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  1. Just FYI I decided to run some pc to see how the game in premium form on xbox could feel. Not saying xbox could ever do 100 - 144 FPS. But wow. The control is out of this world. If we could get 30Fps with a perfect frame pace or even 60fps it wouldn’t be this good but wow. It would be a whole new game. PUBG Corp better get there act together here.
  2. Obey5469

    Where's our update?

    There isn’t going to be a update till March or maybe even April. No one at PUBG Corp is working on this. And those that are... should not be working on this field anyway. Hence... why it’s trash yet so simple.
  3. So, some say it’s unplayable. Some say it’s fine. Is it really running different on the same xbox one x’s? the answer is no. It comes down to what the player defines as unplayable. Like me anything under 30Fps is defined as unplayable. Many would agree this is the vary lowest a game should ever. EVER run. Others can be happy with there 20 - 25 FPS averages. They say it’s fine. so what is the issue here. There really isn’t one. the game is a great idea and looks pretty good. It just so happens to also be trash at the same time. And what about a solution? well. There isn’t one. Cause the devs do not have the actual talent to engineer this game properly Leaving Microsoft really the only hope for this game. Sure on PC high end hardware can power out a enjoyable experience. Still runs horrible though. Good luck if you own a 144hz monitor. Just pray for 80 FPS. long story short. PUBG had a good run but the devs aren’t professionals. Hopefully a American studio can make a really good BR game that’s not cartoony and more for the hardcore. I’m sure we will see a few at E3 anyway. 👍
  4. Obey5469

    Dr. Disrespect says it best

    Lmao 😂 get real man
  5. I’m not trying to talk to other players. This is souly for the developers. And I am certainly not asking or telling you to release a patch. The last thing we need is more unstable game play. Release it when it’s ready. This game suffers from a lot of different issues. Frame pacinf frame drops horrible match making/high ping bad net code terrible optimization inventory glitchs crashing the list goes on. also the new map, before it comes to console needs to be rebuilt. It is horrible and even the pc community hates it. It’s to large, barren. There are no identifying locations. Everything is the same almost. Military isn’t even a thing. The islands are pointless. Please revise this map before release. It’s so bad pc players delete the files to not play it. Identity that. I watch all the feeds constantly. It’s always PC PC PC. Never xbox. I have a Xbox one x. My pc is a r7 1700 and 1080ti. I play both. And it’s seriously distasteful how the xbox base is treated. The lack of effort before the game was released and a lack of effort now while the base suffers. PUBG Corp can either listen to us. Or suffer the fate of day break, Bohemia and so many others. There’s always another game looking to capitalize on others mistakes. This is is not a attack. I am just pointing out the obvious.
  6. As you speak the pc is getting not only client updates, but server updates and a direct line of communication from the team. Lol and you honestly think this isn’t Csgo on 360?
  7. Of 8 updates. Two had performance enhancments. The rest either solved very small bugs or rebalanced vehicles and guns. So nothing has technically been done about the real issues. At all.
  8. Whats the matter with you? This was announced at E3 2017 and was being worked on then. Its been almost most a year. Not two months. Don’t be nieve. No one cares about crashing. It’s about FPS. Watch the gamers nexus video analysis. Or don’t talk. i remember stub grenades being removed from the pc version for two months cause they caused performance issues. Look at the Moltolve grenade. The fact is is they don’t care. Frustrated. No. I can run this game on ultra with my 1080ti. Let down and the feeling of abandonment... yes. If this game isn’t updated to start solving the frame pacing issues and performance issues the player base goes to the next game. It’s easy.
  9. It’s friday and a month since a meaningful update. If not updated today for the weekend, how many people take a break and do other things. Or just walk away? And this is coming from someone in the top 200 on all FPP leaderboards. im going to check out this isles of the nyne game this weekend. Looks pretty cool.
  10. Obey5469

    2 things XBOX

    Never but update soon. Until Microsoft buys out pubg the xbox version is on the back burner.
  11. You have to realize a lot of companies are trying to combat this and have been. dont be nieve. Microsoft will ban these devices as soon as they bring there K&M support. These devices hinder the console experience. and if you think these devices are not detectable by Microsoft... you have a lot to learn.
  12. I said before it would be a waist of time. It was. GG pubg. Way to fail to deliver even a hot fix. I’m done
  13. Hate to be the negative Nancy. It’s not been two months. They have been working on this version for 10 months. Since you know they announced it. Original poster has a point. The frame drops are not acceptable by any standard. This game looks awful. It should run on anything but it’s the lack of effort. Even on pc. Or intelligence on every level of production. I’m unsure. this game should have a 99% frame draw of 30Fps. It’s unreal 4 for god sake. Stop defending them. It’s not like it won’t be year in couple months at E3. Also company’s port pc titles to Xbox with in two days at the latest and have it up and running. Do not be stupid.