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  1. WillCrash5150

    PubG WTF!

    You are right. Should use one of the million pistols i can find. If they are going to put 5 pistols in one house why not just balance it out. Looting is a key component of this game and half the fun but it is not fun when all you can find are a hundtred 1911’s. So you just sit in your moms basement drinking mtn dew and eating cheetos and you keep grinding it out. Someday i too will be a hero like you.
  2. WillCrash5150

    PubG WTF!

    Middle of nowhere? Jump to military. No loot. Jump to lapovka. No loot. Jump to polyanna. No loot. Jump to prison. No loot. Obviously this is an issue because there are complaints about it all over in here. The point is not the lack of loot as much of not finding any and looting for 5 min and just finding one of the hundreds of pistols and or shotguns. It takes the fun out of the game when that is a key component of the game....not asking to find a scar everytime....just not a pistol everytime which is the one thing that is more than plentiful.
  3. WillCrash5150

    PubG WTF!

    Xbox one x ans apparently it is an issue across the board.
  4. WillCrash5150

    PubG WTF!

    Yup. Fanboy. This game has been out for how long now??? Fix one problem and create another.
  5. WillCrash5150

    PubG WTF!

    Normally I do not post on here but enough is enough. Every time you do an update the game gets worse. Since the last update when I am playing with my duo partner one of us does not load in until halfway through the flight path depending on who’s hosting. Needless to say we missed multiple jobs spots by the time one of those loads in. And another problem, what happened to the loot? I don’t wanna hear the fanboys say well you’re jumping in the wrong place. It doesn’t matter where we jump we cannot find looked and we are fighting with the inferior weapons. That is fine except for when you have a shotgun and you are into somebody with an M416. I swear it seems like every update you fix one problem but create new problems. I have played thousands of games over my game in career and I simply don’t understand why you just cannot make this game work. I have never played a game with as many bags as this game has and honestly starting to get a little tired of it. Is there anyway for me to get a refund for my $30 because right now this game is not even worth that.
  6. WillCrash5150


    I’m a 100% sure you’re an idiot. Read the thread above me where the guy replied that he keeps quitting the game from lack of loot. Tell you what you just keep being a fanboy and go play on your Mac computer for a little bit and hang out your moms basement niche eat cheetos
  7. WillCrash5150


    You just don’t know how to find loot. I was playing solo and jumped to military went into Barack three and found seven pistols and one shot gun. Ran into Barack two and found four pistols with an M-16 and one box of ammo. Could not find any sites but I like playing like a man and shooting everything steel site which is good because there are no sites in this game anymore. I mean if you really want to challenge try to shoot somebody from 200 m away with no scope. Anyway, left military and ran to the red houses by the bridge and to my surprise I found three more pistols and three shotguns. Since I like playing hard-core I like the inferior weapons. Real men use pistols and pump shotguns. No need for M416, AKM’s, or any type of sniper because They don’t exist anyway.
  8. WillCrash5150

    Mirmiar worst map ever

    No kidding. This is the worst map I have ever played. There is no cover no matter where you run on this map. You were always running into fire if you’re chasing the circle which means you are always dead