night, and got a solo dinner with 5 kills. Not much to some of you I know (and not my best), but the thing that stood out for me was 1) I realised after the game was over that I had taken zero damage 2) Just how random the game was. I watched a firefight at the shack north of shelter for 2 mins +, watched 4 guys die and took out the 5th I had a guy hide on a balcony (my favourite kill ever (it's number 3 in the vid below), and right at the end I held myself together and didn't shoot someone in the top 3 even though I was sooo tempted, but that worked out for me too. Made a vid in Upload Studio if anyone is interested (I love to share). I apologise in advance for the first kill, and the potato on number 4 lol https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/saikred/video/56583522 EDIT: I can't figure out if it's possible to embed the vid, sorry.
  15. Saikred

    Silenced S12

    I'll always take double barrel over pump, and only then the S12k if I can find nothing else. I have some savage squad wipes with the double barrel, I love it.