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    Cheating on Xbox one

    Well they definitely were not in the shadows because last time I checked I was not blind because I could see the blue circle coming. Apparently you did not read the thread. They were shooting directly in front of us and we never saw any flashes or saw anything move. We stood up and started running around and they could not kill us and the entire circle completely enclosed on us but we were the only ones with dead bodies laying in the field when the camera looks down. If they were there we should be able to see their dead bodies also
  2. WillCrash5150

    Cheating on Xbox one

    Apparently cheating on Xbox one is very relevant. We were just playing a do a game and it was down to four players and the last circle and we could hear shooting but we never could see the players. My partner got up and ran the entire circle and we never could find the guy that was shooting at us. We were throwing grenades and all directions and never hit anybody. At that point I got up and started running the circle with my partner and there was nobody left in the game but us even though was still stayed there were four players. In the video the circle completely closed on me and my partner killing us and we ended up second place even though we never saw the other two players. Apparently you can have an Xbox in sheet. We captured this on video. Does anybody know how to upload the video to the pub G server.